One day you will wish you trained harder.


3 Attempts for Max Box Jump

rest five minutes

  • “Karen”
    • 150 Wall Balls for Time
    • Prenez pas les cerises! Cest mal barré.


Max GHD Situps in 1 minute, cessation of movement ends attempt.

  1. 130201

    First post!
    Morale boost for the day: PR’d unbroken wall balls: 26(+1)!
    Box jump PR: 33.5
    Karen: 12:42.

  2. 130201

    Box Jump: 33.5

    Karen- 11:18 (9 seconds slower than the baseline)

    GHD situps : 42 PR

  3. 130201

    Box => 30 (not sure what happened today – I know I can jump higher)
    Karen => 12:59 (huge improvement)
    GDH => 22

    Big thanks to JB for judging and pointers to get through Karen. Like Chef says, I am a better man for knowing you!

  4. 130201

    Last tip for the challenge..So I wanted to go out with a bang, instead i wanted to share a little inspiration or just an amazing excerpt from a man’s life…
    For anyone who doubts the box jumps, or their ability to do crossfit like things :), There is an athlete I have the pleasure of coaching.
    His name is Anthony Robinson. He has served 10 years in the Army, is still in, participated in the working wounded games, and races on his pedal bike monthly, AND RIDES a motorcycle… to crossfit!! All the while with one leg. He lost his right leg all the way to his hip while serving our country. He deadlifts (without any prosthetics)on one leg at 315 pounds and does his box jumps regularly at 24 inches.. you can see pictures of him on my facebook page, crossfit rubicons facebook page!/CrossFitRubicon?fref=ts or at http://www.crossfit
    Hope this inspires or brings a smile to your face .
    Semper Fi

  5. 130201

    day three of “Dont call it a comeback!”

    No jumping allowed :(…

    One-Armed Deads (left, obviously) 95#x7, 135#x7, 195#x5, 205#x3, 205#x3 (stayed ‘lighter’)
    ***Tip o’Day- practice, practice, practice your Hook-Grip people!!! I know it sucks at first but once you get that thumb tendons/ligaments stretched out it really becomes ‘2nd Nature’…I don’t even have to think about it anymore, has become natural clean/snatch/deadlift grip

    Modified ‘Karen’: 150 KB 35#, One-Armed Squat Cleans (not that any part of Karen is fun but this sucked!) 11:56
    ***had to restart after first 15-20(No Reps), Chef corrected my form, ugh

    20 GHDs, slow and controlled/ not timed

  6. 130201

    So bummed to miss Judgment Week; entering week 3 here in KC and light at the end of the tunnel…

    WOD today at CrossFit on 18th: Mary

    20 min AMRAP
    5 HSPUs
    10 alt pistol squats
    15 pullups

    8 + 2 rx’d

  7. 130201

    Box Jumps: 46.5″. I cleared 49# but couldn’t get stable on top.

    I missed Karen (actually, I wouldn’t say I missed her!) in December so I had to dig back to 5/24/12 when we last had this workout. My time in May was 11:45. Today was 7:35, a PR by 4:10! Seeing results like this serves as another reminder to myself to be thankful for walking through your door. Thank you Chef and Rubicon!!

    • 130201

      Wow Mike! That is such a huge improvement. Well done!

  8. 130201

    Today was a good day.

    Box Jumps: 36.5″ (+2.5″) – Took me a couple of tries to stick the landing, but I finally got it. This is a PR and I’m pretty stoked.
    Karen: 11:28 rx’d (14# ball, 10′ target) – A PR for this height/weight I believe – Last time I left 8 reps on the wall…..
    GHD Situps: 22 (+2)

  9. 130201

    Box Jump: 29.5 this is the same as the start of the challenge. I know I gave it my best effort, I got on top of 30.5 twice and didn’t balance and I scraped my shins badly a few times before stopping.
    Karen: 12:06 (+20 from 12:26 at start of challenge). Very pleased. A few tactical adjustments and I will have 150. Used 14lb wall ball to the 8ft mark.

  10. 130201

    Box Jumps: 47.5″

    Wished I had a couple more attempts at 49″ but we ran out of time. Next time 50″+ is a promise! May even go after it in open gym tom morning 😀

    Karen: 8:30 Rxd

    Rep scheme: 50, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 7, 3, wheels falling off, no rep, 2, random #s all the way to 150!

    I was really happy with how I started out, I feel like I got to 120 reps well but it started to fall off shortly there after. This was about two mins off my PR but I still really happy with how I performed all things considered.

    • 130201

      What was the end review of Oly shoes for Wall Balls…yes or no, no difference, helped or hindered?

