Snatch/Peach, Tuesday 111227

Main Course:

Skills & Power: Snatch 2/minute for 10 minutes



5 rounds
7 Ground to Overhead at ??? lbs
?? Reps Slam Balls, 20#/15#

Bodyweight Overhead= 10 slam balls
.75x BW= 15 Slam Balls
.5x BW= 20 Slam Balls
<.5x BW=25 Slam Balls


5 x 5 Good Mornings, 95/65


Food for Thought:

“Duty then is the sublimest word in the English language. You should do your duty in all things. You can never do more, you should never wish to do less.”
by Robert Edward Lee

6 comments to Snatch/Peach, Tuesday 111227

  • Mike C

    Snatches : worked up to 124#
    WOD: with 120#’s (50% of BW from before the Holidays): Just finished as Chef called time 15:00.

  • Kendra

    My snatch work was subpar — I felt stiff and had a hard time executing the movement. Spent time working just the pvc pipe, then, just the bar (33#), then with 10#s on (63# total). Not great.

    WOD: used 63#, and did 25 Slam Balls per round.

    My “grounds to overhead” varied from snatch (tho I had the wrong grip) to clean & jerks. Form was not great. The 15# slam ball was not bad at all.

    Time: 12:42

    Dessert: used 33# bar only, probably need to add weight to it. I don’t think I was very flat backed tho.

  • Snatch: 134-164#
    WOD: 14:10 at 149# (75%) Power Snatches

  • Aaron L

    Snatch: stayed @ 95#, could’ve gone up a bit but form felt very solid and squat was stable

    WOD: 11:48 @ 115# (75% BW)

    5×5 Good Mornings @ 95# for dessert

  • Pat

    Snatch: worked up to 114
    WOD: 10:04 @ 109 (75% BW) Power Snatch Rd 1, then clean/jerk the rest of the way
    5×5 Good Mornings 1-44#, 4-74#

  • chi

    Snatch: 105 I need to get more consistent. The ones that felt good were when I kept my arms/shoulders in tension. Everything was tight. I need more shoulder mobility. It takes a while for everything to loosesn up.
    WoD: ??? w/ 105 (~63% BW) so 20 slam balls
    Dessert: attempted w/ ladies bar but my back and left elbow screamed ‘no more’

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