Grinder-palooza, Thursday, 120802



  • “Tippet, Tippet Good”

    • 400m or 25 minutes, whichever comes first

      • 21 steps of 45#/25# Walking Lunges, Plate LOCKED OUT overhead
      • 15 Ground to FULL EXTENSION OVERHEAD with plate
      • 9 Plated Burpees*
        • Burpee starts and ends with both feet on plate
        • Both hands must be on plate for pushup
      • Your score is: Time if you complete the 400m or the number of meters you have left to complete the 400m.


  • Nope, Not today. All of the major food groups have been properly represented.

Food for Thought:

“What would it cost you to face your fear? What might it cost you if you dont?”
by Tony Blauer

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