“Vanity Factor” gets poo-poo’d all the time, the hell with that! It’s a ‘prime directive’ on a biological level! Ya gotta be HAWT! No kidding…

We are meant to be fast and strong, that wonderful state of affairs is required to express the genes that keep us healthy and disease free and to keep the genes that want to pluck the biologically frumpy out of the gene pool from getting a toe-hold.

We are also driven on a primary, reptilian level, to propagate the species and we MUST, therefor, give a crap what we look like. A ‘beautiful’ bird is a healthy and thereby desirable mate: a bird that can do Fran in 1:47 doesn’t mean shite on a biological level if they look like a bag o’ fertilizer.

Prior to our ability to fix all the bad biomarkers with makeup, surgery, fat burners, hair color, perfume, thighmasters, straight tequila, beer goggles, etc, the only way for a ‘bird’ to look like a hot candidate for recreation/procreation was to avoid all the sh*t that makes you sick/look like sh*t and to maximize ones potential shag-ability with moving fast under heavy loads (from the Sumerians to the Greeks to us, we know STRONG and FAST is HAWT!!).

So, yah, g’head, train/eat for aesthetics but be honest about NATURAL, WELL BALANCED aesthetics and you will find yourself executing natural movements at high intensity and living by “The Thirteen Words”: ‘eat meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch, no sugar.’ You wont be fueling your bad-ass ride by pissing in the tank. Feed the frame with what your body was DESIGNED to eat, not what man designed for eating. Does the word ‘PALEO’ ring a bell? If it don’t, you need to stay afterschool and write a thousand times: “I want it all. I will not settle.” M’kay?

If you use near perfect form in your quest for productive application of force, if you have proper recovery time, if your body is thriving and well balanced because you SMR/Foam Roll and maintain long, fluid ROM from proper stretching technique, if you focus your intentions and actions with a positive, strong, confident attitude as a foundation, your are gonna be hawter than the sun. Crazy hawt! A veritable hawtasaurus.

Aggressively strong, wickedly fast, glaringly healthy/disease free and focused like a laser beam is the most compelling, sexiest thing on earth! Really. Really, Really.

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