Press/PP/Jerk, Tabata Something Else, Thursday 120405

Foundations Classes

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Main Course:

    • Press/PushPress/Push Jerk: choose ONE of the movements based on experience level. Not sure which move to do? Ask your friendly Coaches, they know!

      • Press:

        • 70% x 3
        • 80% x 3
        • 90% x >3 (TO FAILURE!  )
      • Push Press based off Strict Press Working Max
        • 85% x 3
        • 90% x 3
        • 95% x >3 (TO FAILURE!  )
      • Push Jerk
        • 15 minutes to find your heaviest Double (yes, you may dump the bar between attempts, any less would be… uncivilized.
        • -rest 5- minutes
        • “Tabata Something Else”


Shoulder Mobility Circuit


Food for Thought:

“Duty then is the sublimest word in the English language. You should do your duty in all things. You can never do more, you should never wish to do less.”
by Robert Edward Lee

19 comments to Press/PP/Jerk, Tabata Something Else, Thursday 120405

  • Megan

    Tabata just means I’m not going to be able to lift my arms or take any stairs tomorrow…. lets do it

  • Linda

    Push Jerk: 123# x 2 – I was slow working up to that weight so I ran out of time to do more, they felt solid though.

    The never ending tabata: 302

    Pull: 32 – kipping
    Push: 45
    Situp: 90
    Squats: 135

    Have a great day!

  • JD

    Push Jerk – worked (too) slowly up to 165. Felt strong and nailed them both. Ran out of time to go heavier. Next time!

    WOD total at 301. 1 pt to tie, and 2 to have done better than Linda (who crushed it today!).

  • Leah

    Jerk: 153#x2 – I hate how when the weight gets over about 123, my form starts to degrade. If I could keep that from happening, I could easily get more weight up.

    WOD: 281 rx’d

  • Jeff G

    Push Press: Last was 155×2 – actually more than what I thought my strict press working max was, so…

    Tabata: Only 198. Pull-ups were a struggle, at least tried to hold a negative even if I couldn’t hit it. Kept moving well through situps and squats

  • Kendra

    After having a conversation with BJ about how my shoulder press was my weakest move and needed work, I promptly decided to do the split jerk instead. What can I say, I like the jerk :)

    Jerk: 123 x2 — matches my PR. My first attempt was a head failure (mentally decided I couldn’t do it before I tried). My next too felt solid and I maybe could have gone up, but was out of time.

    Tabata: 238

    Pull-ups: 23 (blue + purple bands)
    Push-ups: 44 (toes)
    Sit-ups: 67
    Squats: 104

    My pull-ups & push-ups were pathetic. Felt much better on sit-ups and squats, but apparently I am not very fast.

  • Amy

    Jerk: 143# x 2 (PR)

    WOD: 275 use blue and purple band for pull ups

  • Mackenzie

    Straight press 85#

    387 overall

    44 pull ups with Blue and red
    54 pushups
    122 situps
    167 squats

  • andy

    Press: 125 x 3
    WoD: 261 (bl bnd)

  • Rachel

    Split Jerk: 133#, felt good. Ran out of time but I believe there is a heavier weight in my future. Yeah lifting shoes, stick me right to the ground :)

    WOD: 281 (Blue Band)

    Dessert: a couple burpees for fun—shoulder mobility so nice.

  • riggsme

    Roguebucks –
    I think we should get some compression or voodoo straps.
    Rogue has them on order, but not yet in store.

    Until then, a MTB innertube would work. Anyone popped a tire recently?

  • Clint

    Jerk: 185
    WOD: 305

  • Mike C

    Iris and I did Crossfit Rehoboth. Tire flips, hammer strikes, box jumps and lots of running. Friendly people, good workout, a great start to a good night!

  • Ryan

    Great evening WOD!!

    Jerk: 205# x2

    This is not my max but with the time available as high as I went. Need to focus more on getting under the bar when it gets heavy.

    Tabata: 390

    This is my first time doing this WOD and I really wanted to break 400 but it was not to be today….next time!

  • Pat

    Jerk: 184×2
    WOD: 288

  • Emily

    Jerk: 133, PR! Whoop Whoop! All thanks to Sven!

    WOD: 318, I broke down on the push ups. And now I can’t lift my arms up high enough to wash my hair. Great. Gonna need to do the head tilt thing. Not awkward at all….

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