Congratulations to Coach Kendra B and her teamates on Team ‘Some Assembly Required’ for their kick ass performance at this past weekends competition at The Arnold Sports Festival in Columbus, Ohio!


Power and Strength

  • 20 minutes to complete:
    • Find 2rm Snatch
    • 3 x 5 Front Squat


  • 5 min AMRAP
    • 5 KB Swings, HEAVY
    • 5 Wallball Shots, 20/14
      • rest 2 minutes
  • 3 minute AMRAP
    • 20 x 10m shuttle
    • then max Burpees in the remainder of the 3 minutes


Rubicon Strength 6:30pm

  • Squat 5rm, then 3 x 5 at 90%
  • Press 5rm, then 3 x 5 at 90%
  • RDL, 3 x 8, 10lbs more than last time
  • 50 GHD situps


  1. 140304

    2RM snatch: 58
    Front Squat: 5@83, 5@93, 5@103 (11# PR!)
    5 min AMRAP: 7 + 5, 24kg KB
    3 min: just finished running at the buzzer

  2. 140304

    Snatch: 2×135. Power snatched 135 once before, but never caught in squat. So yay.
    FS: 5×155, 5×155, 5×165
    WOD 1: 7+4, 49kg KB
    WOD 2: 0. finished buy-in as time expired.

  3. 140304

    Firstly, I do have to say that it’s much nicer to wake up not having had a glass of wine (or three) the evening prior. But that’s not my tip. My tip today is how I sear sea scallops.
    After washing the scallops and drying them on paper towel, I sprinkle them with salt and pepper. I heat up about a tablespoon of coconut oil in a pan and let it get really hot.
    Before I put the scallops on, I set a timer for one and a half minutes and once I let it start running, I place the scallops on the pan, remembering the order. Once the timer ends, I set it to 1:30 again and start it, and flip the scallops in the same order. And when that second timer ends, I remove them in the same order and serve immediately.
    I can only attribute this tip to the fresh seafood guy at Whole Foods in Vienna. The first time I bought sea scallops, at least three people stopped and told me that if I overcooked them, they would be ruined, so no more than 3 minutes, tops.

    • 140304

      I’m going to give this a try this weekend. Thanks!

  4. 140304

    Snatch: 2 X 125#
    FS: 5 X 155#
    WOD1: 8+5, The Red KB – whatever the heck that weighs
    WOD2: 0 finished at the end.

    Struggled to keep count of the sets on the WODs when the reps are short like these ones. I think I did this but it was 6:30 a.m. 🙂

  5. 140304

    5 min AMRAP: 10 rounds completed with 100# KB
    3 min AMRAP: 36 burpees completed at time

  6. 140304

    Snatch: 2 x 115, not catching it in a squat. Need to improve my fluidity with this move, I’m pressing the last bit up.
    FS: 3×5 85 (need to migrate weight from my belly to the bar. #NutritionChallenge)
    5 Min Amrap: 8 Rounds (Red KB, 20LB Ball)
    3 Min Amrap: 16.5 shuttles (did not get to burpees)

  7. 140304

    For those of us doing the challenge (and even those that aren’t), this is an interesting read on why processed food is so bad for us:

  8. 140304

    Snatch – 115 x 2 (form is still very much sub-optimal)
    FS – 175 x 5 (dece)
    AMRAPs – 9 rounds w/ red kb, 11 burpees (wow @ 36 burpees)

  9. 140304


    Bought a bag of shrimp ang going to give this a shot!!

    2RM Snatch 95 (had to do power snatch till ankle mobility improves)
    Front Squat 95/105/105
    7 round with 32kg kb
    2 burpees

  10. 140304

    So as I was beginning the Paleo Challenge I began to say goodbye to some food friends. Some of these breakups were hard, but I didn’t start to get nervous until I stumbled across my stash of stevia. Seriously, I can loose the bread, pasta, cream (ugh), butter (boo), etc., but take away my stevia! How will I drink the pitch black rocket fuel that is my morning coffee if I can’t have stevia?! So I did some research and it looks like stevia is an acceptable paleo/primal sugar substitute (within reason). Check out this article from Mark’s Daily Apple:

    Is Stevia Healthy?

  11. 140304

    Snatch: 52 x2
    FS: 83 x 5
    AMRAPs – 7 rounds w/ yellow KB, 18 burpees

    A website I always find myself going back to which I think is a great resource is:

    also, the book is great!

