Skill and Fortitude: Refer back to 120110

  • 5 rounds, you may alternate between Pullup and pushup sets.
      • Max Pullups
      • As many Pull-ups as can be achieved before hands come off the bar, if using a resistance band, as many pull-ups as can be achieved before you put your weight back on the box. Each round gets one attempt only
      • Max Push ups
      • As many strict, ground release pushups as can be achieved where there is no more cessation of movement on the floor that is absolutely needed to achieve ‘hand release’. You may rest at the top of the movement in a plank, in a pike, one one hand, etc. as long as you DO NOT come down on your knees. If you are doing the push-ups modified on your knees, you may rest at the top of the motion but you MAY NOT pike, nor may you sit your center of gravity back with your hip crease behind your knees. For both protocols it’s simple: you must keep your thighs and hips off the ground for the hand release and may not rest in any way halfway through the motion: a pushup starts in a plank and ends in a plank. Should you ‘lay down’, even for an instant, your attempt for that round is over.


  • Max rep GHD Situps
    • As many ‘Full Extention’ GHD sit ups as can be completed in three rapid attempts, the attempts broken only by a count of ‘one-one-thousand’. Any longer rest and you’re done. You must come to full extension and at least one hand must touch the support for the foot rest on every rep.


Food for Thought:


  1. 120228

    Well, I guess it’s time to just HTFU!

    • 120229

      frazzled this am, slept on thinking I was coming in this am for “Heavy Despiser” and we get Max Pulls and Pushes…forgot my water bottle!

      Well it felt better than last time,
      Pull-Ups ‘kipping’ 88 total (+2)
      HR Push-Ups 107 total (+26!!!) these definitely feel better but still not as good as I want them to be or think they should be…

      Max GHDs, one attempt, 39 (-3) did 50 for time yesterday and PR’d 1:53, still alittle sore

  2. 120229

    While in comparison to the 337 pushups that Chi knocked out this morning, my numbers are rather pedestrian. However, when compared w/ my Jan 10 performance, they look a little better. I guess context is everything.

    Pull up (today/January): 35/25 – Green Band
    Pushups (today/January): 92/61
    GHD (today/January):20/10* Chef limited me to 10 on the January test
    Weight (today/January): 223/236

    • 120229

      To mangle the quote: “The chi-man is not the issue here, Dude”
      (Almost politically incorrect, but too awesome to skip)

      50% increase across the board is heroic!

      • 120229

        Also we all know Chi can’t count so who knows if that’s his real number maybe it’s 237 (or 437) – ha ha! GREAT improvement Russell!!!

    • 120229

      Jack Lalanne had done 1000 pushups in a row well into his 60s. Compare if you like, but that doesnt provide you anything usefull in the long run. Ask yourself only one question, “Did I give this effort absolutely everything I had to give without exception.” That is the only barometer you need to use for success.

      • 120229

        word to the wise “Don’t get into a push-up dare or contest with Chi!” He is RE-DUNK-KULOUS with those!!!! Would of stayed to watch until completion but had to work, duh, Chi we got other things to do man!

  3. 120229

    MaxPull/MaxPush/MaxGHD: 59blue/118/22

    Right shoulder still wonky so I think left some pushups in the tanl. Seemed prudent
    Did not get band=no kipping memo until end, good thing since that total would have been 7 maybe 8.

    Missed this last cycle so no comparison and no PR.
    Well , sorta….

    Mike F, Jeff, Kia and CHI !!!!!!! Killing it.

    • 120229

      It was a mutual killing 🙂

  4. 120229

    I am a lot stronger than I was on the 10th of January! YEYAH
    Old numbers:
    120110 at 10:07 pm
    Pull-ups: 35 with green band
    Push-ups: 19 on knees
    GHD’s: 13

    New numbers:
    Pull-ups: 50 with green band
    Push-ups: 46 on knees
    GHD’s: 12

    Knowledge point recipe for today is a potato salad, which I could totally nom on right now. I’m gonna do it with paleo mayonnaise. http://bestpaleorecipes.com/2011/05/sweet-potoato-bacon-and-egg-salad/

  5. 120229

    Pull-ups: 77 w/ blue band (1/10: 56 w/ blue band). This exercise was my au revoir to banded pull-ups!!
    Push-ups: 211 (1/10: 202)
    GHD 22 (1/10: 27) I get way too dizzy doing these so I will be doing them more often to get over that feeling.

  6. 120229

    I also thought we were doing Despiser this morning – I didn’t get a chance to look up what I used for the Pullups. Last time I used Blue and Purple bands, today I used just blue, forgot about the little purple guy..

    Pullups: 39 (-4) Blue band dead hangs
    Pushups: 138 (+38)
    GHD: 32 (+8)

    In order to determine if my pullup strength has increased (due to my lack of standardization)I have come up with the following equation:

    (PU1/(Force of blue band)xPU2/(Force of purple band)-(Blue+Purple))/((9.81(speed of light – speed of sound)) x 100) + (Badassitude – Soreness) =

    The answer is 42.

    I was clearly a math major..

    • 120229

      awesome calculations, sounds right on to me!

    • 120229

      The answer is always 42. Congratulations! You have solved all worldy questions!

  7. 120229

    Pull Ups – 52 Dead Hang – PR (+11 from Jan. 10)
    Push Ups – 248 – PR – (+84 from Jan. 10)
    – Last test I hit 64 pushups on my first set, today I really
    wanted to hit the first set with max effort, ended at 84 so
    its nice to see a nice gain with such a basic statistic

    **Also, witnessing the miracle that was Chi’s push up marathon
    helped a lot. Definitely set the tone for everyone in the 7a

    ~Dessert – 21 GHD’s

  8. 120229

    Pull Ups: 61 with green band (+16)
    Push Ups: 90 (+5)
    GHDs: 25

    Improved to be sure, but I feel like I fell a little short on both. This WOD is a bit of a head game, but that burn is the arms, shoulders and chest is real.

