Independence Day Performance Nutrition Challenge

The most detailed and demanding challenge we have ever had at CrossFit Rubicon starts next Monday,  April 29 at 12:01 Am and runs to our closing blow-out party on Friday evening, July 1st, just in time for you to celebrate your life independence! We’re doing something special this time, I’m going to program some VERY aggressive body transformation protocols, from Two a Day Split Ratio Training to Intermittent Fasting to Calorie Carb Cycling, for those interested in a drastic life change that will be your new foundation. We are going to hire a professional photographer at contests end for the winners and any interested to show the world what dedication and hard work really looks like!

You are being tested this week to find your new baselines, prepare to work by sleeping more and hydrating like it’s a sport. Every single person that applies a decision to this challenge will be a different person when we are done, myself included. Are you ready? What is it that you want to be this July 4th week? Are you going to celebrate the best you’ve ever been in your life? You are worth the hard work and you will work harder than you have ever worked before. This is about a personal challenge, a personal call to arms. Are you ready? You have to decide. The rest is teamwork.

More details coming all week.

Welcome back to Judgment Week.

Bring your ‘A’ game. It’s time to play.


Main Course: Get in early, do micro warmup then right into Berg’s Warmup

  • CrossFit Olympic Total, best of three attempts at

    • Snatch
      Clean & Jerk

    • For those who are just starting with us and have yet to master these movements, there will be a scaled version of this test.
    • Move with purpose, you have only 35 minutes to complete both lifts. If you run out of time, you are done.


The order for performing the lifts will be snatch then clean & jerk. The best single attempt for each of the lifts are added together for the Total. There is no time limit for each lift or for the length of the session in which they are all performed, but they must be performed during one session—i.e., you cannot leave the area to rest or perform other activities between the lifts. Multiple progressions to the best attempt are not allowed; do not work up to your best snatch, then change an item of equipment or clothing and work up to it again to try to better your first effort.


The barbell is placed horizontally in front of the lifters legs. It is gripped, palms downwards and pulled in a single movement from the platform to the full extent of both arms above the head, while either splitting or bending the legs. During this continuous movement, the bar may slide along the thighs and the lap. No part of the body other than the feet may touch the platform during the execution of the lift. The weight which has been lifted must be maintained in the final motionless position, arms and legs extended, the feet on the same line, until the referees give the signal to replace the barbell on the platform. The turning over of the wrists must not take place until the bar has passed the top of the lifter’s head. The lifter may recover in his own time, either from the split or a squat position, and have his feet on the same line, parallel to the plane of the trunk and the barbell. The referees give the signal to lower the barbell as soon as the lifter becomes motionless in all parts of the body.

Clean & Jerk

The first part, the Clean: The bar is placed horizontally in front of the lifter’s legs. It is gripped, palms downward and pulled in a single movement from the platform to the shoulders, while either splitting or bending the legs. During this continuous movement, the bar may slide along the thighs and the lap. The bar must not touch the chest before the final position. It then rests on the clavacles or on the chest above the nipples or on the arms fully bent. The feet return to the same line, legs straight, before performing the Jerk. The lifter may make this recovery in his own time and have his feet on the same line, parallel to the plane of his trunk and the barbell.

The second part, the Jerk: The athlete bends the legs and extends them as well as the arms to bring the bar to the full stretch of the arms vertically extended. He returns the feet to the same line, arms and legs extended and waits for the referees signal to lower the barbell as soon as the lifer becomes motionless in all parts of the body.


In the words of Rip:

Here are some basic precautions that need to be followed for safety:

  1. Don’t be stupid. Don’t total if you’re injured to the extent that a total will aggravate the problem. This will cost you in at least training time, and possibly time off of work if you’re ultra-stupid.
  2. Don’t be greedy. Learn to recognize the difference between greed and ambition, and be merely ambitious.
  3. Don’t be pig-headed. If your first attempt tells you that you need to lower your second, do so, without a misplaced sense of diminished self-worth. It’s a test, and it’s designed to measure what’s there, not create something that’s not. That’s what training is for.
  • and then….

