Just had an athlete get pretty psyched about doing a 100 day Burpee Challenge. You know the one, one burpee day one, two on day two, three on day three, etc.

I love you. All of you.

Or my heart would not engage my mouth and my typing fingers with such efficiency. Well then… Ok, maybe you are just testing my oath to ‘above all else, do no harm’, but here goes anyway:


Do you, for some reason, need to work on your burpee form for the next 100 days?
Is there no ‘goat’ in your toolkit that needs your attention more?
How about something that will pay off for you in a real way? A Double-Under challenge, for instance. A hand stand pushup or overhead squat or toes to bar etc. etc.

I get it, “… just because it’s fun.”
Are you on too many/not enough drugs? How much MORE fun would it be to conquer something you currently cannot do well?

Musashi said,

“Do nothing that is of no use.”

If you have not read Musashi, sneer at yourself a little then get it ‘Kindled’ ASAP. please. its important stuff.

My words are meant to encourage you do use full things that will make you BETTER, not just challenge that which you already do well. Horizontal growth is for specialists, like insects. CrossFitters are generalists. What tool in your kit is holding you back? What do you need most to consider yourself TRULY ‘Generally Physically Prepared’? Why are you not ALREADY doing a ‘challenge’ by greasing the groove every day on those things that need your focus to move you toward glorious neuro-synaptive facilitation and the ability to get those little bastards off of your Goat’s List?

“Nothing that is easy is worth learning,
or worth celebrating.”

Besides, if you really wanted to get your big boy/girl skivies on, you’d do a 100 burpees a day for a hundred days, that’s 10,000 burpees, and stop phucking around with ‘challenges’ that have been accomplished by literally thousands of people before you that never really challenged themselves with the challenge in the first place. Savvy?

  1. 120410

    lol. Great blog post, Chef.

  2. 120410

    Well then, since you put it that way ……

    I guess I’m in. When do we start?

  3. 121014

    Hey Man, Just started the 100 Burpee challenge. maybe you are busting people’s balls that already are fit, but I’m a fat fucker that hasn’t done a pushup in about 10 years. I’m on Day 4 and I think every day that I’m going to die. So anyway, I pretty proud that I haven’t given up yet. Hadn’t even heard of a burpee a week ago. Maybe when I accomplish this 100 day thing and actually set into motion a habit of excercising every day I can work on one of those handstand pushups or something, but for right now all I’m worried about is how hard it’s going to be tomorrow on day 5.

    • 121015


      This is important: Do more variety than burpees everyday. If you haven’t done a push up in 10 years assuming that it is both safe and reasonable to be able to 50 pushups in 50 days might be a mistake. I’ll assume you’re working with a competent coach at a CrossFit gym and that you’ve got a more well rounded program going on, is that a fair guess?

      • 121015

        Actually no. I saw this 100 burpee challenge on a facebook post from a friend, and figured, hey, that’s a way to get moving again. Shouldn’t I be in a little better shape before signing up with a coach? I see these things you guys do and it looks virtually impossible to me. In other words, Crossfit doesn’t look like a couch potato sort of thing to jump into. Every day (so far) it has been a challenge to do these Burpees, but each day the first few are a little easier. I’m sore as hell all over, and the last few days, I’ve been winded, so it must be doing something cardioish. If I am wrong in that crossfit is for fat out of shape dudes too, I would be willing to look into a trainer in the Marietta GA area that Y’all could recommend. Otherwise, I will keep at this thing day by day, and my hope is that it is a) a beginning of a habit of daily exercise, and b) gets the muscles and heart use to actually doing something other than sitting on my ass all day.

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