    On a positive note, I am getting close to completing a proper HSPU.

  9. 120229

    Missed the test in January, so these are the new baseline for this for me.

    pullups: 52 with blue band
    pushups: 103

    GHD: 10

    Today brought to mind the Prefontaine quote: “A lot of people run a race to see who is fastest. I run to see who has the most guts, who can punish himself into exhausting pace, and then at the end, punish himself even more.”

    Lot of guts on display out there today from everyone.

  10. 120229

    I missed the Chi-tastic performance at 6am, but was there for it the last go round, so I tried to harness my inner-Chi today.

    I pretty much hate any WOD that comes down to my will to fight for it.. cuz dang, I’m a softie and hate pain. That said, I was very pleased with my performance today.

    Pull-ups: 63 (+32), using blue + red
    Push-ups: 158 (+105), on toes
    GHDS: 42 (+20)

    • 120229

      Wow! Awesome numbers Kendra!!

    • 120229

      Kendra! Every day I am so impressed by how much you are advancing! You are freaking me out! Way to go girl!

    • 120229

      Nice work!
      Although, a large sigh is involved since while I expect to be spanked by Chi…

    • 120229

      Kendra, you did 158 pushups … You are no longer allowed to call yourself a softie 🙂

    • 120229

      WOW – your ROCK!!

    • 120229

      thanks all! I’m definitely stoked about my progress! Maybe next year I’ll be ready for the open…

    • 120229

      Kendra walked over about 15 minutes into the workout and said, and I paraphrase, “Dang, I’m one short of the total I got for the last workout on the pushups.” I was kind of shocked as I thought she was so much stronger now and couldn’t figure out how she got workout done so fast! She was one short of her last TOTAL after her FIRST SET!

      Hmmmm… The awesomitude is strong with this one. Today, I was in the presence of Ultimate Cosmic Powa!

  11. 120229

    Rest day for me…

    This one is great for for post-workout recovery…

    I recommend the following:

    1. Get the thin narrow sweet potatoes as they are sweeter.
    2. Trader joes has a great green salsa verde…cheap and great ingredients.
    3. Get a leaner ground beef and don’t be afraid of doubling the meatz.
    4. Sweet yellow onions FTW
    5. You can add anothe jalapeno for a bit more heat.


  12. 120229

    Pullups: 76(+43 from January)
    Pushups: 102 (+41 from January)
    GHDs: 31(+8 from January)

    I was really stoked when I saw this workout come up last night and I did a bit of visualisation of me crushing it as recommended by Chef. What I really owe it to though is the dead hang Pullups and Pushups we do in warmup every day. I went from doing the pullups on blue or red bands don’t remember to doing them now unassisted for the first round at least. Get more dead hangs pullups and more kipped pullups will follow. today was proof. thank you Rubicon Coaches.

  13. 120229

    Knowledge: I put together a list of my favorite paleo picks from Trader Joes — with prices and pictures:


    • 120229

      This is unimaginably cool as a resource. Thank you!
      Especially love that you set it up with a pdf download option…

    • 120229

      I 2nd that. Great list!

  14. 120229

    Thanks everyone for the props! Watching everyone get faster and stronger pushes me to work harder. It’s great to be part of the Rubicon family. Dead hang pull up 47 (15,12,9,6,5) Push ups 337 (160,65,51,50,11). I’ll be happy if I don’t see this WoD for a long time. Definitely apprehensive about doing it this morning.

    sustainabletable.org has a ton of info to get your research on as why to eat the best foods you can. It highlights the issues with corporate food production.

  15. 120229

    Pull ups: 47 blue band (+13)
    Push ups: 134 (+19)
    Ghd: 45 (+15)
    Not on my A game at 5:00pm. I’m much more productive in the am.

    Looking to spice up my steak…:) this was fabulous!

  16. 120229

    Pullups: 78 blue and red band (+30)
    Pushups: 121 (+48)

    Skipped GHDs because of my back

    I second Rachel’s comment about feeling out of it at 5pm 🙂

  17. 120229

    Dead hang Pull ups: 54 (N/C)
    Push ups: Not sure of my number either 153 or 207. Can someone check the board for me?
    I know 207 was part of it, but not sure if that was my aggregate or push up total.

    12.2 – Snatches – oof.

  18. 120229

    Pullups: 38 dead hang PR +8 or 9
    Pushups: 201 PR not sure of last total though
    GHDs: 15

  19. 120301

    Thanks Kendra for reminding me to post my numbers..I tottallllyy forgot!

    Jan. 10-
    40 Pullups w/ red band
    154 pushups
    26 ghd

    Feb. 29-
    67 pullups w/ red band
    278 pushups
    16 ghd (chef called me and mike fry for resting too long) oops! 🙂

    I’m soo satisfied with my progress. I get frustrated alot because I feel that I can do very well at this sport but sometimes get so caught up in my failure that I forget how much I’ve succeeded already!!! Keeping a logbook REALLY does the trick!! Don’t leave home without it!

    • 120301

      We must all learn to find our “Inner-Chi” 😀

  20. 120302

    Deadhang pullups: 53 (14/10/11/9/9) — PR by +3
    Pushups: 138 (32/28/29/24/25) — PR by +21

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