Watt Test/Back Squat/Helen, Friday 120217

Monday is Presidents Day and we will have a Holiday Schedule:




Main Course:

  • 500m Row
      • Watt Test
      • -rest 5- minutes-
    • Back Squat
      • 5 @ 65%
      • 5 @ 70%
      • 3 x 5 75%


    • Helen, 3 rounds
      • 400 meter run
        1.5 pood Kettlebell swing x 21
        Pull-ups 12 reps


It’s Friday! EAT!


Food for Thought:

“It is not the danger that makes us afraid - it is the fear of danger.”
by Tony Blauer

46 comments to Watt Test/Back Squat/Helen, Friday 120217

  • JohnB

    Damn it, love Helen, back squats too?! Missed another good one today…

  • JD

    210# for last set of 3 x 5

    WOD in 11:30, but no Pull-ups for me today.

  • Kia

    Back squats: 3 x 5 @ 125#
    WOD: 13:03 rx’d!! First time doing Helen prescribed. :) The run was crucial from the cold burning my lungs but I’m still breathing… :) Happy Friday everyone!

  • Ryan

    “The fight is won or lost far away from witnesses – behind the lines, in the gym, and out there on the road, long before I dance under those lights.”~ Muhammad Ali

    Watt test: 1:07.2 (79)

    Just kidding, we swapped in –> run around like 3rd grade recess and do burpees when the gym teacher blows the whistle.

    Squat: 195# for last 3 sets

    I was really happy with this as I didn’t go too heavy and felt stronger with my form. Big confidence booster. Need more practice just like this.

    Helen: 10:50 Rxd

    A bit tougher than expected. Round 2 is the money round. If you can crush that round, you are in great shape for this workout. Big props to Riggs for going big with the vest. You’re my hero mannnn :*) (tears of happiness)

    • JohnB

      no ‘Heavy’ Helen option today for T-Rex??? Your right, round 2 is the deal breaker…good job, what was the Rx’d weight for the Gals? Was Kia chasing you down??

      • Ryan

        haha I seriously pondered doing 2 pood and MUs. However, I thrashed my shoulders last night and would have regretted being so ambitious. Stayed RXd which posed plenty of challenge for me today.

        Kia di the 6 am class but Riggs with the VEST (22#s) was not far behind me the whole time. I thought he may catch me at several points. BEASTMODE by Mike this AM.

  • Linda

    Back squats: 3 x 5 @ 155#

    Helen: 13:54 Rx’d

    I was really happy to go unbroken on all the kettlebell swings – need to work on strengthening my grip to get some consecutive kipping pullups. One at a time takes too long!

  • Brianna

    So Ryan, check out this vest. Its totally possible man. http://pinterest.com/pin/60517188712427413/

    I didn’t do the squats because my knee is giving up on me. (new knee problem)
    Time for the workout was about 15 minutes I think for 2 rounds. My other knee (bad running knee) gave out on my second 400m.
    Icing my knee now.

  • Iris

    I am glad I took a rest day yesterday because everything felt good today Clearly my back squat total has gone up while I wasnt looking Did 3 x 5 x 113 lbs and while it wasn’t easy, it was also not as hard as i would have expected. Helen felt good too. When I worked up to yellow kettle bell in warmup my shoulder really hurt so I dropped back to blue – just because I could have done yellow doesn’t mean I should have! Used blue+red band for pullups. 14:49
    Happy weekend everyone. We are headed out of town – sorry to have to break my perfect attendance record on Team Yomination!

  • Nathan

    205# for my back squats. felt really good. excited to get into another round of 5-3-1.

    Helen: 13:35 Rx’d.

    Easily my best time. PR! woot! that said I have still have things to work on. all sets of KB Swings unbroken. I attribute this to the 20 KB swings we do WOD for warmup. did first 2 sets of pull ups in groups of 6-4-2 and last set at 4-4-2-2. felt good, could be better. the run killed me. I get in my head and end up slowing down and not having good form when I should be focusing on my form (shoulders back and down; tighten core; look ahead, not at the ground; and no heel strikes) and letting that move me faster. I realized this when Jeff caught me in the last round and while running with him I refocused on my form and was able to pick up the pace with ease and stay with him instead of him passing me. Thank You Jeff. šŸ˜€

  • Mel

    Fun Friday @ Rubicon!
    Squats: 3 x 5 @ 155
    Helen as Rx’d in 11:47 … First round of pullups unbroken, and then fell apart in the second and third!

  • Ryan

    This one is borderline and may require a few substitutions but it sounds flippin awesome. Just the title alone made me think “oh hell to the frickin ya!”

