Friday 140502, Deload Week



Fun Stuff:

How Far Can you throw a Medicine Ball? How HIGH can you throw a medicine Ball?

record both distances and loads to comments, please!


  • “Diane”
    • 21-15-9
    • Deadlift 225/185
    • HSPUs

Food for Thought:

“Every day people engaged in the clever defiance of their own intuition become, in midthought, victims of violence and accidents. So when we wonder why we are victims so often, the answer is clear: It is because we are so good at it.”
by Gavin De Becker

2 comments to Friday 140502, Deload Week

  • Ben W.

    Diane: 10:43 rx (no plates/mats)

  • Kendra

    ball toss distance: 21′
    ball height: 10′+7 bricks

    WOD: 10:22

    Oh diane, how I love/hate you. Love the DL, hate the hspus.

    Did the first 21 hspu rx, then had to drop down to 1 abmat.

    BTW — the “rx” weight for ladies for Diane is 155, which is what I did.

    DLs were ok — did all 3 sets unbroken, just those dang hspus that get me.

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