      • 130201

        I think it helps keep balanced and I appreciate the feedback. Plus they look cool 😉

  11. 130201

    Check out this website that has almond flour for $6.99/lb (cheaper if you buy in bulk). This stuff can be hard to find and I’ve ended up paying around $10 for a small bag at Whole Foods. They also sell dried fruit, coconut flour, and lots of other essential Paleo foods.

    • 130201

      Hey- Almond flour at Trader Joes is 3.99/lb and the cheapest I’ve seen. If anyone finds cheaper let me know. The almond flour at TJs is NOT blanched, meaning it is not as fine as other almond flour and no where near as fine as regular flour. It is also brown instead of off white. However, I do not mind this at all and find that it is more flavorful in a lot of dishes, also I prefer the consistency of the TJ flour over Bobs Red Mill brand for batter/crumbing/breading fish.

    • 130202

      Karen 12:20 (+ 10 PR)
      GHD’s: 16

    • 130202

      Karen 12:20 (+ 10 PR)
      GHD’s: 16
      Box jump: 34″

  12. 130201

    Nothing previous to compare it to:

    Box Jump: 36″ – can def do better, gotta work on form
    Karen:12:22, 14lbs Rx height – getting 150 next time, then onto 20lbs

    Dessert: sort of forgot to count…but did the full minute straight.

  13. 130201

    Box Jumps: 28 3/4″ <– I've done 32" before but I was headcase today and couldn't make myself jump as it got taller.

    Karen: 10:58 Rx'd. Slower than my best, but I think last time I used a slamball and today I did it with the med ball.

    GHDs: 25 <– should have pushed harder. Was afraid of gassing out and went to slow, had a lot more in me.

    • 130201

      Also, I got home and after taking a shower, I looked in the mirror and tried to think what i had eaten at lunch and why it was still on my face, when it dawned on me that it was a “kiss” from Karen. Nothing like walking around with a red mark on your face! LOL

      Hope to see folks out tomorrow at Rocklands — should be a blast!

  14. 130201

    I’m at work today, so I had to do my best to get this done at Globogym. Luckily they have good medicine balls there. Although I got a lot of strange looks while trying to finish this WOD.
    They didn’t have anything I could substitute for box jumps, which sucks because I’m much better at box jumps than I am at most other things we do in crossfit.
    No GHDs.

  15. 130201

    Box Jumps: 36.5
    Karen: 13:01 20#

  16. 130201

    Well… I wanna start off by saying I almost just died while on the way to my computer to post this…Karen KILLED my legs today.

    Box jumps: 41″ PR definitely happy about that, and beating my previous mental barriers.

    Karen: 9:58, good work I suppose, but I have no idea what happened last time… I was in the low 7s, I had to be using a 15 by accident or made a mistake in my counting. I was expecting something in the mid 7’s, so I was kinda blown during the wod but I was cramping up during the last 50 so Im not that surprised. Got 40-20-10-10-10-10-6-10-5-10-5-9-5 DEATH!!!!! felt way harder than last time for sure

    GHD: 25… also a PR, never done more than 20

    • 130201

      great job Nick!

  17. 130201

    No Karen for me today unless I had brought the kids with me to the box. Here is my last tip of the challenge. It is about cheating. Don’t shoot the messenger. I’m worried about keeping my discipline after the challenge is over, so this article is very timely for me. (Thanks to Katie for sending it to me.) Here is the best tidbit –

    “You will fail. You will eat something that a “normal” person feels guilty about. Why feel guilt? What’s the point? What if you just moved on and forgot about what happened? From my personal experience, feeling guilt over a binge is a recipe for complete disaster. Thinking negatively about the situation causes me to eat more. If I enjoy each moment and just move on then I tend to melt the small negative snowball in a split second.”

    Full article below. THANKS Rubiconers for all your tips and recipes. I have learned SO MUCH from all of you, and I am grateful.

  18. 130201

    Max Jump: 33.5 (up from 29.5)
    Karen: 10:37 with 14#, I was hitting between 8 and 9′. Couldn’t successful hit above 9′.
    GHD: 33 in one min.

  19. 130201

    Box jump: 41″
    Left a couple more attempts in the tank, because we were all watching Josh nail 50+ (53″ I think). Awesome.

    Karen: 11:57
    Barely made it. Did the first 30 unbroken, and looking back probably not the best plan.

  20. 130202

    Box Jump 40.5″ (+ 4″)

    Karen Rx’d: 10:57 (1 second slower)

    GHD: 26 (+ 4 reps)

  21. 130202

    Box jump: 25″
    Karen: 12:05 14#
    GHD: 20 in 1min

  22. 130205

    Box jump: 26 in

    Karen: 10:49 with 14 lb ball squatting only

    GHD: 17

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