Tuesday 131210


SuperFit Rubicon rocked. Hard. Congratulations to all the competitors and my ongoing thanks and respect to all those that went the extra rep as volunteers.


  • KB Lunges and Overhead Squats
    (Single arm, Light weight for immobile athletes)


  • 12 Min AMRAP:
    10 ring Dips
    20 OH lunges 24/16kg Left
    10 Goblet squats
    20 OH lunges 24/16kg Right
    (Front Rack-Scaled)

4 comments to Tuesday 131210

  • Jason G

    3 rounds + 15 reps

    Active recovery…took it nice and slow today.

  • Kendra

    3 Rounds + 22 reps — scaled. Used blue KB and did ring dips with toes on ground.

    Active recovery for me too, after the weekend at Cold War.

  • JB (John Balthis)

    2 rounds + 20, 44# purple KB…as above Jason/Kendra ‘slow day’ not good for me or my knees…will make decision about taking a break from any/all activity tonight…

  • Ben W.

    3 rd + 4

    First round rx weight. Second 2 rounds purple kb. Half the lunges done in front rack each round as form faded.

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