Independence Day Performance Nutrition Challenge

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So you’ve been eating clean, crushing your workouts, you don’t need this challenge… unless you need a challenge. What is it that brings you to do your best work? The comunity of fighting the hard fight together? The bragging rights? The $$$? or is it simply that you know that if there is something at stake, you will do your best work, you will fight harder. If you have a target, you will hit it… if you dont have a target, if you dont have a short term goal, what do you think your results will be? The very best you have to give? Good. Then you don’t need this challenge.

Do You Need A Challenge to Do Your Best?

Let’s up the ante. We train for performance only, right? But what if you had a personalized diet plan that got you to carry 10-20+ pounds of less weight around? How would your performance be then? Would you set your goals higher if you were faster and able to work harder longer? Would you have more races to do? More contests to enter if you were closer to your personal best?

If your goal is a physique issue, I get it. For many of us, that’s a great motivator to greater perfromance. If you are stronger and faster, you’re going to look stronger and faster. What were your top five goals when you started at Rubicon?

Time to open your 6 month goal letters. Right away.

If you’ve been with us for six months and haven’t hit your performance goals: why not? What if one of your goals was body weight/physique oriented? Are you there? Why not? Consistency above all else, sure, in all things, but I can tell you this: you cannot train-away a crappy diet. Even if you’re more Paleo than Grog himself, are you getting the right nutrients? Paleo brownies? Paleo Cheesecake? Paleo Muffins? Make you both paleo and overweight. Fight to get where you want to go with 100% effort AND with more than a ‘wing it’ plan,  it’s a whole lot easier to stay there than to GET there. Who knows what your new goals will be, how far you can go. In order to surpass your goals, you need to challenge yourself. Ask more of yourself. Ask more of everyone around you.

We start together as a team on Monday. Stay tuned.

Judgment Week Day 2.


Skill and Fortitude: Refer back to 120229

  • 5 rounds, you must alternate between Pullup and pushup sets.
      • Max Pullups
      • As many Pull-ups as can be achieved before hands come off the bar, if using a resistance band, as many pull-ups as can be achieved before you put your weight back on the box. Each round gets one attempt only
      • Max Push ups
      • As many strict, ground release pushups as can be achieved where there is no more cessation of movement on the floor that is absolutely needed to achieve ‘hand release’. You may rest at the top of the movement in a plank, in a pike, one one hand, etc. as long as you DO NOT come down on your knees. If you are doing the push-ups modified on your knees, you may rest at the top of the motion but you MAY NOT pike, nor may you sit your center of gravity back with your hip crease behind your knees. For both protocols it’s simple: you must keep your thighs and hips off the ground for the hand release and may not rest in any way halfway through the motion: a pushup starts in a plank and ends in a plank. Should you ‘lay down’, even for an instant, your attempt for that round is over.


  • Max rep GHD Situps
    • As many ‘Full Extention’ GHD sit ups as can be completed in three rapid attempts, the attempts broken only by a count of ‘one-one-thousand’. Any longer rest and you’re done. You must come to full extension and at least one hand must touch the support for the foot rest on every rep.


Food for Thought:


  1. 120424

    Pull: 52. <— lighter band and bigger number
    Push: 29 (upgraded to toes!)
    GHDs: 35

    What is that saying? "April PRs bring May flowers"

    • 120424

      haha I like that saying!

    • 120424

      nice job on the pull-ups!

    • 120424

      Go Julie go!

  2. 120424

    Pull ups – 27 (Blue) started 4 weeks ago on double green, then blue red, now just blue.
    Push up: 194
    GHDs: 77

    Great work 6am !

  3. 120424

    I’ll just waiting over here in the corner for the Kia vs. Chi push up ‘battle royale’
    by the way, where was Chi this am???

    Pull Ups: 30, 20, 17, 20, 21: 108 (+20)Happy!
    Push Ups: 17, 16, 20, 20, 21: 94 (-13) Sad, but not too sad because left shoulder is ‘jacked’ from last week still

    GHDs: could only manage 1 set 35 reps, done for today

    • 120424

      I’m, honestly, glad to have missed this one but I’ll have to make up for it. My body isn’t cooperating today. I have no problem ceding my position to the Mighty Kia or any other Rubiconer. I, actually, welcome it.

  4. 120424

    Kia was most definitely Chi-tastic today! Truly inspiring to see.

    Pull-ups: 42 (-21, but lighter band: blue instead of blue+red)
    Push-ups: 155 (-3)
    GHDs: 52 (+10)

    Driving home, I had to keep my hands at 5 and 7 because 10 and 2 was just too hard!

  5. 120424

    Shoulder pain kept me out of the game today.

    After the warm up I worked on shoulder mobility

    GHD’s: 45

    Looking to do this on Sunday if my shoulder feels better, ill be on ice today.

    Great work everyone!!!

  6. 120424

    I think my legs are ginormous energy sucking sponges. All of my strength and energy goes to my legs haha. It’s time they started sharing the love to other regions of my body.

