Snatch Deads/Prowler High Low, Tuesday 120417


Main Course:

  • Snatch Grip Deadlifts
    • 15 minutes to your 2 rep max.
      • As always, use your hooked grip and start getting used to loving the feeling. If you are new to hooking don’t do too much too fast, or you might achieve a  ‘less desirable’ outcome. Foundations before Penthouses.
      • Think like your snatching: get set up, get organized and pull BACK and up, not just up. Do not change your foot position to accommodate.
  • 10 x 40m Prowler High/Low SPRINTS!
      • 2om high handles, 20m low handles
      • add 50 for women, 90 for men. Minimal rest between rounds. Get some FAST.


Todays desert is savory: 800m run @ <75% as post-hab


Food for Thought:

“Every day people engaged in the clever defiance of their own intuition become, in midthought, victims of violence and accidents. So when we wonder why we are victims so often, the answer is clear: It is because we are so good at it.”
by Gavin De Becker

19 comments to Snatch Deads/Prowler High Low, Tuesday 120417

  • Mike F

    Snatch Grip DL’s: 245#x2 – Did this weight twice and focused on keeping a straight back through both reps. Second set of two was better than the first.
    Prowlers and 800m jog – completed.

  • Linda

    Had a lot of difficulty with my grip this morning. Got to 165# x 2 with the hooked grip. Using a normal grip it just fell out of my hands after one rep. My grip is weak sauce.

    Prowlers: Hurt so good. Used 90#’s – and SO thankful for the 800m run afterward, I think that’s what’s allowing me to walk today.

  • Ryan

    “On the mountains of truth you can never climb in vain: either you will reach a point higher up today, or you will be training your powers so that you will be able to climb higher tomorrow.” ~Friedrich Nietzsche

    Wide Arm Health Lifts: 285# x2

    Grip proved the limiting factor on this effort.

    Prowlers –> Destromination.
    800M Run –> Cool breeze on a sunny day.

    Great work everyone in the 7am sausage party.

  • Leah

    Snatch Grip Dead Lifts: Worked up to 213×2

  • Amy

    Sntach Grip Deadlifts: Worked up to 203×3. Had a really hard time with the hook grip once I got a little heavy my grip fell apart.

  • Jeff A

    Worked doubles to 285.. got 1 and couldn’t keep my grip on the 2nd.

    Prowlers rx weight

  • MattB

    Snatch grip DL: 185×2.

    Prowlers: Rx.
    Dessert: Cathartic.

  • Jeff G

    Snatch DL: 255×2
    Prowlers: Rx’d. Anybody else wearing the New Balance Minimus cross-trainers? I found them slipping alot on the low grip side…
    Dessert: Very pleasant

  • Hilary

    Snatch grip DL- 203×2

    PROWLERS=meowwwww it burns so good!

    800m run-excellent idea!

  • chi

    Snatch DL: stayed at 275 for a couple sets just to keep form and maintain hook grip. Ankle/foot was slow to get up to speed but felt ok. We’ll see how the rest of the day treats me.
    WoD: done. Super hard getting/ maintaining traction. Much respect to the ladies of 6am! They put me to shame. I’ve got quite a bit of work to do to keep up with them.
    Dessert: 800m powerwalk

  • JohnB

    Snatch-Grip DeadLift: 295#x1,1…got 275#x2 a couple of times, yes grip was the limiting factor (ring finger had issues today, callous?)

    Rx’d Prowlers 8x40m, 90#…slipping was issue on return trip ‘low-bar’

    6 consecutive HSPUs to 2 AbMats…tried to 1 AbMat, got off the ground at least but failed

  • Rachel

    Snatch Grip Deadlift: 173 X 2 it was very difficult using the hook grip at that weight, slipped out of my hands on the second rep.

    Prowlers: Rx’d girls for 8 rounds decided to try the big boy weight for round 9 :)

    Dessert: much needed jog

  • Kia

    Snatch deads: 133# X 2 hook grip, damn, damn, dammmnnnn!!!
    Prowlers: I think this will become my new love/hate movement.
    800m run: what a beautiful day to get rid of lactic acid build up! :)

    Thanks for the motivation Mel, Kendra and Courtney!! Have a Happy Tuesday everyone.

  • Kendra

    Snatch DL: 173 (I think?) x 1 x 1 — worked at this weight twice but could not get consecutive pulls. This was with regular grip, hook grip got miserable around 163, i think.

    Prowlers sux, glad to be done. The 800m jog was ridiculous at the beginning, but felt good by the end.

  • Clint

    Snatch DL: 235#

  • Mel

    Worked up to 203# for 2, lost the hook grip though. I neeeed more grip strength!!

    I heart prowlers! and 800m runs with 90% of my blood shunted to my legs :)

  • Mike C

    Worked on very wide grip (very edges of the bar) and hook grip. I’m obviously not doing the hook grip right because it felt like I was crushing my thumbs and I don’t see myself getting used to that.
    Prowlers are the one exercise that bigger guys have an advantage ( get some throw weight behind the prowler)

    The run didn’t suck as much at the end as it did at the beginning.

  • Courtney

    Snatch – 143# x2 …. Didn’t like being limited by my grip …. Bc weight felt easy . Loved loved loved girl power @ 12 today :) and prowlers brought on another set of emotions : o

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