Main Course:

  • Snatch Grip Deadlifts
    • 15 minutes to your 2 rep max.
      • As always, use your hooked grip and start getting used to loving the feeling. If you are new to hooking don’t do too much too fast, or you might achieve a  ‘less desirable’ outcome. Foundations before Penthouses.
      • Think like your snatching: get set up, get organized and pull BACK and up, not just up. Do not change your foot position to accommodate.
  • 10 x 40m Prowler High/Low SPRINTS!
      • 2om high handles, 20m low handles
      • add 50 for women, 90 for men. Minimal rest between rounds. Get some FAST.


Todays desert is savory: 800m run @ <75% as post-hab


Food for Thought:


  1. 120417

    Snatch Grip DL’s: 245#x2 – Did this weight twice and focused on keeping a straight back through both reps. Second set of two was better than the first.
    Prowlers and 800m jog – completed.

  2. 120417

    Had a lot of difficulty with my grip this morning. Got to 165# x 2 with the hooked grip. Using a normal grip it just fell out of my hands after one rep. My grip is weak sauce.

    Prowlers: Hurt so good. Used 90#’s – and SO thankful for the 800m run afterward, I think that’s what’s allowing me to walk today.

  3. 120417

    “On the mountains of truth you can never climb in vain: either you will reach a point higher up today, or you will be training your powers so that you will be able to climb higher tomorrow.” ~Friedrich Nietzsche

    Wide Arm Health Lifts: 285# x2

    Grip proved the limiting factor on this effort.

    Prowlers –> Destromination.
    800M Run –> Cool breeze on a sunny day.

    Great work everyone in the 7am sausage party.

  4. 120417

    Snatch Grip Dead Lifts: Worked up to 213×2

  5. 120417

    Sntach Grip Deadlifts: Worked up to 203×3. Had a really hard time with the hook grip once I got a little heavy my grip fell apart.

  6. 120417

    Worked doubles to 285.. got 1 and couldn’t keep my grip on the 2nd.

    Prowlers rx weight

    • 120417

      Getting my ankle scoped tmrw AM!! see yall on Tuesday

  7. 120417

    Snatch grip DL: 185×2.

    Prowlers: Rx.
    Dessert: Cathartic.

  8. 120417

    Snatch DL: 255×2
    Prowlers: Rx’d. Anybody else wearing the New Balance Minimus cross-trainers? I found them slipping alot on the low grip side…
    Dessert: Very pleasant

  9. 120417

    Snatch grip DL- 203×2

    PROWLERS=meowwwww it burns so good!

    800m run-excellent idea!

  10. 120417

    Snatch DL: stayed at 275 for a couple sets just to keep form and maintain hook grip. Ankle/foot was slow to get up to speed but felt ok. We’ll see how the rest of the day treats me.
    WoD: done. Super hard getting/ maintaining traction. Much respect to the ladies of 6am! They put me to shame. I’ve got quite a bit of work to do to keep up with them.
    Dessert: 800m powerwalk

  11. 120417

    Snatch-Grip DeadLift: 295#x1,1…got 275#x2 a couple of times, yes grip was the limiting factor (ring finger had issues today, callous?)

    Rx’d Prowlers 8x40m, 90#…slipping was issue on return trip ‘low-bar’

    6 consecutive HSPUs to 2 AbMats…tried to 1 AbMat, got off the ground at least but failed

  12. 120417

    Snatch Grip Deadlift: 173 X 2 it was very difficult using the hook grip at that weight, slipped out of my hands on the second rep.

    Prowlers: Rx’d girls for 8 rounds decided to try the big boy weight for round 9 🙂

    Dessert: much needed jog

  13. 120417

    Snatch deads: 133# X 2 hook grip, damn, damn, dammmnnnn!!!
    Prowlers: I think this will become my new love/hate movement.
    800m run: what a beautiful day to get rid of lactic acid build up! 🙂

    Thanks for the motivation Mel, Kendra and Courtney!! Have a Happy Tuesday everyone.

  14. 120417

    Snatch DL: 173 (I think?) x 1 x 1 — worked at this weight twice but could not get consecutive pulls. This was with regular grip, hook grip got miserable around 163, i think.

    Prowlers sux, glad to be done. The 800m jog was ridiculous at the beginning, but felt good by the end.

  15. 120417

    Snatch DL: 235#

  16. 120417

    Worked up to 203# for 2, lost the hook grip though. I neeeed more grip strength!!

    I heart prowlers! and 800m runs with 90% of my blood shunted to my legs 🙂

  17. 120417

    Worked on very wide grip (very edges of the bar) and hook grip. I’m obviously not doing the hook grip right because it felt like I was crushing my thumbs and I don’t see myself getting used to that.
    Prowlers are the one exercise that bigger guys have an advantage ( get some throw weight behind the prowler)

    The run didn’t suck as much at the end as it did at the beginning.

  18. 120417

    Snatch – 143# x2 …. Didn’t like being limited by my grip …. Bc weight felt easy . Loved loved loved girl power @ 12 today 🙂 and prowlers brought on another set of emotions : o

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