Tuesday 131217

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Rope Climb Advanced: Legless to 10’


  • 4 Rounds for Total time:
    • 10 HR Push ups
    • 20 WBS 20/14 (all to 10’)
    • 3 Rope climbs
  • Rest 1:00
  • Then: 50 V-ups

4 comments to Tuesday 131217

  • Ben W.

    Felt like a monkey on the legless climbs.

    WOD: 12:05 including rest.

  • JB (John Balthis)

    legless climbs…hard
    WOD: 13:20 Rx’d, wall balls blew
    V-Ups done in sets of 10…

  • Kendra

    WOD: 19:24 rx’d

    SOOO SLOOOW. I was flailing on those dang 10′ WBs… I must have put the ball up 120 times — full height, but could not get it to hit the wall. Climbs were hard, but the WB were my nemesis.

  • Mathlete

    Nancy took my knee out. Rest day for me…

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