Main Course:

Skills & Strength:

  • Press
    • Mechanics: 3 x 5 pressΒ  or Calculated 1rm Discovery
    • Load & Intensity: 5 x 2 Power Jerk
    • record maximum load of last successful set or 1rm Calculation to comments


  • Farmer’s Carry 100m, 150/90/50

    • 21 Box Jumps, 24/20
  • Farmer’s Carry 200m
    • 15 box jumps, 24/20
  • Farmer’s Carry 300m
    • 9 box jumps, 24/20


Food for Thought:

“When driving high speed on a mountain road at night, be aware of your destination but don’t let it change your absolute focus on every turn.” ~ The Cook

  1. 130117

    ugh sad i am missing this one. Took a nasty tumble in soccer last night. Woke up feeling like hell

  2. 130117

    Jerks: worked up to 155#, ran out of time. form improving
    WOD: 11:35 @ 90#

  3. 130117

    Jerks: 225#s

    Completed 245# once correctly and then an unintentional split on the second lift. Completed both but not as instructed.

    WOD: 7:36 @ 150#s

    Fast feet, fast feet.

    • 130117

      I would like to know your time if you had done the equivalent weight in hanging plates!

      • 130117

        Challenge accepted! As soon as a plate hit my knees, I would have curled those suckas and ran my booty off!

        Just an FYI, big bad Kia did the 200m and 300m at 150#s!! She didn’t make excuses and took the hard route. Burpees galore but she battled through like a champ!

        • 130117

          awesome. WTG Kia!

        • 130120

          Thanks Ryan and Kendra!!! It was not easier and I think that pushed me to stick with it!! πŸ™‚

  4. 130117

    3×5 Press: 84 lbs
    WOD: Messed up burpees. Did one+ # of stops. Was supposed to do 5 each.
    I ended up doing 5 but that means I was 9 burpees short.
    and was so happy with time too. πŸ™

    Shout out to who ever was five minutes late. 50 burpees warmup…makes us stronger!

  5. 130117

    Tip~ When running, or Farmer carrying, keep your eyes on the horizon. When athletes are accelerating from a static start, you are teaching them to keep their head in line with their spine. Depending on their acceleration power, you are having them focus on keeping their vision on a point on the track surface anywhere from three to ten meters ahead of their current position

  6. 130117

    Awesome picture! I wonder where you got it from?

    • 130117

      From somebody awesome, that’s who.

  7. 130117

    Push Jerk: stayed at 113 for a while then went up to 123. Made the first, failed the second.

    I’ve gotten much heavier on these, but felt sluggish today. Switching to a rack position improved it quite a bit.

    WOD: 14:10 (1 lap + 10 BJs to go at time) — 90# and 24″ box

    I wasn’t mentally prepared for how much banging and clanging the plates did. My knees are sore! I should have listened better about keeping a straight back and eyes up.

    • 130117

      er, make that 9 box jumps. 4+ hrs later and I still can’t do math. #wodstupid

  8. 130117

    Power jerk, 5×2 worked up to 83. Attempted 90, but was new to this so stayed at 83. I’m a little confused on how low to go for these on the jerk.
    WOD: What was the cutoff time? I had 1 lap and 9 box jumps left.
    It’s hard to look straight ahead when you don’t know if a plate is gonna hit you in the knee and trip you over! I had to walk slower to try and keep the plates from spinning out of control. Really liked the WOD though, kinda strategic and definitely forces you to test the grip when you only have 1/4 lap to go and don’t want to do burpees!

  9. 130117

    Push Jerk: 185#

    WOD: 13:57 at 150# very frustrating to have the strength to do the carry everywhere but in your grip. stupid, weak forearms! move fast. keep your core locked, shoulders back, and don’t look down.

  10. 130117

    Press jerk: 83#
    WOD: 11:50 (50#)

  11. 130117

    Um, not sure on time. 10 sec from cutoff.

  12. 130117

    Press Jerk : 175#, need to get much lower.
    WOD : 9:18 20″ box and 90#s. Hint: Do not let your pinkie finger get caught between the rope and handle.

  13. 130117

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  14. 130117

    Press Jerk: 140. Got one prayer jerk at 145 but head got in the way on the second lift. 140 is still a PR.
    WOD: 10:40 w/ 90#.

  15. 130117

    Tip’o’day: Take a day off and help me win the challenge πŸ˜€

    Banana Fried Ice Cream

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    Magic Brownie Bars

  16. 130117

    Jerks => #165 (PR=Happy)
    WoD => 45# plates – wobble wobble wobble, burpee, wobble, burpee, wobble – great workout.

    Tip: Book Recommendation:
    The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business (Amazon)
    I trust most folks here will find this book very engaging. Excerpt below:

    A young woman walks into a laboratory. Over the past two years, she has transformed almost every aspect of her life. She has quit smoking, run a marathon, and been promoted at work. The patterns inside her brain, neurologists discover, have fundamentally changed.”

  17. 130117

    PJ’s: Were push presses at 155 so fell back to 135 to complete w/proper form.
    WoD: 45# plates w/lg grips…DNF. 25 yds, some track carnage and 9 boxes left (14 min cut-off).

  18. 130117

    13:40 on WOD

    calculated 126lb 1RM on press.

  19. 130117

    Worked on jerk at 68.
    45 pound plates, 1.75 laps and 9 jumps left. 20 burpees complete.
    Tip: draw a Venn diagram with two overlapping circles. One is things that matter. The other is things you can control. The intersection is what you should focus on. I apply this all the time in business. Time to apply it in the box. Like wasting energy worrying about when my plates would wobble (matters for the sake of my knees but can’t control) vs keeping proper form (matters and can control)

  20. 130117

    Worked max press to 87.5# x 7 reps; calculated 1RM is 108.

    WOD: DNF. 45# plates, 24″ box. All box jumps, 425m completed. Too many burpees to think about, probably 30-40 or so.

  21. 130117

    Push Jerks: 235lbs
    WOD: 11:58 150# all kinds of grip issues.

  22. 130117

    Push Jerk: worked up to 118 with no issues. I can do more but ran out of time/reps
    WOD: -1 box jump at 14 mins. worked at 90# went to 150# for the last 50 meters. My knee was hurting from being hit with the plate.

    PS: happy with my performance considering I was sweating alcohol/may have still been tipsy. SPECIAL THANKS TO LINDA!!! πŸ™‚

  23. 130117

    Press: 2×5@63# 1×1@68#
    WOD: DNF (90#, 20″box) had 1.25 laps and 9 box jumps left.

  24. 130118

    Press: 95#x8 ~ 120#
    WoD: 50#/20″, 7:50

  25. 130118

    Jerk: finished with 2 set at 155
    WOD: 90 large handle 13:20

  26. 130120

    Jerk: Got to my max once but couldn’t get a second one in before time was up.

    WOD: Started out with the 90# then went for the red cans 150# WHEW!! Those suckers were HEAVY, slowed me down and made me do way more burpees. What doesn’t kill you WILL make you stronger! πŸ™‚

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