high bar low bar

Main Course:

Skills & Strength:

  • High Bar Back Squat
    • Intensity & Load:  3 x 5 @ 80% max
    • Mechanics: Goblet squat & Squat Testing
      • rest 3 minutes

    KB Good Mornings, 3 x 10


  • “Annie”, 50-40-30-20-10
    • Double Unders
    • Situps


  • Hip Mobility/Hip Flexor SMR


Food for Thought:

“Do what your told and nobody gets hurt.” ~ Tai Randall

  1. 130115

    This is a good video from Spealler on Dble unders how to…Which is the exact thing that chef tells us.. Midline stability..

  2. 130115

    Great to be back after a long week in Cleveland…

    HBBS: 255#, should’ve gone heavier
    ‘Annie’: 9:02 Rx, heavy rope – next time I’ll bring my own!

  3. 130115

    HBBS: 153

    Felt good, reps started to get hard at the end of each set.

    KB Good Mornings — used a yellow (35) and these were tough.

    Annie: Officially 12:12 (meaning -12 at the 12 min cutoff). I went ahead and finished my reps at 12:58, which is still a PR for me by over a minute.

    I guess I have Annie performance anxiety — I was feeling good about my DUs until 3-2-1 Go. Suddenly, hearing all those ropes slapping I forgot what I was doing for a while and my first set was ridiculous. Once I got my rhythm, I did much better tho I was still getting tangled up a bit.

  4. 130115

    HBBS: 143. i learned to be slow on the way down then speed up.

    KB Good mornings : yellow

    WOD: kept a great pace with the DUs, 8:57 rx’d

    • 130115

      looking at my workout log, I got a PR in Annie. Great way to start off the day !

  5. 130115

    For those you doing the challenge looking for fresh ideas, here’s a round-up of 20 Whole 30 approved recipes:


  6. 130115

    HBBS: 205#s

    Still having issues with a serious dive with my left knee that leads to ankle stability issues. Staying lighter with the weight until I can figure it out. Last set was my best set after I brought my feet together and could drive my knees out further. Anywho.

    WOD: 7:45 rxd

    Hit once on the DUs but slowed down too much on the sit-ups.

    G’mornings: 55#s
    Dessert: Kipping HSPUs and foam rolling

  7. 130115

    HBBS: 93#
    KBGM: blue
    WOD: 13:00 MUST work on DUs. I flop, twist, pike, get all tangled up, and forget about a rhythm, but I’m not doing singles so guess that’s progress.

    Recipe for challengers. Made this last week and even picky 4 yo said it smelled good. She ate about half which is a victory in my cookbook.

  8. 130115

    Ha Annie is my fave. HBBS: 3×5@108. Did light than last time so I could get all five reps for 3 sets. Worked out well, so I know next time I can go up a bit in weight.
    KBGM: blue bell 3×10. Holding the bell was the hard part, I prefer good mornings with the bar on my back.
    WOD: 12:40. 12 minute cut off and 40 reps to go. Last 2 times I did this workout the cutoff was 15 minutes. Anyway it is still a PR because the last time I did this I had 69 reps left after the 15 min cut off. I need my own rope, its all about DU efficiency.\
    Dessert: yes

  9. 130115

    HBBS: 225# my squatting is really feeling great lately. feel like a new PR is in my future.

    WOD: 11:21 got all out of sync on the 40 DUs and 30 DUs. was able to keep a good pace on Situps but gotta get better at DUs under stress.

    No Dessert. plenty of upper back mobility work as always.

  10. 130115

    Squats: 188 for all my sets
    WOD: 11:45 rx’d – The last time I did this was 2010 (I’m good at avoiding Annie), and it was almost 15 minutes. So 3 minutes faster. I was happy with this though since my double unders were not the problem today.

  11. 130115

    High Squat: 135 3×5, 155 1×5
    WoD: 13:40 w/ Single Unders. Left 100 reps on the mat.

  12. 130115


    Trick to being a Double Under master?!? Get a rope that fits you, learn the basic technique, and freakin practice everyday. Its a skill that needs to be learned and practiced.

