Wednesday 140507



  • Strict Shoulder Press
    • 65% x 5
    • 75% x 5
    • 85% x +5


  • ‘Cindy’
    • 20 Min AMRAP
      • 5 Pullups
      • 10 Pushups
      • 15 Squats
        • No bands for Pullups: Scale to Ring Rows or Jumping Pullups

3 comments to Wednesday 140507

  • Leah

    Press: 88×6
    Cindy: 13+2 rx’d – I’ll take it for my first day back in a month

  • John Balthis (JB)

    Press: 105#x5
    ‘Cindy’: well my left arm didn’t fall off, this is a good thing…12+5 Rxd, ‘dead hang’ pull ups, mixed grip

  • Lara

    Worked out at Quad City Crossfit in Moline, IL this morning, overlooking the Mississippi. We started with an agility drill (they are focusing on gymnastics for 6 weeks) and the WOD was:
    AMRAP 13
    6 DeadLifts 225/155, 185/125
    9 CTB/pull Ups/banded pull ups
    30 Air Squats
    I did my DLs at 125 and unassisted pull ups the whole time, ending with 4 + 38
    Coach Brock was very welcoming and it was a good time!

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