My how you’ve grown!

Main Course:

  • Skills: If you have a lovely KettleBell Snatch then work some Handstand holds/walks in between working the movements of the workout as warmup.
  • New movements? Today you get new things!
    • rest five minutes
  • If you have wrist bands, bring them for…

      • ‘Hells Bells’ or ‘Russian 300’
      • refer back to 110802

        • 100 Snatches, 25#/16# KettleBelll
        • 100 Clean & Press, 35#/25# KettleBell
        • 100 Swings, 45#/35# KettleBel
          • Swings are American
          • Clean & Press is from the floor every rep
          • No dropping, control the bell or the bell will toll ’20 burpees for thee’ for every drop, coaches discretion. 


  • 40 Turkish Situps, 55/35
  1. 120319

    Russian 300 in 21:24 as rx’d.

    40 Turkish sit ups.

  2. 120319

    ‘chose the wrench’ this AM, what a silly decision that was…
    ***I have written in my log book as one of my goals, to do ‘Hells Bells’ straight thru with 55# KB, last time did this WOD at 35# snatch, 35# C&P, 45# swings 12:55***

    ‘Hells Bells’ 100 45# KB Snatches, 100 55# KB Clean & Press, 100 55# KB Swings: 24:32, so I guess thats a PR or at least something to improve upon…

    40 Turkish Sit Ups (now again used the ‘wrong’ Rx’d weight) 35# KB

    Handstand static holds 4×10-15 sec, then 3 consecutive HSPUs to 2 AbMats

    • 120319

      side note, in the win catagory, hands aren’t ‘shredded’ and actually feel pretty good but forearms are dead as is grip, hands still quivering ~10am…

    • 120319

      love that picture. what a cutie and way to raise him up right!

  3. 120319

    This was the first time doing this WOD that I didn’t absolutely hate my life. Win!

    Hell’s Bells: 22:38 with blue/blue/yellow -PR!

    Last time I did this I had 43 swings left at 25 min.

    Worked on some HSPU’s for dessert. I have a feeling we’re going to see these later this week..

  4. 120319

    Linda, you were rocking the long form! Looking good!
    JB in my hero, I want to be like him when I grow up.

    BJ, don’t put it down at 90.

    I love me some Hell’s Bells – 20:58 35/45/55 – and my hands aren’t exploded in fire and brimstone.
    Keep your elbows in your sides as your snap your hips.

    • 120319

      Hell 90, I accidentally put it down at 99 on the swings, are you kidding me???!!

      • 120319

        That was a “am I done, or do I really have 1 more?” from you today. Sorry to have been the one to tell you that you had one more rep.

        • 120319

          No, that’s cool, thanks for making it legit! Caused that kinda sucked a little…:)

  5. 120319

    WOD: 23:30 Felt very uncoordinated this morning. However nothing like doing 100 of anything to make your form improve as you go! Kept with the pink kettlebell and used small plates on left side. Shoulder finally starting to feel better so no sense doing anything silly. It’s not like I didn’t work up a sweat anyway! turkish sit ups – 40 with pink.

  6. 120319

    WOD: 16:57
    Blue, blue, yellow
    (too fast – should have done purple on swings)
    Still favoring shoulder…

    • 120319

      40 Turkish sit up – blue.
      wished I had know that my no rep vee-ups counted as two sit ups.

    • 120319

      speedy gonzalez!

  7. 120319

    WOD: -21 heavy – 35/45/55. I finished the workout around 27:21 but beyond the cut off time.

    Heavy hurt but I enjoyed the challenge!

  8. 120319

    Hells bells indeed!

    There was a cutoff for this? I just kept plowing through

    29:13, used blue (25#) for snatch and C&P, and yellow (35#) for swings.

    Felt really good on the Snatches — able to do 10 reps per side.

    Clean & Press was much more challenging, could only do 5 per side. Also, my form sucked.. i think forgot how to clean them after doing all those snatches.

