Some incredible folks stepping up to become lifetime members of
the Rubicon Founders Club. We salute your dedication!



Main Course:

Skill & Strength

“Filthy Fiftyrefer back to 111019

For time:
50 Box jump, 24 inch box
50 Jumping pull-ups
50 Kettlebell swings, 1 pood
Walking Lunge, 50 steps
50 Knees to elbows
50 Push press, 45 pounds
50 Back extensions/Good Mornings with 45#
50 Wall ball shots, 20 pound ball
50 Burpees
50 Double unders

Rx’d = done in order, no splitting movements.

Can Be scaled two ways today: “Dirty Thirty”  or “Test-Drive 25”



It’s Friday, it’s Summatime and the livin’ is easy. We’re going to grill out after the 5pm WOD this evening, we supply the grill and our ever-present joy of all things Rubicon, you supply what you grill and whatever recovery beverages you might deem appropriate. YUM! See you this afternoon!

Food for Thought:


Hey! Will Shen!! Just in case you’re listening out there in Hawaii…

  1. 120615

    20:24 scaled to Dirty Thirty. And scaled within some of the movements. Today was my first dance with this WOD. Now that I know the steps, I am ready to try the full fifty.

  2. 120615

    Funday Friday ? yup!! 26:00 on this one. didn’t realize I was using the 45 # bar until riggs told me… halfway through the good mornings…

    See everyone at the grill out tonight

  3. 120615

    28:34 Rx’d, felt pretty solid (except for Burpees, YAY BURPEES) 23 seconds slower than last time and about a minute off PR…I need to address this, I really need to mentally/physically attack the burpees, they defeat me everytime

    Will try to come tonight but worried about traffic and boys coming with me…

  4. 120615

    WOD: 37:13 – 50 reps
    V-ups vs K2E
    Push press 45 lbs (thanks Riggs for letting me know I was using the wrong bar when I was at rep #45 – pay more attention next time, ha ha!!)
    15 lb wall ball
    Single unders

    As I was scanning the room in fear that I would need to pray to the orange bucket I was also praying Chef would call time – but apparently “he didn’t have the heart to stop me”… Thanks I think? This is my 3rd run at FF and first time I finished. Last 2 times I had time called during the burpees. I think finishing is within reach – lost a lot of time with push presses since I could only do 3 or 4 at a time by the end.

    Great send-off workout as we head to beach for 2 weeks. Will miss you all!!

    • 120615

      Way to go Iris!! Have a fantastic time at the beach =)

    • 120615


  5. 120615

    Dirty Thirty: 26:55.

    Knees to Elbows was more like knees to arm pits. Need to work on this.

    Shout out to my lovely wife who finished Filthy Fifty for the first time. Yeah!

    • 120615

      Only my dear husband would be kind enough to call me lovely the way I looked after that!!

  6. 120615

    90 day anniversary with rubicon today, and what better way to celebrate than with a filthy fifty!! Went for the full Rx 50 and finished in 37:02, thanks for not cutting me off Chef. Had to scale k2e to high knees after 30 and did 150 singles – du’s still not there yet – aargh – but psyched I gutted through this

    Will try to make the cookout, but have a great weekend if I miss you all

  7. 120615

    WOD: 34:51. Filthy Fifty, with 150 singles subbed at the end. My D/Us are good when I’m fresh…not as desirable when I’m exhausted!

    I can not yet confirm or deny whether bright pink shirts improve workout times…

    Nice work 0700 – great way to close out the week!

  8. 120615

    “It’s lack of faith that makes people afraid of meeting challenges, and I believed in myself.” ~Muhammad Ali

    Filthy Fitty: 20:09 Rxd (good mornings)

    This is a 2 min PR for me. I was really hoping to break the 20 min mark but the burpees proved to be the biggest hurdle. (16:30 start of burps, 3 mins later I was starting DUs) Next time, I will break 20 mins!! 🙂

    Good job everyone in the 7am class, a lot of folks battling today. Inspiring to watch!!

    • 120615

      Arrgh! I must’ve jinxed you. Good work.

    • 120615

      Nice time!!!

    • 120615

      We believe in you Young Master Ryan, sub-20 next time!!! Nice PR!

    • 120615

      Great work Ryan!

    • 120615

      Nice work this morning! This definitely qualifies as crushing it.

  9. 120615

    20:47 for the 25 test drive. Feel a little bit like a sissy watching everyone else crush it at 30 and 50. Next time it’s 50.

    Just hit 6 months at the box last week. Thanks Chef and all of Team Rubicon.

  10. 120615

    (34:11 last time)

    wow. AND no one died!

  11. 120615

    First time doing this one. Filthy Fifty 27:22 (singles) I still don’t have double unders well enough to have completed 50 as the slap in your face last movement. Next time I will RX the whole thing.

    Dessert: After I could breath I did complete 15 DU’s. 🙂

    A Little Knowledge: good read

  12. 120615

    Way to crush it for the first time attempt!…you burpee ninjas(you, Ryan, Linda, Kia…) scare me, make me feel old and slow 🙂

  13. 120615

    27:21 for this round of Filthy Fifty. A 9 second PR. Was shooting for sub 25 but got slowed down on the K2E, Wall Balls, and burpees. I did singles vs double unders too.

  14. 120615

    Filthy Fifty: 25:49 this was the first time I have done this WOD. My K2E where more like knees to almost elbows and I did single unders because my doubles aren’t there yet. I managed to do push press and good mornings unbroken which helped me a great deal because I struggled in the burpees 🙂

  15. 120615

    Filthy Fifty: 32:58 rx’d. First time I could get through the DU’s at the end, but gotta stop smoking so much weed. Sub 25 next time!

    • 120615

      “stop smoking SO MUCH weed”, LMAO!

    • 120615

      Yes – that’s right.
      You should immediately cast it all aside immediately.
      I’ll take care that it gets disposed of properly.

  16. 120615

    My first Filthy 50 and what a slog it was.

    39:40, mostly rx’d.

    20″ box jump, 35# KB swing, K2E — not all were truly legit :(, 45# PP, Wall Balls were 20# slamball to 8′ line. Also did single unders instead of DUs.

    It took forever, but I was glad to finish. Thanks for the encouragement from the fellow noon hour WODers!

  17. 120615

    My wod today wasn’t the same without yall! Have fun at the cook out! I’ll be there in spirit 🙂

  18. 120615

    35:59 as RXd

  19. 120615

    35:55 rx’d – knees to elbows killed my time but were all done to form.

    Great work this morning 7am’ers!

  20. 120615

    Oops with 2 pood

  21. 120615

    32:14 rxd

  22. 120615

    31:15 Rx’d

  23. 120616

    Filthy 50: 25:26 Rx’d

    This was a beast of a workout. The only way to conquer was to find my INNER-BITCH! 😉 It worked out pretty well. The K2E’s and Burpees were my hurdles but I kept my goal of doing no less than 6 reps. Used the 20# ball for wallballs that wasn’t too fun. And did G’mornings instead of Back Ext.

    Finally got a chance to make it the Friday Grill’n’Chill and I had a blast!! Me and Bj couldn’t have asked for a better group of people. You all inspire and motivate us every single day to be better inside and out and we thank and love you all!! Have a Great Weekend! 🙂

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