Monday 131215



15 mins to find 3RM Overhead Squat
Scale-PVC/Barbell Overhead Squat mechanics


Rowing Nancy-5 Rounds for time
15 Overhead Squats 95/65
500 Meter Row

Level III athletes/Comp Athletes, time permitting.

6 Min EMOM:
5 C2B Pullups w/ 8 burpees

9 comments to Monday 131215

  • Tiff

    OHS: 123×3
    WOD: 18:03 rx burnerrrrrrrrrr
    EMOM: ouch

  • Jason G

    OHS: 205×3
    Row Nancy: 16:24 rx’d
    EMOM: Complete

  • Ryan

    OHS: 205 x3
    ROw: 14:45 Rxd
    EMOM: Brutal but did all 6 rnds

  • JB (John Balthis)

    OHS: 175#x3…was feeling pretty good about that but alas check records and it was the same as in August…failed 2x at 185#
    Nancy’s Boat: 16:59 Rx’d, OHS unbroken until LAST THREE, really?!?! Really…
    EMOM: suckage, got all C2B but A LOT of burpees left ‘out-there’
    ***knee felt really good after 1 week ‘shutting-it-down’…now left shoulder is another issue

  • Jack W.

    FS: 115×3
    WOD: 16:55 (65#)

  • Ben W.

    OHS: 135×3 (PR)
    WOD: 5 OHS (rx) and 1 more row left at 20min cap. Getting…better…

  • Kendra

    OHS: 133×3 PR!

    WOD: 16:00 rx’d — BUT I did this one on my own and did it as traditional Nancy — run 400, then OHS.

    30 sec PR for me so woot! Did not EMOM.

  • Mathlete

    OHS : 93 x 3

    Nancy: did the traditional version since we didn’t have enough rowers, 16:36 rx’d

    Mobility, knee was done for the day

  • Leah

    OHS: 113×3
    Rowing Nancy: 17:27 rx’d

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