  12. 140304

    My tip for newbies to Paleo like myself or people with busy schedules or both is to give Power Supply (http://dc.mypowersupply.com/order-now) a try. Their link is the second to last on the right column of this website. They deliver Paleo meals to the box, you may have seen their fridge on the wall of the “office”. I got my first meals today and they were pretty good, actually really good. They are 100x better than what I could put together inside Paleo guidelines. They will definitely help stay primal for 60(+) days.

  13. 140304

    I came in tonight hoping to make up for no CF workout yesterday, and I’m a little frustrated that I got interrupted again. Oh well, I did a body weight circuit with the guys at work, which was surprisingly challenging, so at least I was productive.

  14. 140304

    Having learnt the hard way the last time i did a whole30 (and being unconscious with a bulldozer headache for day 2 and 3)i have now made sure to eat a fruit after every meal and wean of sugar gradually. With result: I was a nice & productive person at the office today!! I read a lot of things discouraging too much fruit, but natures candy is surely better than the stuff i was chowing down before.
    As I am not the worlds best chef, I certainly appreciate the power supply website! Eric, you just made my life soooo much easier!! Last time around I lived off uber-bland salmon&broccoli, so this time I mades sure to have some more spicy/saucy recipe’s in my repertoire. They can be found on this website: http://www.primalpalate.com/
    Bon appetit!

  15. 140304

    Keeping track of everything I am eating the last couple of days has proved to be tedious but enlightening. I felt as though I ate much more today than yesterday but once I added it up tonight I found it to actually be less. I need to eat much more and get my balance of fat, carbs and protein a little more ideal. I know there are plenty of apps out there for nutrition information but I use like using http://www.calorieking.com to get my information in the absence of a label.

  16. 140304

    Had a good workout today.
    Snatch 95lbs (still working on form not weight…and I have a ways to go)
    Front Squat 165lbs but could have gone heavier…ran out of time.
    KB/WB AMRAP 8 rounds + 5
    Burpes 16 after the 20 x 10m shuttle

    Stayed after to practice snatch for a bit.

    Tip: yogurt – siggi’s Icelandic yogurt (actually Skyr) is grass-fed dairy and approved by Chef. Here is the website siggisdairy.com You can find it at a lot of grocery stores; Whole Foods, Weggmans, Giant, etc. Almost no sugar and a ton of protein. Enjoy!

  17. 140304

    Snatch 2 X 83
    Fr Squats 5x 95
    AMRAPS yellow KB, 16.5 kg, 6 rounds, WB 5 rounds–14 lb ball. I hate WB’s
    Completed run, and 12 Burpees

    Made Paleao Apple Cinnamon Pancakes tonight. Pretty good. Here goes

    Paleo Apple-Cinnamon Pancakes
    Paleo Apple-Cinnamon Pancakes


    2 eggs, whisked
    2 bananas, mashed
    1 peeled apple, diced small
    2 tbs almond butter
    1 1/2 tsp cinnamon
    1/2 tsp nutmeg
    1 tsp pure vanilla extract
    A little coconut oil for cooking pancakes

    Mash the 2 bananas with a fork
    Whisk 2 eggs in a medium bowl
    Add banana mash to eggs
    Dice 1 apple. We used Fuji – choose your favorite
    Stir bananas, eggs and apple chunks together
    Next add the almond butter, cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla
    Combine into a pancake batter
    Pour into pancake shapes in frying pan and cook with a shallow layer of coconut oil over medium-low heat
    Note: Make these a little smaller than a traditional pancake. (They shouldn’t be wider than your spatula.) They will cook more evenly and be easier to flip that way
    Makes about 8 small pancakes
    Recipe can be easily be doubled or tripled to make more pancakes
    Top with fresh fruit or raw maple syrup
    Enjoy this healthy and flavorful breakfast!


  18. 140304

    Stupid Easy Perfectly Cooked Sweet Potatoes

    Yes this is really the name of this recipe from http://paleomg.com/stupid-easy-perfectly-cooked-sweet-potatoes/

    The girl who writes this site is also hilarious. I did try this out with my newly acquired crock-pot and indeed the sweet potatoes were perfectly cooked.

  19. 140305

    First REAL class here so this is my starting point:
    Snatches – have never done them before, so worked with coach – did the following though: 20 at 45lbs (maybe shouldn’t have done that much???)
    Only had time to do 4 front squats with no weights on the bar

    7 full rounds, plus 4 KB (used the Pink KB and a 10 lb ball)
    Completed the shuttle, but only got in 6 really BAD formed burpees (they were terrible)

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