    By the time I got to the swings, my arms and grip were shot!

    Glad to have finished — did 40 (actually 50) TGUs using pink.

    • 120319

      ps – I have officially completed my initiation into this cult – I finished my swings and looked down to discover a nice fat rip on my left palm (tho not nearly as impressive as Mel’s from 12.3!!)

      My swing grip/form leaves much to be desired, especially on the way back down. If I can get better at rotating and corkscrewing on the descent, my hands will be much happier.

      • 120319

        Ditto! 🙂

      • 120319

        Glad to have you, ditto Rachel!

  9. 120319

    I’m glad to have finished this one. The presses were killing me going up and coming down. Last time I did this, my silly ass went for 100reps/ side on each of the movements. 24-25min. No dessert but I was hoping Maloney was going to show up with my girl scout cookies.

  10. 120319

    22:32 (Heavy – 35/45/55)

    Definitely a challenging wod today… Plus I sweated out all of my St Pattys day spirit 🙂

    • 120319


  11. 120319

    One more thing, I hate to miss “The Kracken”!

  12. 120319

    WOD: 20:48 (Pink/Pink/Yellow)

    This is my first KB WOD since I hurt my back so I wanted to take it easier so I stayed on pink for first two and my back felt fine so I went with yellow on the last swings.

  13. 120319

    WOD: 23:04 25/16/35, First time I have ever done KB cleans. I started with the 25 but had to drop down because I wasn’t getting the form right.
    I’d like to do this one again once my hands heal. Im not bleeding like Mel was at 12.3 but this caused my first full tear.

    Did some handstand work but not too much as my left shoulder/arm/forearm is still having some issues.
    40 Turkish sit ups

  14. 120319

    WOD: 21:44 25#, 25#, 35#
    Some reps were easier than others. Better the form easier the rep. I’m right handed, but found I was much better at cleans using my left. Funny how that works. Serious burn in the hands and forearms. Like it.

  15. 120319

    WOD: 19:23 Rx’d (25/35/45) Went Rx as I have never done KB swings or KB Snatches in a WOD. That said I did an extra 20 snatches before I realized it, but the clock stopped so a couple seconds were missed in my overall time. we’ll call it a wash. Will move to the heavy weights next time.

    Dessert: 20 Turkish Situps

  16. 120319

    23:54 Rx

  17. 120319

    This was my first go at Hells Bells!! Lucky to have completed my KB cert before this, it came in handy!
    21:45 25# for Snatch, tried for 35# on the clean & press but my left shoulder couldn’t get that weight up without losing form scaled back down to 25#, 45# for swings.

    Dessert: 40 Turkish situps w/ pink bell

    Attempted handstand walks but didn’t get too far, my shoulders were pretty fried today.
    I’m with Linda, I feel HSPU’s coming on!!

  18. 120319

    18:50 as Rx’d, 45 seconds off my PR but my snatches and C&J were much faster than in the past, perhaps too fast, it was those damn swings at the end that killed me.

    • 120319


  19. 120319

    Wod: -24 short Rxd.
    Tried dessert but was spent from the wod

  20. 120319

    -20 (pink, pink, yellow)

  21. 120320

    I am not sure of the time, but I finished 10 seconds before yomi, and I think it was around 21:30.
    I did 50 snatches and clean and presses with a pink bell followed by 100 swings with a blue bell. This was really difficult, but definitely a fun WOD for me because I like tricky movements, and I count anything with a bell as complicated. I am looking forward to a WOD where I don’t feel like I need a lot more air to survive at the end though. Dessert was 15 turkish situps with no weight and 25 with 5lb weight.

    • 120320

      Good luck finding THAT wod… 🙂

  22. 120320

    WOD: 19:38 Heavy, down about 2 minutes.

  23. 120320

    Heavy, capped myself @ 25 mins after rep 75 of the swings. Air quality = crap. Just trying to get by on this one.

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