    Pullups: 21 kipping – just holding onto the bar that long was an achievement haha
    Pushups: 91
    GHDs: 35

    Great job to everyone this morning – a lot of great athlestes pushing it to the limit, I love it. It’ll be exciting as always to see how much stronger everyone is after these next two months!!

  7. 120424

    Pullups: 40, purple band. (previous test was 52 with blue band, so progress there).
    Pushups: 135 (+32)

    GHD: 10

    Bring on the challenge!!

  8. 120424

    Damn, 6am comes early. Hate when work gets in the way of more important things.

    Pull-ups: 21, but just red band so that’s improvement. Next time I’m doing this unassisted, period…
    Push-ups: 101 – all I have to do is repeat this tonight and I’ll match Davin and Kia – great work you two!

    GHD’s: 23 – disappointed in this. sort of stuck in the mid 20’s range. need more practice

  9. 120424

    Pull-Ups: 46 strict no band
    Push-Ups: 207

    • 120424

      nice job! my goal is to break 200 on the push-ups next time.

      • 120424

        I believe it and can’t wait to see it!

    • 120424

      You did these with no kip?

  10. 120424

    Pull: 47
    (down 12# BUT red instead of blue) 🙂

    Push: 107
    (down 11) 🙁

    GHD: 30
    (up 8) 🙂

    pretty good day since now I have matching crushed muscles in my arms to match the still strung out glutes, hams and quads.

    • 120424

      I love it when all my crushed muscles get together on the same page…yay me! 🙁
      Sounds like an awesome time to for CrossFit Total!

  11. 120424

    Pull: 34 DH (-4)
    Push: 200 HR (-1)
    GHD: 25

  12. 120424

    Pull: 53 (Blue)
    Push: 56
    GHD: 20

  13. 120424

    Pull: kipping … 69 (20-15-12-12-10) +9
    Push: 140 (40-25-25-25-25) +40

    Had to run out for a client but will do GHDs mañana
    Gooood progress everyone!

  14. 120424

    Pull Ups: 30 blue band (-30 but used lighter band last time I used blue and red)
    Push Ups: 124 (+5)

    I did 103 abmat situps because I am supposed to avoid the GHDs for a bit longer.

  15. 120424

    I am drained. OMG I still haven’t recovered yet.
    Pull-Ups: 109 (strict)
    Push-Ups: 245

  16. 120424

    BJ – Nice work! That’s a lot of pullups, dawg.

    Pull-ups: 15/12/11/8/9 – 55
    Push-ups: 56/40/33/34/40 – 203

    No time for GHDs
    Effects of lungapalooza still with me.

  17. 120424

    Sooo sick this weekend – felt better today, loved the tumble warm-up Sven! Very humbling!
    Pull-ups: kipping 39 ( 10 7 8 7 7 )
    Pushups : 83 ( 23 15 16 14 13)
    Rock n roll abs ( not sure what they’re called but GHD made me nauseous )

  18. 120424

    Pullups: 52 (down 24 from last time)
    Pushups: 85 (down 17 from last time)

    GHD situps: 20 (down 18 from last time)

  19. 120424

    Pullups : 30 with blue (and one reprimand from Hron to go all the way down.)
    Pushups : 107 and one face plant.

    Next time no band.

  20. 120424

    Pull ups:26 blue band
    Push ups:37 knees

    • 120424

      Comparing to last time:
      Pull-ups: 50 with green band
      Push-ups: 46 on knees
      GHD’s: 12
      Why did I do 9 less push ups than last time? Don’t want to make excuses but it seems strange.

  21. 120424

    Pullups(kipping): 95

    Pushups(meh): 193

    I gained 13 Pullups and 59 Pullups from JAN

    Last set of pushups was huge, Hrönn made it very clear that quitting before failure was not an option. Lol I guess it just makes me realize I could’ve gotten a few more on my other sets.

    Didn’t do GHDs. The first part took me past the hour!

    • 120424

      correction gained 59 PUSHUPS from JAN

  22. 120424

    Did spin this am but when I saw this wod I figured a great chance to do a two-a-day!
    Pullups: 39 with blue+purple. No January benchmark because I was at a hotel gym.
    Pushups: 103 from knees to go easy on shoulder. +45 from Jan. I’m sure did not push as hard independent study!
    GHD: 24 down 2 🙁

  23. 120424

    Pull ups: 49 blue and purple bands
    Hr Push ups: 62
    Ghd: 42

    Not huge numbers but last time we did this:
    Pull ups: 42 with green band
    Push ups: 113 on knees
    Ghd: 20

    Love progress!

  24. 120425

    Pull Ups: 43 DH
    Push Ups: 106
    GHD: 17

  25. 120426

    You did awesome!!
    I know that you will find your self pushing harder next time and hopefully every time you workout or compete from now on. You are massively strong both body and mind, you just sometimes forget it 😉

    • 120426

      ^ @ Hilary

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