Tuesday 131126



Rope Climb Skills/ pistols


4 rounds of:
3 Rope climbs 15’
5 HSPU 2”deficit (45#plate and abmat)
250 Meter row
Rest 1:1

8 comments to Tuesday 131126

  • Kendra

    WOD: 19:49 not quite rx’d

    Started with rx’d HSPUs, but didn’t make it through the first round, so switched to neutral HSPUs (25# plates + abmat)
    Climbs were rx’d to 15′

    Note: after the first round, we switched to 90 seconds rest instead of 1:1

  • Jason G

    18:30 – ropes not rx’d they were terrible for me today. HSPU rx’d. Sometimes you’re the windshield and sometimes you’re the bug.

  • Sarah

    19:49, with 1 abmat HSPUs
    That last pull to 15′ is more than a little sketchy.

  • JB (John Balthis)

    Rope Climbs: check
    Pistols: right leg check, left leg maybe 75-80%
    WOD: Rope Climbs Rx’d, Row Rx’d, HSPUs 30″ box on toes to 2″ deficit(45#plates) splits were 2:15, 2:26, 2:38, 2:50

    ***extra pistol work, right leg only w/25#, 35#, 44#, 53# KB 1 rep a piece

  • Ben W.

    WOD: 14:07 total rx. 90s rest.

    Pistols need a lot of work. A lot.

  • Benny D.

    Pistols = fail.. Need to work on everything.

    WOD – 13:41 2abmat, 9′ rope

  • Mathlete

    Pistols on the right side only. Can get them with the plate

    Did a couple of 12 ft rope climbs


    4 rounds
    6 Pull ups
    10 Toes to bar
    250 m row

    13:51 with the 90 second Rest periods

  • Jason Fortin

    Pistols. Got a couple on the left, zero on the right.
    Hspus: did with 1 abmat (previously had to use two so this was great!)

    WOD: 12′ rope climb (should have done 15′)!, 2abmats, row=12:38 w/ rest periods.

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