Main Course:

  • Tabata Row for meters

    • Must be programmed into erg monitor! we want a true measurement so we are not counting the ‘drift’.
    • rest five minutes precisely
  • Run 1 mile for time
    • rest five minutes precisely
  • Sandbag 400m for time
    • 85lb/55lb


  1. 130131

    paleo candy bars.. with no flour no nothign we cant have rigth now…
    3 Tbs coconut oil
    1/4 cup carob powder or cocoa powder (optional)
    1/2 cup ground nuts (almonds, hazelnuts)
    3/4 cup unsweetened shredded coconut
    1 Tbs raw honey (optional, add more to taste)

    Melt the honey and coconut oil in a saucepan over low heat. Take off heat as soon as coconut oil is totally melted.
    2.Once combined and off heat, add the carob (or cocoa), ground nuts, and coconut and mix together.
    3.Pour mixture onto a small baking sheet covered in parchment paper. Form into a square (or shape of your choice) when cool enough to touch.
    4.Freeze or refrigerate until hardened. Cut into 4 servings.

  2. 130131

    Pretty dreadful today:

    750m/8:25/4:02 @ 85#

    Severe calf/achilles cramps hampered me on the runs

  3. 130131

    Row: 725m (+17m)
    Mile run 7:54 (2 seconds quicker than the baseline)
    $00mrun @ 55# 2:24 (3 seconds slower than the baseline)

    Happy day overall. need to do some more distance running

    • 130131

      we should have asked to be in the same flight — I bet we both would have had at least 10 sec improvements!

      • 130131

        Agree, i feed off of you and Sarah during runs. we tend to bring out the best in each other

        • 130131

          Not an excuse, but I did miss my pacers.

  4. 130131

    I didn’t do this work out last Judgement Week so nothing to compare it to.

    ROW: 702
    Mile Run: 7:42
    400M Run: 2:10 (55#)

  5. 130131

    Row: 855
    Run: 7:09 (cramping really bad during the run)
    SB Carry: 2:21 (85#s)

    Some foam rolling and mobility after.

    Tip’o’day: BEER (kinda)

    Now that the challenge is winding down, folks may start falling into old bad habits. In my experience one of the first introductions back into your diet is alcohol, which likely means gluten as well. With that said, folks should consider some alternative options for getting their drink-on. A few I look to are wine, tequila (plant based) and hard cider. Hard cider is a great option as its is gluten free, similar to drinking a brewski and tastes like apples. The following link rates a number of hard ciders that are available locally: http://www.pastemagazine.com/blogs/lists/2012/11/the-15-best-hard-ciders-apple-and-more.html ENJOY!

    • 130131

      thanks for the cider list. I love me some cider, and it really helped with my job (srsly)… Now I could go to happy hours and have a social drink without feeling like crap b/c of the grain. (I still love beer… so sad.)

    • 130131

      If you guys need to know about Cider, it’s my go to since I cant drink beer (Celiacs)for nearly 4 years now. Total Wines as a great selection and singles so you don’t have to commit to a 6 pack.

  6. 130131

    Row: 876
    Mile: 8:32
    Run: 2:40

    • 130131

      876?!?!?!?!?!?! Awesome! Does that mean 900 is truly possible???

  7. 130131

    Not as warm as yesterday, but still enjoyable nonetheless.
    That 85lb bag just doesn’t get any lighter does it??

    Row: 670
    Mile: 10:52
    400: (85# bag) 3:53

  8. 130131

    Row: 688 (+24)
    Run: 10:05 (-1:26)!
    400m: 2:45 (-0:47)

    I was worried about whether I would improve on my numbers… lol. Pretty stoked.

