” Look, Chef, I’m just really not into fighting so hard to be strong. It hurts, it takes too much concentration and my workouts are getting me where I want to be: I’m down into my skinny jeans, I’m proud of how I look… isn’t that enough?”

No. It’s not. Not even close… you have to do more because you’re a woman.

I am going to warn you in advance you might not like the tone of this coming rant, but I will not apologize. What is at stake here is not just about YOU or ME, so you just might have to suck it up and accept some responsibility for fixing the mess we’re in. The crux of this biscuit, in the shortest terms possible (a miracle for me to achieve, believe me) is that in order to save our country, our very society, our economy, our children’s futures, women need to be Strong and Fast.

On the most basic level women need to be empowered with an overriding understanding that nothing in this life is out of their reach. That the ability to run a major government, a major corporation, a household, a completely happy and successful life is a given right that needs to be claimed by virtue of strengths of character and fortitude of mental toughness. It needs to be clear that focus and humility, patience and ambition, confidence and wisdom are gained through profoundly hard work, a slow progression of both mileage and recovery from life’s failures.

There may not be a more direct or fundamental path to gaining those foundational blocks than by following the arduous path of becoming physically strong and fast. It takes years of training, study, setbacks, incremental progression, revamped and reworked game plans, self scrutiny, being open to criticism, an ability to look abject failure in the face and spit with all the force generated by millennia of gender bias and subjugation to be an aggressively strong and athletic woman. What better way to teach the tools that are needed to be successful in a world that, at times, seems hell bent on keeping women in a position of subordination.

All that’s well and good and required for you women to take the next step, but I am not asking you to rise to mountain top for your own sakes. I am way the hell too selfish for that. I demand that you all become hard, fast, strong, aggressively athletic ass kickers because YOU need to FORCE men to step the hell up to the plate be held accountable. You want to know the best way to get men up off the sofa and to work? Show them you’re more than capable of doing it without them.

Women are the care givers, the primary instructors, the example to follow, our children learn more from their mothers actions than any other stimulus in  their lives. What would happen if all of our kids learned that the best things in life, the things most worth doing, the things worth celebrating, were HARD TO DO. That the greatest pleasures in life were not the lazy, easy, spoon fed things but the things covered with sweat, a little bruised and battered, the things that teeter on the edge of exhaustion and pain and fear and failure. We celebrate those things that are supremely, acutely difficult, but more importantly we, those bent on being strong and fast, exalt above all else the path most difficult and least trodden. We live and love and play in a world where the climb is better when it’s hard, where the dish is more savory when it takes longer to cook, where the path is more important than the peak.

What kind of world would we have if all of us had mothers that were strong and fast and embodied all the glory and wonder and true grit that that entails?

We all know that this lifestyle bleeds over to all aspects of our lives. We are more effective people and better equipped to handle the rigors of life through the lessons learned struggling to become hard, strong, fast… by achieving the small and hard won triumphs of this life. In order to create a society where we, as a group, are fundamentally better people, we must demand that the women in our lives accept the challenge to be strong and fast.





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    Thanks Chef. You are inspirational beyond words!

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