Main Course:

  • Shoulder Press
  • 65% x 5
  • 75% x 5
  • 85% x >5, max reps to failure

    • rest five minutes
  • “Kelly’s Little Lunge”
    • 3 rounds
      • 40m Walking Lunge, 45#/25# Overhead
      • 21 Box Jumps
      • 21 Wall Balls


  • 50 GHD Situps, 3 Attempts Only

Food for Thought:


  1. 111107

    Sigh, another swim WOD morning.
    Back rebuilding still. Should be back late this week.

  2. 111107

    Press, last set at 120#x3…feels better but still seems weak

    ‘Kelly’s Lunge’. She can keep them lunges…5 rounds, 24:34 Rx’d. Had a few extra wall balls, was mentally prepared for 3 rounds today…then found out we had a choice…I think I chose wrong??

    Only got 2 sets of 15 GHDs, 30….done

  3. 111107

    I can row!!!! 2 x 2k row in 10:45 each time. Did on setting 3/4 to be careful of toe. 50 abmat situps.
    Happy Birthday Mike R

    • 111107

      Thanks Iris – 45 today and getting leaner, stronger, and faster.

      • 111107

        I can try to catch you in the WODs but the age thing you will always be one step(year) ahead of me…you are now eligible for the masters division of the CF Games!! Go Riggs! Chef too, right?! Go Team Rubicon!

        • 111107

          And me, charging hard at 47

        • 111107

          Me and Iris, livin’ la vida at 47 😉

          • 111107

            Young-uns. Ya don’t even have an AARP card yet.
            Why, back in my day….

  4. 111107

    I don’t think I could date a girl named Kelly, too much pain associated with that name. haha

    Press: 155# x 3

    Not as explosive with my shoulders today but did my best.

    Weighted overhead lunges…Grrrr

    WOD: 22:22 Rxd (5 rounds)

    The first couple rounds were killer then settled in to things. Several times I found myself stumbling around a bit disoriented. My legs feel like jelly right now and I am sure they will be screaming at me for the next couple days.

    • 111107

      heavy deadlifts or squats probably on the agenda for sure…that’ll fix them

  5. 111107

    So, the journey begins – I have a long way to go. But, I guess you have to start somewhere!

    Press: 75# x 3 (I was a little confused about when to add weight each set, so I did 4 sets of 5 reps with 65# first. Oh well). Need to focus on keeping my core solid and maintaining good form.

    WOD: 27:34 (3 rounds)

    Did most of the lunges with 25# and finished the last 20m with less (not sure how much it was). Did all box jumps – need to remember to stand up completely on top of the box. My wall balls were miserable. I had to do several extra because of poor form.

    Only did 5 GHD situps (I did 10 as part of the warmup).

    • 111108

      The journey begins with one step… sucks that it just happened to be with a plate overhead in lunge format! lol Great job!

  6. 111107

    Nice Ryan – I thought I could catch you, but couldn’t hit the box jumps fast enough.
    JD – 5 rounds – you chose wisely.

    Press: 95 x 3
    Kelly: 23:3x (I think)

    • 111107

      If I knew it was your birthday, I would have slowed down for you. Make sure to eat cake all week 😉


      We are privileged to have such a great guy to train with, learn from and enjoy a few good laughs with each week.

    • 111107

      Happy Birthday Mike! I wish I would have known this morning, I would have led a team sign-a-long.

  7. 111107

    Shoulder press: 32# x 5

    Kelly: 3 Rounds @ 16:06
    40M lunge: 20# ball, then 14#, then tweaked my hip flexor and did not attempt R3
    Box Jump: twas a baby box built w/ 2 45#, 1 25# weights + 2 square mats
    Wall Balls: 14# ball, then 8#, and 8#

    GHD: 10

  8. 111107

    Press: 115# x 4
    WoD: 31:58 5 rds @ Rx
    No dessert. Ran out of time…yeah, that’s it…was running late…for a meeting, yeah…a very important meeting…with Morgan Fairchild…no, her sister Kelly Fairchild…

  9. 111107

    Whew … quite the workout after almost a week of deathly sickness. Way to break in the legs and lungs again 🙂

    Shoulder press: 75 x 7

    WOD – 5 rounds as Rx’d: 25:41

    50 GHD’s: 25, 15, 10

    Great to have Annie and Roxy join us today! Great work everyone. And a very Happy Birthday to Mike Riggs!

  10. 111107

    Press: 159# x 6
    WOD: 26:06

    Happy Birthday Mike!

  11. 111107

    Press: 63 X 10 (felt good today)
    WOD: 17:52 rx’d 3 rounds
    Total for three attempts 42…Did 8 more just to hit 50.

  12. 111107

    First, just let me wish many happy returns on the day to Mike ‘The Iron Hammer’ Riggs: may you live as many years as you want and never want as long as you live, DRINK HAIL! HIP HIP HOORAH! And so say all of us!

    I’m quite certain Coach Mike kept his aging status on the down-low for the tiniest possibility that some other coaches might have created a workout with his name on it, not realizing that his far keener half would spill the (paleo) beans, thereby exposing him to much love and praise from coaches and athletes far and wide, and lay him plain in the sights of the aforementioned flogging.

    Riggs. We know where you coach; there is no escape. There’s a workout a’ comin’ your way, brother, it’s simply a matter of time.


    • 111107

      Chef, today was a very special workout to me, really…can that not suffice?
      Thanks for the well wishes all. Homebound for steak, shrimp, and asparagus for bday dinner! yum.
      …and a special caveman cake.

  13. 111107

    Huge crowd at the 5:30 class! It was an awesome group of people! This workout was tough! My legs pretty much collapsed after this. Great job to all those that were there!

    Press: 63 x 3, PR! This used to be my hypothetical max, now it’s my 85%. Lovin’ it!
    WOD: 23:08, had a mental breakthrough today. You can do so much more than your body tells you it can.

    Happy Birthday Mike!! Enjoy that caveman cake!

    • 111107

      Forgot parts of my WOD: 5 rounds, 25# weight for 3 rounds, 15# for the last two. 15# slam ball since there weren’t enough 20# balls to go around. Probably a blessing in disguise.

  14. 111107

    press 100 x 9 pretty sure theres a PR in that somewhere
    WOD: don’t know why I can’t do lunges mad it through 1.5 rounds before both hamstrings cramped this is getting to be just sad now… that said aside from the hamstrings the rest of me felt great

  15. 111107

    Press: 114×8
    WOD: 24:49, 5 rounds rxd

    no dessert

  16. 111108

    Props to Mike S… those 100 x 9 were impressive.
    Same here: Press: 100 x 7
    WOD: 23:55 as RX’d for 3 rnds.

    Even though I wanted to die, I would have loved to feel how it would have been with the vest… someday!

    • 111108

      oops… I meant to say RX’d for the overhead weight… I did step ups for all 3 rnds of box jumps.

  17. 111108

    Press : 114 X 7
    WOD : 16:24 (did step-ups for half of the last two rounds)
    GHD : 12, 8, 8

  18. 111108

    Press: 185 lb x 5
    WOD: 27:20 – 5 rounds – rxd

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