Strict Press, “Cindy”, Monday 120819

Proud to be a part of this family. ~Chef (video)

Main Course

  • Skills:
    • Kiss the wall squat:
      • How far from the wall ARE you?
      • True thoracic extension, rotated scapulae, proper knee tracking all required or the floggings will be severe. So let it be written.
    • Consecutive Double Unders:
      • You have 3 Tries to get your max Double Under Reps. If your single under jump looks sexy and your double under jump looks like a sea slug in a frying pan, put down the rope and LEARN TO JUMP!
    • Strict Press
      • Hard up from the ground up. Fire posterior chain and lock down that diaphragmatic pressure BEFORE you ‘punch the sky’.
      • 75% x 5
      • 85% x 3
      • 95% x max reps
  • Fortitude:
    • “Cindy”
      • 20 Minute AMRAP
      • 5 Pullups
      • 10 Pushups
      • 15 Squats
        • A word on your hands:
          • You may protect your hands any way you want, what you may not do is celebrate ‘less desirable results’. Celebrate growth, however small, not regression. Use language that celebrates the effort, not denigrates the result. In the words of one of my favorite coaches: “When you focus on missing, you get really good at it.” We all experience hand/callus issues in high repetition workouts from time to time that demand extensive use of your grip.  You dont post videos of your least favorite missed lifts, do you? You don’t make posts about NOT hitting a PR? Post about your hands only when you walk away UNscathed. Focus on the right things.


  • 30 Slow Cadence (2×11) GHD Situps


Food for Thought:

“I am more afraid of our own mistakes than of our enemies\' designs.”
by Pericles

29 comments to Strict Press, “Cindy”, Monday 120819

  • JD

    Working my double unders.

    Press 2×135#

    Cindy 15 rounds + 10

  • JohnB

    Kiss the Wall Squats, I have never been able to keep my arms locked-out for this movement…one day?

    DUs: not my day today, everytime I get to around 20+ something happens…arms go out? hands back? jump not as high? 22 consecutive

    Press: 105#x5, 115#x3, 130#x1…

    ‘Cindy’ 15+7 (push-ups, push-ups, push-ups…)

    30 GHDs, kinda slow, have a hard time doing these SLOW

  • Jamie

    Two (2) double unders.

    Kiss the wall squat: Working on it. Keeping the elbows locked is Hard.

    Press 130 x 6

    Cindy: 6 rounds + 12. (Hoping for 12 rounds by Thanksgiving)

    No time for dessert today.

  • Rachel

    Kiss the wall: I’m about 4 inches away, GOAT
    DU: I am consistant doing double single double, 27 in a row. Strict Efficient DU’s in the works :)
    Press: 70 X 5, 80 X 3, 90 X 3

    Cindy: 9 +14 (rx’d) I stayed honest with my pull ups, there were rounds were it took 10 attempts to get 5 with my chin clearing the bar.

    30 GHD’s Slow.

    • Rachel

      I looked it up…for comparison: In May, I did 11 rounds even w/(2 purple bands).
      No bands this time = PR.

  • Samer

    DUs: My goat above and beyond everything else. Need to work on jumping first.
    Press: 135×3.
    Cindy: 13 rds + 1. (2 rds better than last time! Progress is the best motivator.) Need to learn how to kip….these dead hangs are killing me…
    No time for dessert today.

  • Jeff G

    First, this is my last few days at Rubicon before moving back to Los Angeles. I just want to give a huge thank you to all the coaches, rubiconites, and especially Chef and Hronn for an awesome past few months. I can’t thank you enough for welcoming me into the CrossFit community and Rubicon family. Keep training hard, and I expect to see everybody down in Carson for the 2013 games. If you’re ever in the LA area feel free to drop me an email at

    Wall Squat: Feet 7″ from wall – inch or two better than last time
    DU: 1 in a row; keep practicing everyday
    Press: 110×5, 125×3, 140×3
    Cindy: 13 Rx’d. Really happy with this. PR and I get to cross another skill off the level 1 checklist. Started pacing with the level 1 goal of 12, and targeted one every 100 seconds. Got 6 in the first 10 minutes, had plenty of rest between rounds and felt really good, so changed my target to one every 80 seconds. Noticeable tougher, but I got 7 more solid rounds.

