Future Mr. and Mrs. getting in some quality time post FGB


Main Course:

Skills & Strength:

  • Rope Climbing Skills
  • Handstand Pushup Skills
  • L-sit/L-Hang


  • Dengue Prowler
    • 10 x 40m Prowler Sprints, +140/+90/+50


Food for Thought:

“When you get, give. When you learn, teach.”

Recipe: How to Make Your Coffee Bulletproof…And Your Morning Too

How Much Protein Do You Need? Science Weighs In 

Intervention: Course Corrections for the Athlete and Trainer

  1. 130109

    🙂 I love this shout out ! Thank you I heart you guys.
    This was a nice video I found on L sits cause Im not too great at them

  2. 130109

    Skills: Worked on all 3. L sits/hangs are a goat for sure.
    WOD: 10x 40m x 140#.

  3. 130109

    Skills : worked on L-sits and hangs and my handstand

    WOD: 10 X 40m @ the 90# prowler

  4. 130109

    Skillz: climbed a rope, climbed a 10′ rope in L-seat, did some paralletes/ no stamina for holds, several Handstand holds no presses

    Prowler play: several (4-5 @ 140#, then 4-5 @ 90#) shoe grip MAJOR issue, unbelievably frustrating to be ‘spinning wheels’ oh, and unbelievably exhausting!

    ****may have to come in over next couple weeks just to ‘hang out’ will miss the box over the next month…keep killin’ it guys/gals!!!

    • 130109

      You can certainly hang out, but how about a little guest coaching, Mr. 3+ years with us and CrossFit Level 1 Certified?

    • 130109

      Good luck with the shoulder JB.

    • 130109

      Good luck JB.

    • 130109

      Was going to wish you luck then realized “Luck? Luck is for rabbits!”
      And since you are clearly an apex predator….
      Kill it!

  5. 130109

    Skills: Worked on all 3. All are a goats and I love goat curry!
    WOD: 10x 40m x 90#. (Felt easier than the last time I did prowlers. Still kicked my ass!)

    • 130109

      Tip => [Video] Inspiration: How Great Are You? (http://youtu.be/NJu37n4aZ8s)
      A fantastic catalyst for ones resolve. This video will decimate inertia, if one allows it.
      Works every time I think about skipping a workout.

      Warning: Very sticky. Might make you want to go wrestle a Rhino.

  6. 130109

    10 X 30m (orange line to orange line) @ 90lbs. Hard as hell – kept getting stuck on the low-lows from far orange line to halfway marker.

    Daily successes:
    -Learned how to properly climb a rope
    -Completed the prowler without any assistance

    Big shout out to 7am’s Charlie for killing it today!

  7. 130109

    “Skills” aka goats:
    L’s to knees no problem. Anything else triggers major quad seizure. Weird. Worth working on.
    Rope: Damn those slippery shoes. (that’s my story…)
    Headstand Presses: Getting up to wall was smooth and actually did 15 presses albeit with THREE pads.

    WoD: 90#

  8. 130109

    Skills: Lsits/HSUPs/Rope Climbs; check
    Prowlers: 10x40x90

    There was some discussion today about best shoes for rope climbs, etc. Just a heads up that http://www.theclymb.com is having a sale on the inov-8 Bare-XF 260 ($75; regular price: $140), which they advertise as being “designed for every element of CrossFit” and has special gripping/durability for rope climbs. Here’s the link: http://www.theclymb.com/brand-event/162261/show-product/245114?f=mi

  9. 130109

    I’ve been trying to limit the amount of fruit I consume on a daily basis. Here’s a short article on some of the reasons why.


    Here’s some additional info on the sugar content in fruit.


  10. 130109


    Before I get into the infos, ARE YOU READING THE ARTICLES CHEF HAS POSTED?!?! Seriously, these are gems and deserve your time. Learn yoself sunthin.


    To piggyback on my main man Samer’s comment, I wanted to provide some other great rope climbing shoe options.

    1. Get ready for it, buy OLY (Olympic) weightlifting shoes!! These provide the best bite on the rope, are really durable and you can dual purpose them for LIFTING!!! Seriously, this just makes sense folks. Win-win (not to be confused with do-win).

