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Scorpion Badassitude

Main Course:

Skills & Strength:

Time to shine up your push press and jerk. Nothing but good can come from this.

In 15 minutes, work up to your heaviest possible Triple, >120% of your Press Max to be certain. To be considered a successfully completed attempt, each triple must be done without dropping the bar.


  • AMRAP in 10 minutes
    • 10 hand release pushups
      • Each set of 10 must be completed without a cessation of movement other than to release the hand from the floor in the quickest way possible.
      • If you stop at the top? Reward. If you stay at the bottom longer than to release your hands? Reward.
      • After we demo the movement and you have a chance to practice the pushup, you will not be warned as you continue to accrue ‘rewards’.
      • Take your time as needed between sets, get it right, get it straight through.
      • Today’s rewards look a lot like wallballs, if you have to stop and rest whilst you complete your earned rewards? you must rest at the bottom of the squat. If you absolutely MUST rest and stand around during your reward work, you will earn yourself the Grand Prize.


30 Knees to Elbows for time

Food for Thought:

“My optimism wears heavy boots and is loud.”- Henry Rollins

  1. 120514

    Push jerk triple: 77# lowering the bar really limited my load.
    AMRAP: 6 + 1 reward
    11 knees to elbows before my grip failed. I am still recovering from Saturday.

  2. 120514

    225×3 push jerk
    (went for 245, failed on 3rd attempt)

    Push Ups – 10 sets

    Dessert – 30 K2E 1:35 2 sets of 15

    • 120514

      welcome back!

    • 120514

      It was a mighty deed nevertheless!

  3. 120514

    Push Jerk (Split): worked up to 175#, got that 1x almost 2(failed to lock out right elbow) so Heaviest Triplet was 165# (OK with that, felt good)

    10 min AmRap: sets of unbroken/Rubicon form 10 HR Push-Ups got 8 complete, counting 7 one pause at top during one round and one stomach touching floor during another, self-imposed 10 Wall Ball reward

    30 T2B: 1:30 (26,4) really want to get all 30 without coming off bar, no kip

    • 120514

      ***and in other news, warm up, got 9 consecutive HSPUs to 2 abmats! Once I get 10 unbroken a couple of times…down to 1 AbMat! Progress, progress…

      • 120514

        Trade off for the DU issues?

      • 120514

        Nice!! I should start putting in the work on these.

      • 120514

        Pretty good for an incipient geezer class guy…
        (this from someone that can only flex his arms a few inches on the HSPU’s…)

  4. 120514

    Push Jerk split- 90# X 3

    WOD: 7 rounds +1 reward

    Dessert: struggled with grip, 3:06

    if you have netflix instant watch this: Food, Inc. http://www.takepart.com/foodinc/film. I bet you pay that “little more” for grass fed meat after this

  5. 120514

    “Determine never to be idle. No person will have occasion to complain of the want of time who never loses any. It is wonderful how much may be done if we are always doing.” ~Thomas Jefferson

    Jerk: 135 x3, 155 x3, 165 x3, 185 x3, 195 x3, 205 x3, 215 x3

    Push-ups: 9 rounds + 10 Wbs

    Dessert: 0:34 secs (30 unbroken)

  6. 120514

    Jerk – Worked up to 195#x3.
    Push-ups – 7 rounds plus 15 wall balls
    18 K2E’s

  7. 120514

    Jerk work up to a triple of 165#. Got 175# once and failed on 2nd attempt.

    Curious as to comparisons with the C&J which I’ve been able to get 190#. Is there a general standard in how these two should compare? Asking for personal knowledge, no other reason.

    Push-Ups, how my shoulders hate you. Hit 8 rounds. Participated in the post WOD WB therapy to make myself fitter.

    30 T2B in 1:30. 3rd tee sets of 10. Had to rest my grip between sets.

    • 120514

      Damn iPhone spell check. 3 sets of ten for T2B

  8. 120514

    Jerk: 113# x 3, 123# x 2

    WOD: 7 Rds

    K2E – eh, 6 minutes or so? These need work, honestly toes to bar are easier for me – does that make sense?

