Main Course:

Skills & Power: Snatch 2/minute for 10 minutes



5 rounds
7 Ground to Overhead at ??? lbs
?? Reps Slam Balls, 20#/15#

Bodyweight Overhead= 10 slam balls
.75x BW= 15 Slam Balls
.5x BW= 20 Slam Balls
<.5x BW=25 Slam Balls


5 x 5 Good Mornings, 95/65


Food for Thought:


  1. 111227

    Snatches : worked up to 124#
    WOD: with 120#’s (50% of BW from before the Holidays): Just finished as Chef called time 15:00.

  2. 111227

    My snatch work was subpar — I felt stiff and had a hard time executing the movement. Spent time working just the pvc pipe, then, just the bar (33#), then with 10#s on (63# total). Not great.

    WOD: used 63#, and did 25 Slam Balls per round.

    My “grounds to overhead” varied from snatch (tho I had the wrong grip) to clean & jerks. Form was not great. The 15# slam ball was not bad at all.

    Time: 12:42

    Dessert: used 33# bar only, probably need to add weight to it. I don’t think I was very flat backed tho.

  3. 111227

    Snatch: 134-164#
    WOD: 14:10 at 149# (75%) Power Snatches

  4. 111227

    Snatch: stayed @ 95#, could’ve gone up a bit but form felt very solid and squat was stable

    WOD: 11:48 @ 115# (75% BW)

    5×5 Good Mornings @ 95# for dessert

  5. 111227

    Snatch: worked up to 114
    WOD: 10:04 @ 109 (75% BW) Power Snatch Rd 1, then clean/jerk the rest of the way
    5×5 Good Mornings 1-44#, 4-74#

  6. 111228

    Snatch: 105 I need to get more consistent. The ones that felt good were when I kept my arms/shoulders in tension. Everything was tight. I need more shoulder mobility. It takes a while for everything to loosesn up.
    WoD: ??? w/ 105 (~63% BW) so 20 slam balls
    Dessert: attempted w/ ladies bar but my back and left elbow screamed ‘no more’

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