Handstand/Snatch Skills, ‘Hells Bells’, Thursday 120517

My how you’ve grown!

Main Course:

  • Skills: Alternate between KettleBell Snatch and Handstand holds/walks
    • rest five minutes
  • If you have wrist bands, bring them for…

      • ‘Hells Bells’ or ‘Russian 300’
      • refer back to 120319

        • 100 Snatches, 25#/16# KettleBelll
        • 100 Clean & Press, 35#/25# KettleBell
        • 100 Swings, 45#/35# KettleBel
          • Swings are American
          • Clean & Press is from the floor every rep
          • No dropping, control the bell or the bell will toll ’20 burpees for thee’ for every drop, coaches discretion. 


  • 40 Turkish Situps, 55/35

26 comments to Handstand/Snatch Skills, ‘Hells Bells’, Thursday 120517

  • John B

    Noooo, Im missing Hella Bells?! Aw man…..

  • Kendra

    Knowledge: when your sweet tooth is screaming at you, shut it up with some chocolate banana “ice cream”


  • Mackenzie

    Knowledge for today: http://thehealthyapron.com/2011/05/31/is-it-healthy-skinny-cow-ice-cream/

    Also, if you read a food label and see microcrystalline cellulose, Congrats you are eating wood pulp

  • Mike F

    Worked on free hand stands. Worked with 3-point stance and moving into a head stand with a focus on maintining stability through the movement.
    Hells Bells: -21 rx’d (25, 35,45). Form felt good through the motions, especially the cleans.
    20 TSU’s yellow.

  • Linda

    Hell’s Bells: 20:10 with Blue/Blue/Yellow – games standard for swings. PR by 2:30!

    40 TSU’s with Yellow – thanks for talkin’ smack for me Rachel! I can always count on you :)

  • Ryan

    “The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential… these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence.” ~Confucius

    A few handstand walks around the box to start…

    HBs: 21:17 T-rexed (55#,55#,55#)

    Dessert: 20 reps at 35#s

  • Rachel

    Hell’s Bells: 20:09 (25/25/35) last time was 23 mins and change at (25/16/35). Today was a win! Felt strong thru all the movements especially the snatch and clean. By the time I got to the swings I was basically out of gas…pushed through, American Style (didn’t have the game standard in me today).

    Way to go Linda!

    Dessert: 40 TSU’s 25#

  • Aaron L

    Hell’s Bells: -19 (25/35/45) … pissed because terrible form on presses took up a majority of my time (~11 minutes)

    40 TSUs @ 25#

  • Kendra

    ugh, that was u-g-l-y.

    Hells Bells: -98 (blue/blue/yellow)

    Felt fine on the snatches … except for possibly doing an extra 20 (lost count of where I was in my sets)

    But the cleans were awful. I had a real hard time getting my form right and was slooow.

    TSU: 36 with blue, decided to upgrade the last 4 to yellow.

  • Jeff G

    Some KB skills before Hell’s Bells

    WoD: -65 at Rx. I think this is an improvement. Last time was 24:17 with 1 KB lighter for each movement. Cleans clearly took the longest and were the weakest movement. Time to practice some one arm swings and cleans as part of the daily warm-up

    40 TSUs @ 35#

  • Mel

    This is the first time I’ve enjoyed this workout …

    25/25/35 in 18:33 … Heavier snatches and 2 min faster than last time. Woop!

    40 TSUs with 35# .. Rough!

  • JD

    Oh Hell. Yeah that sums it up.

    Used 45,45,55 to finish in 16:42.

    I was able to get through the snatches fast, and the C&P felt good. The swings took care of themselves thankfully

    My hands are shot. I can feel the skin loose under the surface. Tonight and tomorrow will be interesting.

  • Tiffany

    Bells bells: -48 (25/25/35). Last time I used 16/16/25! Definitely improving.

    40 tsu with 25#

  • Cyrus

    WoD: -60 Rx’d
    40 Turkish Situps @ 35

  • Dave C

    WOD: -119 RX First time doing it RX… Can’t wait to see how much I improve. My form was locked down solid on this one. Very happy with the effort.

    No dessert tonight… I had to rush out of there.

  • John S

    First time working with Kettle Bells, harder than it looks, need practice.

    WOD: Blue/Purple/Purple in 22min

    Dessert: 30 TGU’s w/Purple.

    Was able to run 400m non-stop and was able to jump rope w/o tripping on it. Next step DU’s.

  • Brianna

    So bells we meet again… I actually really love this workout. Kettle bells are fun!
    Last time I did this one I did 50/50/100 with pink pink blue (20 mins) and this time I attempted 100/100/100.
    I did 100 snatchez with a pink bell and got to 76 clean and jerks with my pink bell.Cut off at 22 minutes.
    I have been really working on swings with keeping my shoulder blades back and thoracic spine locked out. Reason for this is a few things, first I have a thoracic spine problem I think from carrying golf bag through college and some scoliosis. Second, those tiny back muscles that I use to keep the spine locked down are very weak. I can’t even keep my shoulder blades back for a full 20 swings with a blue bell yet, but every day I work on it! I want form to be key here, I can’t afford to mess up the back anymore.
    This workout really is funny… requires mental strength.

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