  9. 120514

    Jerk: 92# Lowering the bar was also my limiting factor in doing 3 in a row and prevented me from going higher in weight. I looked back and my max clean and jerk on 4/16 was 93# so have made some progress!

    WOD: What an interesting psychological dilemma … my fear of not being able to rest on the bottom for B2B wall squats and then being assessed a 2 mile run in the rain was very motivational. 7 rounds from knees. Mightily struggled on last couple reps in last 3 rounds but kept my form and stayed penalty free.

    30 v-ups for dessert instead of K2E

    • 120514

      3P’s. Personal, Passionate, Present.

  10. 120514

    Jerk: 124#x3
    WOD: 10 + 1 reward (too snakelike on one)
    K2E: 2:20

  11. 120514

    Jerk: 165, got 1 at 175
    WoD: 4 rounds + 4 rewards. Not sure if correct but I assessed these on not being able to complete a full set of 10.
    K2E: 24

  12. 120514

    Jerk: 155 x 2. Could’ve had 3rd but I wasn’t solid core wise so it fell apart. I was pretty apprehenive trying the split squat due to ankle but it felt tolerable. I feel like I could get lower if I were healthier. Baby steps.
    WoD: 6, 3 rewards
    Dessert: :18? I’m not sure that’s right

    • 120514

      Your core looked just fine when you were doing K2E – you were doing them like a machine!!!

  13. 120514

    Knowledge (more inspiration): On Mark’s Daily Apple there is a section dedicated to success stories from people who changed to a primal way of eating. It’s just very cool to read some of the stories and see how much better these people’s lives improved. I look at it sometimes just for a little inspiration! Helps me to remember all of the good this way of eating is doing for my body! http://www.marksdailyapple.com/category/success-story-summaries/#axzz1urInH9v2

  14. 120514

    I was dreading the push-up WOD, but now that it’s over, I can say hot d@mn, that was great workout!

    Jerk: 128 x3. Sven thought I had more in me, but we were out of time and I was happy with a +5 PR. This is definitely my favorite oly lift.

    WOD: 8 rounds, w/4 “rewards”. If I hadn’t been so afraid of the reward, i could have pushed through more rounds, even tho it meant failure (I could not complete a round above 5 w/o failing).

    K2E: 3:25 — got 15, then 5ish, then 3s and 2s…

  15. 120514

    Push Jerk: 123 X 3
    WOD: 6 rounds (failed on round 7 at 9 reps and round 8 at 8 reps) = 10 WB
    K2E: 12 I’m with Linda these are more difficult than Toes to Bar.

  16. 120514

    Push Jerk: 165×3, 175×1
    WOD: 11 rounds, no rewards
    K2E: 1:38

  17. 120514

    Hey anyone, my 6am slot is open tomorrow!! Had a last minute schedule change….grab it up before its gone.

  18. 120514

    Push Jerk: 185×3; 195×2
    WoD: 8 + 3
    30 K2E: 2:15

    Need to get lower on those jerks. I’ll work on racking the bar better like Sven recommended.

  19. 120514

    Push jerk X 3 = 200 #
    WOD = 11+7
    Dessert = 1:22

    First time at Rubicon and I loved it!

  20. 120514

    Push jerk: 93 x 3
    Wod: 7+1 (20 wall balls)
    30 k2e: 3:00

  21. 120514

    Great to be back, as always!

    Jerk: 165# x 3
    WOD: 12 + 35 WBs
    Dessert: 1:35

  22. 120514

    Jerk: 225 x 3
    Push ups: 15 rds and 5 push ups. No Rewards.
    K2E: 34 sec

  23. 120514

    Jerk: 160×3
    Wod: 8 + 8 (3 rewards)
    Dessert: 30. Didn’t check time

  24. 120516

    Back after a being away for a month… hurts so good!!!

    165×3 push jerk
    (went for 185, failed on 3rd attempt)

    Push Ups – 8 sets (plus 3 reps before total fail, couldn’t even get up off the the floor!!!) + 4 rewards

    Dessert – 30 K2W 1:45 3 sets of 10

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