Partner Deadlift/Wallballs, Saturday 120428

CrossFit Olde Timey: Chris hits a PR with BW Deads when he was 7 yrs!!! :-)



  • “Stronger is More.” 20 minute AMRAP
  • 5 Partner Deadlifts
    • You’re going to warm up to a partner deadlift that is your combined bodyweights INCLUDING the bar in sets of five reps each. Get your language and cues together; when do you pull? If you need to drop, what’s THE word that triggers that? When you are ready to come down, what’s your plan? No plan, no safety. No safety, no workout.
  • 20 (+?) Partner Wall Balls, 20/15
    • Every team must do a minimum of 20 wallballs, alternating between team mates or 10 each. One athlete throws the wall ball up, catches it, drops into the squat and yells GO! and holds in the squat, while their partner throws, catches, and drops into the squat returning the favor. The working partner must hit the target and catch the ball or do it over until successful while the other waits in a Bottom to Bottom wallball position.
    • How many must you do? If you have combined BW on the bar, you do 20. For every 10lbs of BW you must scale below the total: add 2 wallball shots to a maximum of 30 added wallball reps.
      • ¬†Ex: My partner and I can only lift a deadlift that is 60lbs less than our combined weight, so we must do 32 total partner wallball shots (20 baseline + 12 added for weight scalling), or 16 reps each.
    • If you scale the weight or the target height of your wallballs? You must do five burpees at the end of each round before moving on to the next set of deadlifts.
  • In homage to International One Utensil Meal Day, You MUST Yell, ‘FORK YEAH’ or a variation on that theme, as a team, after the completion of each round, or I will make you yell out, ‘NO FAT!’ or some such thing every day. You’ve been warned.
  • Safety:
    • We’re here to coach you and guide you because we care about you. You’ve entrusted us with a great responsibility and we take that very seriously. We’re here to also be a set of eyes that can tell you when things are going in a less desirable way in the heat of the workout. We are hear to help anyway we/you can conceive of, nothing is limiting our desire to help you be better at life. We are not here to tell you more than three times to fix your form on your deadlifts, or any other movement, because more than three cues in one workout almost certainly means one or more of the following:
      • You’re not ready for the load your doing. Scale back. Be ambitious, be aggressive, but dont be pigheaded or stupid.
      • You may choose to Ask More of Yourself at Rubicon, you may choose to crush your preconceived notions of comfort, you may, in fact, choose greatness. You may not choose to sell your form for reps or for time. Ever. You may not choose to risk injury or to train with less than the committed struggle for perfection. Ever. If you choose to forgo form? You will forgo the workout. Don’t bother arguing, or saying you’ll do better if you are allowed to continue the workout. You had chances when your coach cued you to correct your form or lighten the load and CHOSE not to hold yourself to the highest standard or make choices in load or intensity that would have permitted that to happen. You’re done for the day. If this becomes a habit, you will choose another gym.




Saturday Midline choice: 40 Turkish Situps, 40 Knees to Elbows or 40 Pairs Plank Knee Ins

Food for Thought:

“What would it cost you to face your fear? What might it cost you if you dont?”
by Tony Blauer

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