• “Tippet, Tippet Good”

    • 400m or 25 minutes, whichever comes first

      • 21 steps of 45#/25# Walking Lunges, Plate LOCKED OUT overhead
      • 15 Ground to FULL EXTENSION OVERHEAD with plate
      • 9 Plated Burpees*
        • Burpee starts and ends with both feet on plate
        • Both hands must be on plate for pushup
      • Your score is: Time if you complete the 400m or the number of meters you have left to complete the 400m.


  • Nope, Not today. All of the major food groups have been properly represented.

Food for Thought:


  1. 120802

    Holy Mother of God! This is gonna hurt so good……..

  2. 120802

    more scars for the knees. 200m w/ 25plate

    • 120802

      we tied!

  3. 120802

    That was rough. 185m rx’d

    Rest day tomorrow for me.. gotta get ready for 31 Heroes on Sat!

  4. 120802

    123m rx’d

    I have never unfriended anyone on facebook but Mark Tippett you are close to being my first!

    Happy Birthday to Mackenzie – I cannot believe she did not announce it this AM while lunging her little heart out!

  5. 120802

    180 rx’d my knees aren’t happy with me 🙂

  6. 120802

    200m rx’d
    I’m not complaining about this one. It burned, in a make my ass tighter kinda way. 🙂

  7. 120802

    Thanks Mark for the sweet birthday WOD!!

    195m Rxd

  8. 120802

    192M Rxd, then walked to the pool with my 45# plate (I was only 40 m from it at this time), put it down and jumped in with shoes on. Did they say anything you might ask? No. People avoid bald guys with tattoos.

    • 120802

      pure awesomeness.

  9. 120802

    Did on my own this morning. -200 Rx

  10. 120802

    175 m, Rx I.T.F.M.B.H.S.*

    *In The Fother Mucking Baking Hot Sun.

  11. 120802

    Wow. I’d like a rematch, minus the heat

    216m Rx’d

  12. 120802

    Those of you unhappy with Tippet today, wait till tomorrow!!
    Find something on which to roll your hips and glutes.

    225 left. I’m with Mel on the rematch -heat.

  13. 120802

    Good job today everyone! There was a ton of hard work and heart out there @ the 5:30 class! You are all welcome!

  14. 120802

    183 Rx


  15. 120802

    125 Rx

  16. 120803

    206 m.

    My feet hurt. 😉

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