I believe leaves a doubt, herein lies what I know

  1. I know that being an expert means ‘knowing more and more about less and less’ and that in that simplicity lies the joy of being part of such a complex community. The deep reaching and ever evolving  knowledge of the experts in our CrossFit family builds a foundation impervious to fad or the fickle finger of fate.
  2. I know that without Coach I would never know the joy of using the word ‘milieu’ on a regular basis. ;->
  3. I know that we long to fill our flesh with soul and to fill our soul with flesh, that we will one day, within us, reconcile the two eternal antagonists. Until that time we travel both paths, pleasure and pain, success and failure, with our eyes on the future not on the past. We plant trees in form of seeds.
  4. I know that, as Voltaire said, “A small effort every day and the seemingly impossible completes itself.” In more direct terms? To paraphrase Coach Jeff Tincher, ‘You have to work your bitches.’ CrossFit is like eating an Elephant: you go one bite at a time.
  5. I know that I can give my athletes no more than a cue, a watchful eye and the promise that if it will get them to a higher place, a more solid base, a place where no goal is out of reach, I will move mountains with my bare hands. No one gets left behind. Ever.
  6. I now know that ‘Elite’ is a personal benchmark and that it’s the path not the peak. ‘Hey Mister, how much can you deadlift?’, “A little more than yesterday, a little less than tomorrow.”
  7. I know that when one of my athletes goes from “I can’t” to “I can,” from “I can” to “I will,” and finally from “I can” to “I must”, I often have to turn my head to hide the tears.
  8. I know that the willingness to walk, arm in arm, often bloodied and bruised, into new levels of challenge, into harms way, from complacency to extreme discomfort, to carry our weakest to the finish line is what makes our community a model for my life, my relationships and for the path I want for my children.
  9. I know that after all these years, I don’t give a shit what goes on inside the box. I have become a fitness whore. Thanks, Coach.
  10. Finally, I know that one must be moderate in all things, even in one’s moderation: you have to binge to be truly moderate. CrossFit is my reward.
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