Tuesday 120225 Spring Benchmark #2


  • WOD Phase #1: 15 min cutoff
    • Deadlift:
      • 5 reps at 65%
      • 5 reps at 75%
      • Max reps at 85%
        • This is intended to be a calculated max as a benchmark. This levels the field sufficiently between those who have developed CF Total to a skill-set and those who have not. The percentages are there as a guideline for those who know their Working Max. For those that do not, we will help you find the way.
  • WOD Phase #2: Reps for time

    • 20 x 20m Farmers Carry Shuttles

      • 142#/70#
      • may be set down at end of 20m, but not en route.
      • Setting down or dropping at any time prior to a completed 20m lap is a no rep and must be redone from beginning of shuttle.
  • WOD Phase #3
    • 100 Abmat situps for time

      • Glutes remain on the ground.
      • Hands touch ground over head
      • Hands touch ground in front of toes

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