Independence Day Performance Nutrition Challenge

If you are really ready to put in the work to surpass all the goals you had when you crossed your personal Rubicon by entering our doors? Then be here on Monday, April 30th @ 6pm for the kickoff meeting and intro Performance Nutrition Town Hall Meeting.

Full rules and guidlines up later today. Really.

No Open Grill this evening:
It’s going to be 60F with 25mph gusts.
Maybe… Grilled Meat Catching for time?

Tune in next week for better weather, me hopes.


  • “Functional” the uniquely evolving workout. EDIT: Much thanks to the ‘Right Stuff’ 0600 and 0700 Test Pilots this morning for designing the rough edges off this WOD. The data you provided was invaluable. You will see this again with your RXd improvements, some of which are already in the new description below.
    • How functional is YOUR fitness. We know why we do, what we do. We know why Olympic Weightlifting and aggressive Kettle Bell work are the keys to power generation. We know why Power-lifting creates both the lever strength and hormonal milieu for greatness. We know why the needs of the gymnast reflect the skills life demands for both mid-line stabilization and how to manipulate your body both efficiently and safely through space. Now we test application.
  • Prowler: How far can you push a prowler whose total weight equals your body weight +135lbs  in 30 seconds. How much longer than 30 seconds does it take you to get it back.
    • Three Attempts, record least successful round.
  • Sandbag: How far, how fast can you carry the equivalent weight of a small child out of harms way?
    • 60lb Sandbag Carry: Pick it up and carry it. Once again, 30 seconds for max distance. How much longer than 60 seconds does it take you to get it back.
    • Three attempts. Record your least successful round.

All of these movements pushed past the capacity to maintain propper form could end in catastrophe. If you don’t focus ENTIRELY on the form, so could walking up and down stairs, getting on an escalator, cutting a steak or even brushing your teeth: you aim for the hole in your face, right? THE BIG ONE, not the two choices with the lashes, capiche? F O R M above all else! read the biggest sign on the wall of the gym and live by it.

With this test: be aggressive, be ambitious, be athletic, but dont be gluttonous, pig-headed or stupid.




It’s Friday. EAT!.

Food for Thought:


  1. 120427

    Prowler: BW+90=295 – 90 steps back
    Sandbag Carry: 8 steps back

    Great job this morning everyone! Have a great weekend!

  2. 120427

    I love me some prowler! So happy to be back!! The last three days off felt like the longest three days of my life.
    Happy Friday!!!

    Prowler: 255# once we decided on 30 seconds I made it all the way back. The 60 second out and back test = 75 steps back
    Sandbag: 7 steps back

    Pushed 345# about 25 meters…give or take. I would love to see how much weight we could each move.

    • 120427

      345#s….holy cow thats awesome!! 🙂

  3. 120427

    I guess I didnt do it right. I made it back on all attempts..

    Still got a good workout though. My legs are definitely already feelin’ the pain.

  4. 120427

    “People of mediocre ability sometimes achieve outstanding success because they don’t know when to quit. Most men succeed because they are determined to.” George E. Allen

    Prowler: 275#s – 100 steps back (nearly reached second bump)
    Sandbaggie: 20 steps back (just shy of 400m round trip)

    Have a good weekend ya’ll!

    • 120427

      Nice work Ry! 400m round trip…time to step it up, you need to carry an adult next time! 🙂

  5. 120427

    Ok. To be honest I’m still not sure how we’ll measure improvement on this, but any day we get to push the prowler and run with sandbags is a good day, so…

    Prowler: BW+90ish: 305#; longest steps back was 75. Not sure how far I pushed it. Maybe to the 200m line??
    Sandbags: Longest back was 15 steps – missed making it back on the first attempt by about 2 strides. Can’t remember for sure, but think I got close to but didn’t get down to the 2nd speed bump.

    Next time probably need to do a better job of noting both how far out I go as well as how far back

    Hope to see a big group for the Saturday WOD.

  6. 120427

    Y’all, take another look at the new-improved workout description, thanks to all the hard work and input from the early AM crews! This will work MUCH better this way.

  7. 120427

    Got to roll with the 9:45 crew.

    Prowler: Pushed 295 out and back. Slowest time was 48 seconds (fastest was 36, i think)

    SandBag: Worst time: 38 sec (almost made it to the sign!)

    That was miserable, but in a fun kind of way. Have a great weekend all!

  8. 120427

    Prowler: 320# and 65(?) steps back to start. (Got it in my book which isn’t in front of me now)
    Sandbag: 45ish steps back to start.

    Good stuff in the fresh air today.

  9. 120427


    Prowler: 255, longest diff was 59 steps.

    Sandbag Carry: longest diff was 8 steps.

  10. 120427

    Prowler: 240# 32 steps back
    Sandbag: 40 steps back.

  11. 120427

    New, Improved 9:45 AM edition

    375#s (BW + 135#s)on the prowler. Took me 49 seconds to push it back. (I got to the white pickup truck with the flat tires on all three attempts)

    Sand Bags : took me 39 seconds to run it back. I got 2/3 of the distance that Kendra did (200M mark?)

    Chef, Thanks for trying new things. It keeps me on my toes.

  12. 120427

    I want a redo at 400+ lbs…Bring it!

  13. 120427

    Prowler: 290, longest time back 1:11
    Samdbag: longest time back :40

    Good job everyone!

  14. 120427

    Prowler: 52 (+225)
    Sand bag: 33

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