  • ‘Our Brothers Keeper’: Judgement Week WOD #1

    • 50 Double Unders/150 Single Unders

    • 50 Rubicon Burpees*

    • 50 Double Unders/150 Single Unders

    * Each burpee will require a jump to a height where both hands will touch the pull up bar simultaneously.
    The pushup on every burpee will be a hand release pushup.
    There will be no ‘snaking’, no ‘flopping’ and no corners cut what so ever.
    Should you ‘almost’ get the rep? It will not be counted, you will do it over.

  • record your time total or number of reps to be completed should you not finish before the cutoff time, and singles or doubles to comments,


recover thyself

Food for Thought:


  1. 120423

    Snatch: 145# (power), no drop below bar
    Clean & Jerk: 0 (FAILED 3X 185#, 165#X2), no drop below bar II
    ‘Brother’s Keeper’: 8:48 “my jumper is broken!??!”

    Nice work this am by Kia and young mister Ryan, awesome display!

    • 120423

      Oh, nice to see Dave C. in the am!!!

      • 120423

        Heck yeah! It was great seeing everyone in the AM class as well… its been a while since we’ve WOD’d out good sir!

  2. 120423

    Strength: worked up to back squat 280 x 8.

    WOD: 8:37 Rx’d – HUGE PR for me. The last time I did this WOD, I got capped @ 12 mins, and had 17 DU’s to go.

    +1 for giving up alcohol and soda ever since New Years.

    • 120423

      HooYah on the PR’s !!!
      And on giving up soda !!!

  3. 120423

    So sorry to miss this AM – when I was adjusting the alarm clock I somehow adjusted the real time in addition to alarm clock time! Maybe my subconcsious telling me I need another rest day… In spite of a weekend of intimacy with my foam roller, I am still so sore from Friday I can barely do a body weight squat, let lone try to max out any sort of weight!

    • 120423

      Conscious choice to swim and run instead today for the same reasons.
      Legs still crushed from Friday.

      But in a good way Chef, really. 🙂

      • 120423

        I guess us old folks take longer to recover – I feel a bit better now!

  4. 120423

    Nothing like a round of PRs to make this rainy, cold Monday great!

    Snatch: 108# (power) PR! I got under 113#, just lost balance – I’ll get it next time!
    C&J: 138# PR!! This.Felt.Awesome. Honestly felt more like a push press, I didn’t get very low for the jerk. Crazy how some lifts feel so easy on some days, and other days are so tough!

    Brother’s Keeper: 7:58 PR by about 1:30!

    Great start to the week =)

    • 120423

      sorry I left you out earlier, nice work this am by Linda too!!

    • 120423

      Sorry I missed the show – congrats!

    • 120423

      awesome job lady!

    • 120423


    • 120423

      excellent work!!

  5. 120423

    “What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.”

    Snatch 185# (PR!!)
    C&J: 215# (-10 of PR)

    Cannot explain how great it feels to get 185#s on my Snatch. Woot Woot!!

    WOD: 4:25 (+17 secs)

    Fun WOD! Sub-4mins is def possible for this one.

  6. 120423

    Woooo…Let’s get out there and go for some max lifts.

    Snatch: 134. Tried 154 on last attempt, not even close

    C&J: 174.

    By definition these are both PR’s since I’ve never tested like this before, but either way I’m really happy with the results and my progress. Though both lifts were of the “power” variety, it gives me a good baseline to scale off of when we train for technique.

    WoD: 9:39/singles. Not bad. Kept moving through the burpees, slow but steady. Needed two very brief rests, but better. Will be hard to shave a lot of time off of all these WoD’s til I can do a bunch of unbroken DU’s. I can get a couple of DU’s warming-up, but still feels like an accident

  7. 120423

    Snatch 145# thought this was a 10# PR, but I did 145 last time so no new PR here.
    C&J: 185# did 185 two times ago, but up from the 165# I did last time.

    WOD: 10:28 did DUs in this workout for the first time. last time I did SUs and had a time of 7:34. spent most of my time missing DUs.

  8. 120423

    Snatch: 83#
    Clean and Jerk: 138# (PR)

    WOD: 8:19. Last time I did this workout I was faster by 1:45 but I did the burpees from my knees so it isn’t exactly apples to apples

    • 120423

      Nice jerk!

