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– How to Get Started at Rubicon –


Step #1

New To Crossfit?
Schedule a “No Sweat Intro”

IMG_9880FBYou’ve decided you want to get in the best shape of your life, to find your personal best – that’s great! Now it’s time for us to meet. 

Let’s get together and see how we can help you reach your goals. No sales pressure, just a free, twenty minute chat, one on one or with a friend, so you can get a feel for how we do what we do, have a look around and see if we’re a good fit for each other. 

During this intro chat, we’ll get to know you better and see how we can best help. We also want to chat with you about Rubicon’s methodology and our unique application of CrossFit. Every gym has it’s own character, it’s own mission. All CrossFit gyms operate under the same general philosophy, which is great, but how an individual gym is run, the programming, the energy, and the specific philosophies vary greatly. 

Our community is our family and we believe in having fun while working hard to get the best out of life through balanced, long-term, sustainable training.



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Step #2

Foundations Program for CrossFit Group Classes

We live by the adage that anything worth doing is worth doing well (and more fun that way, too!)

IMG_9150FBAt the end of the day, all you want is to feel, look and move better and to do so surrounded by great people… As your coaches, our mission is to set you up for success and prepare you to surpass your goals. We know the fun is in the community and the group classes and you want to get started right away. You’ll get there very soon, but first, we want you be sure you’re comfortable with the safe and effective movements we’ll be doing so you can confidently and safely join the CrossFit group classes.

You’ll start your Rubicon CrossFit Experience with our Foundation Program: four one-on-one private classes with an elite coach. You’re going to learn a lot in a short time! The fundamental CrossFit movements, Olympic style weightlifting movements, gymnastics-style movements, how to scale our work together for your fitness level and personal needs, how to get more mobile and have better, safer range of motion and proper nutrition strategies. Your going to learn how we put all these together to help you get to your personal best.

After you complete your Foundations Program we’ll re-evaluate and decide together what works best for you: some more one-on-one time with your coach or it’s graduation time and you’re ready for our CrossFit group classes.

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Step #3

Done with the Foundations Program and I’m ready to GO!

CrossFit Group Classes

You’ve completed Foundations and you’re ready to join in the11265630_968962719803266_8714664276107919217_n group classes! Congratulations! You’re about to create a new you, new strengths by conquering new challenges and friends that will last a lifetime.

Doing this hard work with like minded people eager to be better at everything, you’ll compete with the old you each new day. As you progress it will be clear where all this focus on form, mobility and mechanics can take your constantly evolving physical and emotional strengths.

Rubicon Coaches are there to lead and teach you every class. You’ll also always have your Foundations Coach to reach out to, ask questions of and help you refine some of your new strengths one-on-one if you want.

I’ve been doing CrossFit for a while and would like to join Rubicon!

If you’ve been doing CrossFit for at least six months and have completed a program like Foundations at another gym, you have a few options: (1) you can jump into our group CrossFit Classes; (2) take our Foundations Program for refresher;  (3) choose to spend some time honing your skills and fitness with some half hour or one hour private sessions with a coach. We like you to do what works best for YOU!

Once you have enrolled, you’ll have access to our Athlete Tracking System. You’ll be able to make a profile and use it to reserve classes, check out the day’s workout, and log your performance on your computer or mobile device. This way, you’ll be able to track your progress over time — it’ll be amazing how much you’ll improve over the next few months.

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Keep it simple: Provide the highest quality and provide more services for everyone.

Public Service Discount applies to all active MIL/LEO, Full time First Responders, Full Time Nurses and Full Time Public School Teachers. All Public Service Discounts require an appropriate I.D.

All prices listed are for ACH direct deposit. There is a 5% surcharge for Credit and Debit Cards.

Our Virtual Punch Card is valid for 120 days from date for purchase. 

Travel a lot for work?

For those athletes that often travel on a moments notice or whose schedule can be too fluid for a set number of group classes every month, we offer a Virtual Punch Card option that you can use at your own pace for up to one year. This option works great for those folks from other parts of the world that are in the area for a limited number of days a month but want to get their Rubicon fix when they are in town. We LOVE visitors!

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Our gym is your Open Gym, Weekday Mornings and Afternoons…
Saturday and Sundays, too!

We know your schedule is hard enough to plan already, so we are going to do our best to give as much access as possible to Rubicon to make planning your workouts that much easier. For our athletes that are familiar with CrossFit and for all CrossFitters visiting our area, we have both our regularly scheduled, coach guided group classes as well as open gym time to get your workout in!  Check out online schedule to see what works for you and please remember to reserve time in open gym in advance!

We will either find a way or make one!

We like to say yes. A lot!

Need some open gym time to get specialty work done? No problem, we do that! Miss a workout one day and want to make it up? Of COURSE! Too easy! Need some extra nutritional consultation? YES! Need a special class time? Need some pre-competition planning help? Need us to confer with your doctor or Physical Therapist? If you need it or want it, it’s our pleasure to find a way to make it happen.

All prices subject to change without notice, all MIL/LEO/Public Safety discounts require valid I.D., only one discount option is applicable to any one membership or household, other restrictions apply. Memberships are non transferable. All membership sales are final. For memberships that paid in full at time of joining, a refund of 50% of your unused complete months of membership dues is available to any member who moves outside of a 50 mile radius of the gym with proof of relocation. Thirty days notice in advance, in writing via the form on this page ONLY http://www.cfrubicon.com/cancellations is required for notice of moving or cancelling the complete months membership fees are due. No other form of notification of cancellation is accepted. All virtual punch card options and personal training packages expire one hundred and twenty (120) days from date of purchase. All prices listed are for new enrollments only and any and all special offers apply to new enrollments, only. Other limits and restrictions apply.
Rubicon policy requires a strict adherence to our class reservation system. Any late cancellations or no-shows will incur a non refundable $5 automatic charge. A no show will count toward attendance limits for athletes with a limited attendance enrollment plan.
~for any class starting before 10am, any cancellation later than 9pm the evening before will be considered a ‘late cancellation’.
~For classes starting after 10am, any cancellation less than two hours before class will be considered a ‘late cancellation’.

Rubicon Sports LLC has created this privacy statement in order to demonstrate our firm commitment to privacy.
General Statement of Principles

As described in detail below, any information we gather at this web site is strictly for our use and is not shared with any other entity, public or private, for any reason – period. We will not sell or give away any lists or other data that we may retain and we do not purchase such information from other sources.
Statistical Data
Our servers (as most) track IP addresses and referring pages to help with site maintenance and improvements. This data is viewed only as anonymous statistics to show the busiest times of the day or week, pages with errors and how effective our advertising has been. This information is not used for any other purpose.
Personal Information Collected – Order Forms
With the exception of credit card info, we store the information from your order form to allow us to track consulting issues or refer to a previous order to help provide some customer service. You may elect to have your information completely removed from this system by e-mailing us at info@cfrubicon.com with your request. We do not store any type of credit card information.
Information Correction or Removal
If you wish to correct, update or remove any information about you that may be in our records, please send us e-mail at info@cfrubicon.com with the details of your request.



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