    Sweet Potato Brownies


    1 sweet potato
    3 eggs, whisked
    1/4 cup Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil, melted
    1/3 cup raw honey
    1/2 cup Enjoy Life Chocolate Chips
    3 tablespoons Coconut Flour
    2 tablespoons unsweetened cocoa powder
    1/4 teaspoon baking powder
    1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract
    1/4 teaspoon cinnamon
    pinch of salt


    1. Time to bake that sweet potato. Preheat your oven to 425 degrees, use a fork to puncture holes all around it, then throw in the oven for 25-30 minutes. (Iā€™m sure you could microwave it, but I like the ole fashioned way. Iā€™m just so ole fashioned)
    2. Once your sweet potato is soft and cooked through, peel off the skin and mash it up in a bowl. And turn your oven down to 350 degrees.
    3. Now add your wet ingredients: coconut oil, honey, vanilla, and whisked eggs to the bowl and mix together.
    4. Then add your dry ingredients: coconut flour, cocoa powder, baking powder, cinnamon, salt and chocolate chips.
    5. Mix well to incorporate all that goodness.
    6. Pour into an 8Ɨ8 glass baking dish
    7. Bake for 30-35 minutes.
    8. Let rest to cool a bit.
    9. Eat those b*tches. (love Juli for saying shit like this)


  • Jeff

    First time meeting Helen… she’s a real b*tch.

    Squats – 3×5 @ 230 – got them all pretty easy, but my technique felt 100x better than last time so it was great to finally feel ‘comfortable’ squatting with some weight.

    WOD – This looked much easier on the board then in real person, go figure. Got my first round of swings clean, but the pull ups surprisingly were my weakest part.

    Looking forward to taking another crack at this and trying to finish up rd 3 a lot better than I did today.

  • Rachel

    Back Squat: 3 X 5 at 123# felt good this morning until my lower back started hurting a little. I think I need to stop doing whatever I am doing with my hips.

    Helen: 12:23 (blue band pull ups) WTF Pull Ups…Pull Ups are my new frenemy. Like a friend they make me stronger, faster and better. Like an enemy they taunt me and kick me when I am down.
    Run felt good and I did the swings unbroken. :) Happy Friday until I got stuck on 495 for 2 hours.

    Mixing things up for Breakfast next week. I haven’t done these before should be fun!

  • Emily

    Squats: 3×5 @ 133

    WOD: 14:08 This was my first WOD with kipping pull ups. I am so pumped I completed it!! Thanks so much for all the encouragement! I’m super pumped right now.

    Also, pretty sure I was paid the highest possible compliment from the coaches tonight and not sure how I feel about it. But thanks? šŸ˜‰

  • Amy

    So happy to be back :)

    Squats: I just worked on form and only used the bar. I need to take it easy until I am back at 100%

    WOD: 13:32 I used the blue KB and blue and purple bands for the pull ups

  • Chad

    Back Squats: 295# 3×5
    Helen: 10:37 Thought I was tight until the new guy Alex CRUSHED me

  • Kendra

    Back Squat: 3 x 5 @ 118# <– these felt pretty good and was pleased to hit my numbers

    Helen… sux

    16:34, using blue+purple for pull-ups (KB as rx'd). Pull-ups were the worst, as was being the last to finish with a room full of eyes on me… but I do appreciate the encouragement!

    For dessert I did 100 ab mat sit-ups.

    For knowledge… I have a yummy autumn stew recipe that I make. In it's original form it contains potatoes, but I've discovered turnips or parsnips make a great substitute. Something hot to enjoy when the weather turns cold on Sunday:


  • Brianna

    Bacon and Fish. Possibly the best combo ever? I don’t know yet but I’m going to find out!

  • Clint

    BS: 215 3×5
    WOD: 11:18

  • Randall

    Squats – worked up to 275 for 3 x 5
    WOD – 13:33

  • Kendra

    In the absence of a Saturday post, I’ll share my WOD results here.

    It was rough! Glad to have help from my teammates to finish my pull-ups and crappy push-ups. Also glad I wasn’t total deadweight and could contribute a little on the squats.

    Did my pull-ups with a plethora of bands: blue + purple + purple, then changed out for blue + blue.

    Also did my push-ups on my knees, something I swore I was done with, but geez, my arms were shot — I think Friday’s workout killed me.

    All in all, glad to have finished.

    Happy weekend all!

  • Kendra

    When are we going to do a Rubion Paleo Potluck?

    Whenever that is.. I might bring this:


  • Mel

    Matt’s video is posted on Crossfit’s facebook page! Its awesome!!

  • Rachel

    Looking for the Whole Enchilada? I am! Dinner tonight will be seafood enchiladas with shrimp and homemade coconut tortillas.

    First I am going to make the Tortillas, you can also leave this step out and just make the yummy enchilada sauce.

    So good!

  • Ryan

    Beef spare ribs are high in fat, inexpensive and taste great when cooked right. This recipe is simple and effective at feeding yo face on the cheap. Enjoy:


  • Nathan

    this slow cooker beef is in the crock pot making me hungry as we speak.


  • Rachel

    Making dinner tonight for some carbohydrating eating friends. THey will soon convert and be impressed with this one.
    Coconut Curry Chicken


  • Brianna

    Continuing the prosciutto theme I have found something that sounds rather amazing; prosciutto stuffed steak. Will be very good, IF I can manage to cook it. Think I’ll try this one next weekend.

  • Kendra

    Sunday Knowledge:

    I made this delicious salad for a women’s brunch. It was well received by a room full of non-paleo eaters as well as by me :)


  • Ryan

    I made these for my lunches this week. They are like candy….soooo goood.

    For good measure, I doubled the bacon, added garlic and onions. Made just of 4 lbs for the week.



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