  • Ryan

    Wall squats: Got about an inch but hit my knees with my toes touching the wall. ill keep working on getting deeper and not tracking knees in front of toes.

    DUs: 52, 23, 106 reps

    Press: 145 x2

    Feelin my training all weekend today.

    Cindy: 16 +5

    No dessert

  • Linda

    Double unders: 56
    Press: 63# x 5
    Cindy: 7 + 24 with red for 2 rounds, then red/purple the rest. First time back doing pullups in a WOD.. kept it slow and easy through the whole thing. It felt good though :)

  • Jack W.

    An all goat day. Yay

    Wall Squats: 6″

    DU: Decided to finally test achilles. Did the 100 singles and then did a series of singles/doubles so only counted it as 1. BUT…achilles is fine this afternoon so I think I need to start working this seriously into my warm up – finally. THAT is big progress in my book. Very happy with one.

    Press: 94#x3

    Cindy: 11+27 with helpful prompts to make sure I was training with proper form on pushups and squats. Red band. I think I can get 12 legit next time and color in my little square for this !

    Dessert: Nope – time call.

    • Jack W.

      And much improved from August last year when I did: WOD: 12 w/ green band
      So if I keep dropping the scaling off and essentially hit the same count… this is good.

  • Jack W.

    And almost one full rep up from May of this year. 1/11=9% improvement!

  • Mel

    Yeeesh I need to spend more time kissing the wall …

    56, 38, 36 DU … Not my best showing

    Press: 88 x 3

    Cindy: 14 + 14 … Need pushups to hold out longer!

    20 slow GHDs

  • Matt H

    Day 1 at CrossFit Rehoboth. Snatch skill work; followed by 2 rounds of 12 pistols, 12 side bridges, 6 glute bridges; followed by 1 mi. run.

    The best part of this WOD was that now I can color in the pistols square on our board, I think.

  • David F

    Squats – 2 in.
    DU’s – 11
    Press – 85×3
    Cindy – (banded pull-ups) 11 rounds

  • Leah

    Squats – 3 in
    DU’s – 27
    Press – 103×3
    Cindy – 12+13 rx’d – I was excited when I finished 5 rounds in the 1st 5 minutes, but I couldn’t quite keep up the pace. My goal in the next few weeks is to get my cardio back.

    GHD’s – 20 slow sit-ups – one more thing to check off.

  • Kendra

    Glad to be back at the box after a weekend out of town, even if this was a goat-tastic workout for me.

    KTWS: Still about 8″ away — somebody please tell me how to get better at this! :)

    Press: 78×2
    (#3 was so ugly i had to drop it when I realized I was trying to push press it up)

    Cindy: 9+28 (2 squats shy of 10 rds) rx’d.

    My goal was 10, but I’m happy with my progress, esp since it’s much better than last time (7+2 in May). Also — my hands fared very well! One small rip on the inside of my thumb at the very end.

    GHDs: 30 check. Slowness… hmmm… they got a little less slow towards the end.

  • Dave C

    Ended up working out at the gym downstairs at work today. Row a 5K. Time was 20:08 w/ a damper of 10. Not my best time, but I’ll take it… now I’m kicking myself because I see that today’s workout is tabata row! haha… practice makes improvement!

  • Pat

    Wall Squats: 17″
    DU: 14
    Press: 115 x 5
    WOD: 13+5 (PR +22 reps)
    Dessert: 20

  • Cyrus

    KtW Squat: 13″
    DU: 27
    SP: 125×1
    WoD: 12 + 4 pullups
    Dessert: 15

  • Brianna

    Ktw- a long way away.
    DU – 3. This is the first time I got 3 consecutive so I was happy.
    WOD: 7 + 4 pull ups. Had to double back in round 2 because forgot squats. Also used a blue+2 purple bands for pull ups. Push ups were focused on form because letting my form slip has led to some shoulder issues. But the squats were fun.

  • chi

    ktw squat: >1′
    DU: 11
    SP: 103 x 3 shoulder issue prevented me from going further. I’m going to take some time off from shoulder work and focus on mobility/ rehab.
    WoD: 16 + 5. Worse than last time but way better than expected given the situation.
    Dessert: check

  • Jason H.

    KTW: 7′
    SP: I think 165×2
    WoD: 11 + 15 reps
    Dessert: done

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