    • 130131

      I forgot, I used the 35lb bag

  9. 130131

    Row: 720m
    Mile: 7:38
    SB400: 2:28

  10. 130131

    Row: 774m
    Mile run: 6:53
    400m bag run: 55#–2:40

    Here’s a Paleo almond muffin recipe for all you lovers of the muffins–>

    1 cup almond butter(I make mine homemade in my vitamix..store bought is fine too)
    1cup sliced almonds
    1 cup pure coconut milk
    1.5 cups unsweetened shredded coconut
    3 eggs
    1/4 vanilla extract
    1tsp or a few shakes of cinnamon
    2tbsp raw honey(optional)
    Muffin liners

    I’ve added sliced apples in the past and when I make them later today I’m going to add a banana..
    …I’ve also added dark chocolate chips…;p

    Preheat oven to 400℉.
    Line a muffin tin with paper liners.
    Combine all ingredients and pour into muffin tin.
    Bake for 15 minutes.


  11. 130131

    Row: 720m +2
    Mile: 11:27 +1:13
    400m: 3:50 -1 sec

    Looks like I need to work on running more.

  12. 130131

    Row: 639 (+4)
    Run: 8:00 (+:05)
    Sandbag (35#) 400 m: 2:22 (-1:10)

  13. 130131

    I love this family’s Paleo story. It’s amazing what a clean diet can do for the body. Health problems that doctors can’t explain or treat can sometimes be 100% resolved just through one’s diet.

    Read all about it here:

    • 130201

      Row: 643 (PR + 20)
      Mile Run: 8:41 (PR + 5 seconds)
      Sandbag #55: 2:37 (PR +6 seconds)

  14. 130131

    Row: 754
    Mile: 9:17
    SB400M: 2:28 (55#)

  15. 130131

    Felt good today…

    Row: 629 on setting 3. My stat on the board from a few months back was at 633 and usually use setting 9 or 10. Very interesting …

    Run: 11:06 so glad to hear from Coach Jason that my form has improved – thanks for all the tips!!

    Sandbag run: 3:08 with the small one

    50 ab mat sit ups for good measure.

  16. 130131

    Row => 725 => ↑67
    Run =>14:05 => – 1:55
    Bag => 3:54 => – 0:22

    I did better than my last benchmark. I am surprised I did because I was very fatigued this am, was working late and had only 4 hrs of sleep. I wonder what would have happened if I had adequate rest. Going to bed at 8:00pm tonight. Have a date with Karen tomorrow.

    1. Have you read this post? => http://www.cfrubicon.com/cheering-and-coaching-by-tai-randall/
    2. Why do we Olympic lift? => http://www.crossfit816.com/why-we-use-olympic-lifts

  17. 130131

    729 row
    8:00 mile
    3:25 bag with 85#

    Man, that bag felt heavier than it did Monday with a fresh pair of legs!

  18. 130131

    Row: 640
    Mile: 9:53
    55lb Sandbag 400m: 3:14

  19. 130131

    Row: 754
    Mile: 7:00
    85# 400M: 2:25

  20. 130131

    Row: 572 (+109)
    Mile: 10:00 (-29)
    SB400M: 2:44 (+29

    Body is seriously tired. Spirit is elated!

    Here is a perfectly timed article on post-workout recovery.

  21. 130131

    Row: 818m (down from 837m)
    Run: 10:09 (1 minute improvement)
    Carry: 3:09 w/ 85# (2 second improvement)

  22. 130131

    Row: 687 meters
    Mile Run: 12:41
    SB Carry: 4:24

  23. 130131

    Today kicked my butt.

    Row (damper @ 7): 781m (PR! +12m)
    1 mile run: 10:44 (+1:21, spent half the run coughing up a lung)
    Run 400m w 55# bag 2:54 (+0:30, still recovering from the row and the mile)

  24. 130131

    Tabata Row: 769 and a green box

    Mile: 6:31

    400m: 3:48 @ 85#

  25. 130131

    Tabata Row: 857m
    Mile Run: 7:58
    400m: 2:21 @ 85#

  26. 130201

    Row: 823m (damper at 10)
    Mile Run: 10:30
    400m: 3:03 @ 85

  27. 130204

    694m, 11:18 mile, 3:25 sandbag run. Ear infection, sick previous 4x days. Dry heaves during the run.

    Not my best day.

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