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    Knowledge: Sometimes, when my friends ask, I have a hard time making people understand why we eat the way that we do. Here are some tips from Mark Sisson on how to respond to common questions that we receive:

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      Love that article! My favorite is to leave it up to the questioner to make good on the promise of grain. ‘I don’t eat them because NOT eating them makes me feel better. Why do you HAVE to eat grains? What’s in grains that I can’t get from fruits and vegetables that are ALIVE and fresh?’

      Then silence. Don’t oversell your friend out of making a healthy choice, marks answers are great, but be careful not to over do your answers: short and shorter is best.

  2. 120529

    Who hasn’t run into this yet ??

  3. 120529

    I did Murph at home yesterday and am having trouble moving today, I wish I had a foam roller at home!

    Subbed in 200 sit ups for 100 pull ups and took a long time but it felt good to finish!

  4. 120529

    Making up my own WOD is not as much fun! Can’t wait to get back in on Thursday!
    Ran 3 miles, 60 push ups, 50 hollow rocks. Didn’t really time anything but at least I kept moving. Follow up with an evening class of Bikram in Arlington.

    Have you ever wondered, “what the heck should I do with all of this grassfed ground beef?” Well I just did….here is what I found.

  5. 120530

    Elizabeth as Rxd – 7:29

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