    A recipe recommendation: Crockpot Sweet Potato Basil Soup (http://paleomg.com/sweet-potato-basil-soup/)

    This looks outstanding and just makes sense to me. Inexpensive, easy and tastes good. What else would you want?!?

  13. 130115

    I still like to enjoy some of my favorite meals, so I’ve been experimenting with creating my own recipes to make them Paleo friendly. Sunday night’s Eggplant Parm came out quite well.

    – 1 Jar Marinara Sauce
    – 1 large eggplant
    – 12 oz grassfed cheese (we used fresh mozzarella)
    – coconut oil
    – 1 cup almond flour
    – 2 eggs (well beaten)

    1. Cover the bottom of a 9×13 baking dish with 1/2 cup marinara.
    2. Slice eggplant to create 1/2″ thick disks.
    3. In a skillet, heat enough coconut oil to create just under 1/2″ layer at the bottom of your pan.
    4. Dip both sides of an eggplant slice in the beaten eggs, then cover both sides with almond Flour.
    5. When oil is hot enough (should be almost simmering), place eggplant in skillet. I used to tongs to flip about 45 seconds in.
    6. Once both sides are golden brown, remove from skillet and place in baking pan.
    7. Repeat steps 2-6 until all your eggplant is cooked.
    8. Cover eggplant with remaining marinara sauce.
    9. Place cheese on top.
    10. Bake for 20 minutes at 350 degrees.

    For crispier eggplant, try broiling instead of Baking. I think I will make this change next time.

  14. 130115

    HBB Squatch: 225
    KBGM’s: Yellow
    WoD: 12:26 (cramped in rd of 40 s’ups, finally worked out in rd of 30)

  15. 130115

    High Bar Back Squat – worked up to 250lbs
    “Anne” – 6:35 Rx

  16. 130115

    The positives:

    HBBS at 215# felt good. I like the bounce. I think this will lead to much heavier back squats in the future.

    Did double unders (singlke, double, single, double). Didn’t do them well or quickly but for the first time ever, I didn’t get frustrated and switch to singles. (Whip marks on the top of my feet and shins will heal eventually).

    The Bleh:

    Sit-ups. Will add sit-ups (proper) to my warm-ups

  17. 130115

    HBBS: 113#

    KDGM: Blue KB – I love good mornings!!

    WOD 13:00 – started with doubles but had to switch to singles because I was getting NOWHERE!!

  18. 130115

    HBBS- 143
    GM- 2 with Blue one with pink
    WOD- 6:31 Rx’d

  19. 130115

    No WOD for me today, but I will be in tomorrow. ACCIDENTALLY fell off the paleo wagon tonight. In a hurry to get dinner ready, I stupidly used something non-paleo to marinate salmon. Realized AFTER I ate it that it was a no-no. Bummer. Clean all day, and then a stupid mistake. So, in that spirit, here is an article on the 10 most frequent mistakes folks make on the paleo diet. Think I’ve made ’em all.


  20. 130115

    Hbbs- 153
    Gm- yellow
    Annie: got to the set of 30 double unders.. Almost did the WOD with singles but need to stop running away from goats so did DUs. They WILL get better

  21. 130115

    Hbb: 133
    Annie: 12:28 (singles)
    Tip: try power supply meals. http://dc.mypowersupply.com.
    I’m splitting a 10 meal pack with my hubby and friend. It’s a lifesaver- 3 or 4 meals a week I don’t have to worry about. #stayingonthewagon

    • 130116

      Love a good hashtag

  22. 130116

    CONFESSION!: I think I did 10 less sit-ups during Annie today than I was supposed to…occurred to me as I ran out the door to pick up kids. Cheater alert!

    Skill I need to get better at: remembering to count accurately…or even counting at all.

  23. 130116

    135lb on squat.
    Blue KB for good mornings

    12:57 on WOD – did a mix of singles and doubles as much as I could. Situps were killer.

  24. 130117

    HBBS => 145#
    WoD =>11:04 (Single) – I’ll be doing DU’s in one month.

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