Best wishes to our Intrepid Rubicon Coaches, Jason and Josh and Tiffany, who are doing their CrossFit Kids Certification Today! Have fun and bring back some awesome knowledge you three!


“Tag-in, Tap-Out”

  • 10 Jumping Slam Balls, 20/15
  • 10 Wall Balls, 20/14
  • 10 Abmat Situps
  • 10 Ground To Overhead, 45/25
  • Each of the 4 movements will, in order above, be the ‘Tag in’ Movement’
  • At 3-2-1-Go, One team mate Performs the Tag-In Movement, then runs to their waiting team to tag one of their hands.
  • Once tagged, the remaining team members do the equivalent of one round of all movements per working team mate while the Tag-in Movement athlete rests for that round.

    • Each team may have only one 20 and one 15# slamball, one 20 and one 14# wallball, one 45 and one 20# bumper plate and two abmats.
  • The moments may done in any order and divided among the team in any way they want, the distribution of movements does NOT have to be even.
  • When the reps are done, the team drops to floor and Taps-Out,  calling “TIME!” loud and clear!
  • The winning team of each round does no burpees, the other teams? Earn the reward of greater fitness through hard work.
  • Shake it out for one minute, then we do it all again. And again. And again… well, you get the idea.

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  1. 130126

    My body called for yoga today.

    I just got my shipment of Steve’s Original Paleo Krunch. It’s very dangerous. Dangerously good. My husband said he likes the jerky, too!

  2. 130126

    Fun WOD this am! Had a great time with team Bri, Michael, John & Joel. We did a lot of burpees and are fitter for it!

    Happy weekend all and Yay for Crossfit Kids!

  3. 130126

    Made this Butternut Squash Apple soup yesterday for a winter weekend snack – Easy and delicious.

  4. 130126

    265# clean escaped me this morning. Getting the bar onto my shoulders wasn’t hard at all but I need to stand it up. That day will come soon! 😀

    Great blog on all things paleo…so many common questions answered by those passionate about their caveman ways. Enjoy!

  5. 130126

    OK so you want to do a pull up? I believe the band system is great, but if you are serious about it.. Start pushing up like you want it and benching like its cool. Get on the pull up bar and pull.. start with chin ups then alternate grip, then slowly work into to over hand pull-ups.. YOU HAVE TO DO THEM EVERY DAY..
    In order for me to do pull ups I started with one.. and then two.. i did pyramids with push ups in-between. so it would be ;
    1 pull up
    10 push ups
    2 pull ups
    10 push ups
    3 pull ups
    10 push ups
    and then go back down..
    It will work..
    You have to practice it and focus… Its not a movement that will come natural if you dont apply yourself..
    Like our coaches say “form before all else”.. squeeze your a$$.. focus and pull. You will get there.

    • 130127

      When I first started (over a year ago) our warm-up included “One Round of Cindy”:
      5 pull-ups
      10 push-ups
      15 air squats.

      I had to start with the black band (which I couldn’t even get into without help!) and gradually worked my way to thinner and thinner bands until I got one dead-hang.

      I attribute my success to working on them every time I came in the box, like Danna says. Now I can do 5-6 strict (depending on the day) and 10-15+ kipping.

      Practice practice!

      Jumping negatives are also really good.

  6. 130126

    Was trying to explain some Crossfit terms to friends of mine, and came across the article. Y’all already know this language, but it is a good way to bring newbies (like me) up to speed.

  7. 130127

    How to easily Pastrami a sirloin steak:

  8. 130127

    Perhaps a bad mood has more to do with what I ate than anything else! Revolutionary! Here is an article on how mood and gut health are closely linked.

  9. 130127

    Tip’o’day: Vitamin D3

    As a rule, I try to eat the highest quality food from local providers that I can afford. Beyond that, I do supplement my diet with a few things. I’ve discussed ZMA and would like to mention the benefits of vitamin D3. This is something I take every day and firmly believe positively influences my well-being. My normal schedule has me up around 5am, working out at 6:30am, working from 8am till 6pmish and getting home around 7pm. With that said,I get very little exposure to the sun and recognize the importance of vitamin D in remaining healthy. The following articles discuss the rationale behind taking this vitamin.

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