Foundations Classes

Have you been to our Foundations Classes Yet?! Our next Foundations series will be on Tuesday 4/10, Thursday 4/12 and Tuesday 4/17 at 7pm. As a new member you must attend all three classes so set your schedules now! Email to to get more info on enrolling right away!

Main Course:

    • Press/PushPress/Push Jerk: choose ONE of the movements based on experience level. Not sure which move to do? Ask your friendly Coaches, they know!

      • Press:

        • 70% x 3
        • 80% x 3
        • 90% x >3 (TO FAILURE!  )
      • Push Press based off Strict Press Working Max
        • 85% x 3
        • 90% x 3
        • 95% x >3 (TO FAILURE!  )
      • Push Jerk
        • 15 minutes to find your heaviest Double (yes, you may dump the bar between attempts, any less would be… uncivilized.
        • -rest 5- minutes
        • “Tabata Something Else”


Shoulder Mobility Circuit


Food for Thought:


  1. 120405

    Tabata just means I’m not going to be able to lift my arms or take any stairs tomorrow…. lets do it

  2. 120405

    Push Jerk: 123# x 2 – I was slow working up to that weight so I ran out of time to do more, they felt solid though.

    The never ending tabata: 302

    Pull: 32 – kipping
    Push: 45
    Situp: 90
    Squats: 135

    Have a great day!

  3. 120405

    Push Jerk – worked (too) slowly up to 165. Felt strong and nailed them both. Ran out of time to go heavier. Next time!

    WOD total at 301. 1 pt to tie, and 2 to have done better than Linda (who crushed it today!).

    • 120405

      Haha thanks Jason!

  4. 120405

    Jerk: 153#x2 – I hate how when the weight gets over about 123, my form starts to degrade. If I could keep that from happening, I could easily get more weight up.

    WOD: 281 rx’d

  5. 120405

    Push Press: Last was 155×2 – actually more than what I thought my strict press working max was, so…

    Tabata: Only 198. Pull-ups were a struggle, at least tried to hold a negative even if I couldn’t hit it. Kept moving well through situps and squats

  6. 120405

    After having a conversation with BJ about how my shoulder press was my weakest move and needed work, I promptly decided to do the split jerk instead. What can I say, I like the jerk 🙂

    Jerk: 123 x2 — matches my PR. My first attempt was a head failure (mentally decided I couldn’t do it before I tried). My next too felt solid and I maybe could have gone up, but was out of time.

    Tabata: 238

    Pull-ups: 23 (blue + purple bands)
    Push-ups: 44 (toes)
    Sit-ups: 67
    Squats: 104

    My pull-ups & push-ups were pathetic. Felt much better on sit-ups and squats, but apparently I am not very fast.

  7. 120405

    Jerk: 143# x 2 (PR)

    WOD: 275 use blue and purple band for pull ups

  8. 120405

    Straight press 85#

    387 overall

    44 pull ups with Blue and red
    54 pushups
    122 situps
    167 squats

  9. 120405

    Press: 125 x 3
    WoD: 261 (bl bnd)

  10. 120405

    Split Jerk: 133#, felt good. Ran out of time but I believe there is a heavier weight in my future. Yeah lifting shoes, stick me right to the ground 🙂

    WOD: 281 (Blue Band)

    Dessert: a couple burpees for fun—shoulder mobility so nice.

  11. 120405

    Roguebucks –
    I think we should get some compression or voodoo straps.
    Rogue has them on order, but not yet in store.

    Until then, a MTB innertube would work. Anyone popped a tire recently?

    • 120405

      Omg that looks absolutely terrible…

      ..but crazy enough it just might work!

  12. 120405

    Jerk: 185
    WOD: 305

  13. 120405

    Iris and I did Crossfit Rehoboth. Tire flips, hammer strikes, box jumps and lots of running. Friendly people, good workout, a great start to a good night!

  14. 120405

    Great evening WOD!!

    Jerk: 205# x2

    This is not my max but with the time available as high as I went. Need to focus more on getting under the bar when it gets heavy.

    Tabata: 390

    This is my first time doing this WOD and I really wanted to break 400 but it was not to be today….next time!

  15. 120406

    Jerk: 184×2
    WOD: 288

  16. 120406

    Jerk: 133, PR! Whoop Whoop! All thanks to Sven!

    WOD: 318, I broke down on the push ups. And now I can’t lift my arms up high enough to wash my hair. Great. Gonna need to do the head tilt thing. Not awkward at all….

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