  9. 120423

    Snatch 93# (+10 PR) — 83 (my old PR) was easy, but 113 was way outta reach. My goal is to break 100 on this… and get below the bar (all my lifts were power snatches)

    C&J: 123# — tied PR. Might have done better but failed at 133 once and ran out of time for a 3rd attempt. Need to squat.

    WOD: 12:51 (30 seconds slower than last time). My DUs are not good… managed to string a few longer sets together (8-10), but there was a whole lotta “one and trip” reps.

  10. 120423

    Took too long for my joints to get warmed up. Still sore from Friday. Right wrist was the limiting factor. Snatch: failed at 133 3x but PR’d on 123 w/ a jacked wrist and caught in a squat. Go figure. First time I’ve ever felt like I pulled myself under the bar. C&J: 143 Wrist no happy.

    WoD: 11:40. Ankle felt ok, not great. DU’s are poop

  11. 120423

    Fun day at Rubi!

    Snatch: 113# which matches my PR from the competition last weekend (well, 1# less since I used a men’s bar last time) tried at 118# but couldnt quite lock it out. It’ll happen soon!

    C&J: PR at 143# felt good! Need to work on my dip for the jerk. Stickin my butt out too much!

    WOD: 6:09 .. Moved to a higher bar (8in over reach, last two times doing this was at a bar 4in over reach) this was a PR by 1:20 🙂 double unders were relatively smooth and burpees are feeling much more efficient

  12. 120423

    Stats from February 28 2012:
    Snatch: 130
    C&J: 170
    WOD: 10:40 w/ singles

    Stats from this morning at 6am:
    Snatch: 130 (attempted 135(current PR) but ended up crashing to the floor. Excitement abound!)
    C&J: 180 (+10 from February, -10 from PR)
    WOD: 10:03 w/ singles (37 second improvement… I KNEW I did better than Feb. this morning!)

  13. 120423

    Snatch 115# PR
    Just haven’t really had this movement down prior. Diggin it now. Ready for improvement.
    Clean & jerk 165# PR

    WOD: 10:34. S/U’s. I’m sure life is better when you have a solid double under.

  14. 120423

    Such a good Crossfit day!!! A day of firsts all around 🙂

    Snatch: 103# (broke 100!) PR
    C&J: 133# PR. I need to work on getting lower on my clean and I know I can get more weight on there.

    WOD: 8:45 (first workout doing strict push ups, need to get DUs now)

  15. 120423

    Snatch: 165
    C&J: 185
    WOD: 8:47

  16. 120423

    Great job everyone! Sad I missed today. Ready to go tomorrow.

  17. 120423

    Snatch 160#
    C&J: 205#
    (both PRs)
    WOD : 11:45

  18. 120423

    Snatch: 88# same as last time
    Clean and Jerk: 118# PR

    WOD: 6:33 (singles) a min slower than last time but Ben set me up to jump 11″ 🙂 Thanks Ben

    Good News! I was finally able to do a few DU after the WOD. Clicked!

    DId 25 GHD’s for good measure

  19. 120423

    Snatch: 93# (unofficially 103# 🙂 recovered two disaster snatches Jeremy Kinnick style)
    C&J: 138# this is a PR for me! Wasn’t beautiful but definitely legit
    Total: 231#

    WOD: 6:31 the reach was definitely the hardest part for me…had to double pump my jump to get up there…lol OHHHH and my double unders disappeared on the second go around…amazing how I can get 50 unbroken double unders and finish up with like 8 breaks to close it out. #epicfail.


  20. 120423

    Snatch: 154 (PR)
    C&J: 204 (PR)

    WOD: 16:22 Doubles weren’t happening. Attempting single, single, double (counting only doubles) There were times of stringing them together but need to really work on these.

  21. 120423

    Wod: 8:11
    Snatch: 68
    C&J: 103

  22. 120423

    CFT oly 151. PR +10 from the 28th Feb. I didn’t think it was a PR on anything, but it actually was.
    My snatch was +5 and my clean and jerk was +4 from my previous PRs.
    I haven’t done today’s WOD before. I got 14:45. I did burpees with knee push ups and single unders. I was very surprised to finish the whole WOD. YAYME

  23. 120424

    Snatch: 98 – PR
    C&J: 123 – same weight as my PR
    WOD: 8:02 – PR

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