    Okay, onto the options (in order of my opinion, Best to less-best):
    1. Nike Romaleos 2 – I have the Volt (neon yellow) and believe these are the best out there. There is a reason they are sold out all over the world. Best for lifting and great on the rope as well.
    2. Adidas Adipower
    3. Reebok CrossFit Oly

    Please feel free to reach out to me for more info.

    Other Rope climbing/Crossfiting shoe options:
    1. Reebok CrossFit Nano 2 – Best overall shoe I have used for general crossfitting and its designed to climb ropes really well too! Won’t tear the sides, gets great grip on the rope, slides down well. Great overal option if you prefer to not spend the money on OLY shoes or need a general shoe to WOD in day-to-day.
    2. Inov8 Bare XF 210 or the link Samer attached above. Super minimal, lightweight and designed to hold up on the rope.
    3. New Balance MINIMUS – Great show overall and not bad for climbing with. Not nearly as rugged on the sides but it should get you through.

    Hope this helps!

  11. 130109

    Skipped today’s flu shot in favor of yoga.

    Love today’s photo!!!

    see ya tomorrow.

    • 130110

      yay! 🙂 I Heart u!

    • 130110

      Hope it dioesnt bite you.. the flu that is.. its been this nasty tihg going around everywhere! and thk u 🙂 I Heart u!

  12. 130109

    Worked on all the skills.
    Did the prowler at 90#, first 5 on the normal floor, 4 on the horribleness of the floor next to the wall, and the last one was so much easier on the normal floor again.

    I went home and sat on the couch for 30 minutes because I couldn’t move.

  13. 130109

    Skills: worked on Handstand Pushups. Trying to get my kip so I can do more during the wod’s without failing, rope climbs and L sits check and check

    WOD: Did 11 prowlers 4 at 90# and 6 at 50#
    Once I moved away from the sticky part of the floor life got much easier even with the 90#

  14. 130109

    Skills: L-sit/hang/climb and a few wall climbs

    WOD: 5 @ 90, and then when Chef swapped the lanes I opted to stay in my lane and eat the extra weight, instead of moving to the end lane where the floor is 100% pure frictional evil. So last 5 @ 140.

  15. 130109

    So today I met the prowler for the first time. I made it 6 times up and back, and that was all she wrote. Still, I had a great time. How is that possible?

    Making paleo beef stew for the family – here is the recipe.


  16. 130109

    Skillz: worked on L hangs which at this point are about 5 seconds knees held above parallel with bent knees and then 10 seconds with one leg down and one up. Got some improvement to go here. Handstands against the wall practice holding as long as I could probably 10-15 secs per handstand.
    WOD: 50# prowler.

    My tip is for a snack option while doing the challenge: smoked salmon. Its expensive 13.00 for 12 oz but its so freaking delicious. You know how you want to eat something but that dried chicken breast in the fridge looks like it would make you sick if you tasted it? Smoked salmon is the cure. Just don’t eat it all in one go… I did that a couple of challenges back and didn’t look at the stuff for a few months. Face it, you could all have more fish in your diets 🙂

  17. 130110

    skillz–yep did em all.. i havea need for improvement in all of these
    WOD- used 50 and one at 90
    dessert– rolled.. and then Barbell

  18. 130110

    Skills: Check. Need more L-Sit work
    WOD: 5 @140, 5@ 90

  19. 130110

    Skills: Worked on all of them.
    WOD: 90# KMA. There is a sticky part of the floor?

  20. 130110

    Skills: No socks, so went with plank pulls on the rope. HSPUs weren’t too bad, but can always get better. L-Sits were a disaster.

    WOD: 9@50# and 1@90#

    Definitely one sticky section.

  21. 130114

    Skills –
    Worked on all three, but esp L-sits; up to about 15sec.

    Fortitude –
    When Chef asked if anyone wanted to put 140 on the prowler, he didn’t mention we’d be going out on the high bars and coming back on the LOW bars … but we did it anyway.
    10 laps w/ 140# (total weight 230#) … suck factor: 7

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