Row/Run/Rinse/Repeat, Friday 120323

Headed to Reebok CrossFit One in Boston
to share time with some great foks.


Main Course:

Next week we return to Rubicon Programing after a wonderful 5 Weeks of CrossFit Open Challenges. If your ‘goals envelope’ has come to term? It’s time to open that baby up! NOW is the time to reassess your strengths, refocus on what you need to be ‘better’, set your sights on your NEXT set of goals and kick some arse!

In the mean time, it’s time for…

“Three By” 

Three rounds
Run 400m
rest 1 minute


Three rounds
Row 500m
rest 2 minute

record the time of each rounds work phase to comments


Yeah! It’s Friday! What a lovely day to do 50 GHD Situps for time… that would be 50 as long as you can:

  • String no less five continuous situps in a row AND…
  • NO rest periods, you may stop to reset for a MAXIMUM length of one full breath. Longer? You’re done.


Food for Thought:

“The position of victory is one of determination.
The position of defeat is un-preparedness.”
by Sun Tsu


18 comments to Row/Run/Rinse/Repeat, Friday 120323

  • Julie

    When I pulled into the parking lot at 0507 and checked the WOD, I thought “yes!”

    Re-read that sentence. I think there is something deeply wrong with me. 😉

    Run#3 = 2:13
    Row#3 = 2:10
    15 GHDs. I guess it is time to start enjoying more dessert.

  • JD

    By the way, did everyone see that Jeremy. Kinnick posted a 147 on yesterdays 12.5 Games WOD?

    Freaking elite!

  • andy

    Run: 1:43
    Row: 1:51
    GHD S’ups: 25 (not a great # but proud to have not barfed)

  • Jeff G

    That felt good this morning. Nice way to start the day.

    Run 3: 1:54
    Row 3: 2:05

    Third sets for both run and row were a good 10+ seconds faster than the first – pacing myself too much in the first set??

    Row was slower than Erg test the other day, but tried to really focus on form over speed. SPM only about 27. Tried to speed up in third set and quickly lost form.

    Dessert: Only 10, but 1st time doing them

  • Mike C

    Run splits : 2:05, 2:08, 2:07
    Row Splits : 1:51, 1:58, 2:04

    Fun to be with the 6AM’ers again.

  • Iris

    I was pleased to see today’s WOD and I enjoyed a rare 6AM appearance by Mike Curtis. See what you all miss when you sleep in on a Friday?

    WOD: Runs 2:25/2:16/2:10
    Rows 2:20/2:20/2:11

    GHDs: 28, a PR up from 26 in Jan

  • riggsme

    Chi, thanks for providing the bar!

    Final Run: 1:22
    Final Row: 1:49

    50 GHDs – hoping my abs from pelvic insertion to bottom of rib cage will hurt tomorrow!

  • Amy

    Run 3: 2:00
    Row 3: 2:08

  • John B

    12.5 for me this am, 83 reps, happy but feel I could probably have gotten 90 with better self motivation, sigh

    • John

      OK, now not happy with score, found last years result for 11.6, same WOD…got same score! This is the area I need to work on, mentally set myself up to get to round of 15s and ‘be happy’ with that instead of ‘forging ahead’…I was unaware of my score this am from last year, had I been I most certainly would have gotten to 90 reps…goes to show how ‘mental’ this CrossFit stuff can be sometimes/all the time…ugh!

      • riggsme

        Similar thoughts here – A simple look on this from last year, and a mental note could have lead to PR for both of us!
        I bet the top 25 Athletes that did it last year knew their previous scores…we were unprepared.

  • Rachel

    Splits Run: 1:35, 1:40, 1:37
    Splits Row: 1:54, 2:09, 2:08 (FORM)

    GHD’s 30 straight…played around with some handstands, shoulder mobility and jumped back on for 25 more :)
    Happy Friday! Anyone wanna play some Frisbee…so nice outside :)

  • Linda

    I keep missing all these great running WODs!! This is definitely an area I need work on. I’m just so beat down right now, I’ll make it through tomorrow and then need to re-evaluate my life. I need to find a way to get more/better sleep..I hate knowing something needs to change but not knowing where to start.

  • Kendra

    RUN: 1:23 / 1:29 / 1:31 (Ben had 1:27?)

    ROW: 1:58 / 2:01 / 1:57

    I was not looking forward to this WOD because it was a hot & humid day, but felt great when I got through it. Very pleased with my times — I needed to hear Ben screaming at me cuz I had nothing left by the end of the 3rd erg.

    Dessert: 31 GHDs and then I quit. I should have fought for more (my goal was 30)

    Also spent a little time working on kipping pull-ups. Rick gave me some good advise about engaging the back muscles and keeping tight. I really want to get these consecutively!.

  • Brianna

    I pushed prowler for 1:30×3 with no weights on it instead of running. I hate prowler.
    I proceeded to row 2:15, 2:11, 2:13. Corresponding damper settings were 7, 10, 8. I don’t keep my thoracic spine locked out when I row, and I don’t know what damper setting to use despite all the rows we did that one week. I did 9 GHS’s my legs were shot for some reason?! Couldn’t be the prowler and rowing…

  • Mike S

    Run 3: 1:22
    Row 3: 1:49

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