Main Course:

Skills & Strength:

  • Dead Lift

    • 65% x 5
    • 75% x 5
    • 85% x max reps (TO FAILURE!  )
    • rest 3 minutes


  • 8 min AMRAP

    • 3 Wall Balls
    • 5 Box Jumps, 24/20
    • 10 Double-Unders


  • 30 Hip  Extensions


Food for Thought:

“Intensity breeds competency, quantity defies quality.” ~ The Cook

  1. 130124

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  2. 130124

    Deadlift (or Healthlift, Sir Kalez?): 305# x 8
    AMRAP: 10 + 1 Rx*

    *Chef pointed out to me post-WOD that many of my box jumps were not to full hip extension. Must work on eliminating these in the future

  3. 130124

    Deadlift: 223# X 5

    WOD: 8 + 7 reps rx

  4. 130124

    Deadlift : 113#x12 which brings my theoretical 1 rep max to 158#
    8min AMRAP : 5+4 (single jump rope)
    Hip Ext : 20

  5. 130124

    Deadlift: 315 x 5 (not bad for a day I woke up feeling weak.)
    Wod: 5.5

    • 130124

      Hip Ext: 11, Mobility (Shoulder)

  6. 130124

    Health lifts: 405 x4

    Did: 135 x5, 225 x5, 275 x5, 315 x5, 365 x5 and 405 x4

    This was 85% of my max. Intended to do working max but didn’t use my brain this morning. Either way, this weight was not bad at all. I struggle with my grip on the bar.

    Wod: 18 rnds RXd

    Unbroken for all 8 mins but hit on DUs twice. Could improve my intensity during transitions. Great workout.

    Dessert: mobility work and foam rolling

  7. 130124

    Deadlifts: 275 x10

    Wod: 7rds + 8reps. all unbroken but for the DUs. I am getting better, but need to get even betterer at these.

    Dessert: 11 hip extensions. didn’t push it with the heavy deadlifts done earlier.

  8. 130124

    Deadlift: 133# x 5
    WOD: 6 + 8
    Dessert: check

  9. 130124

    Deadlift: 123×5 143×5 163×6. Felt good, grip strength was failing on the last rep.. just held on lol.
    Wod: 4 rounds. Using an 8lb ball and 24 inch box.
    Desert: 15 hip extensions and mobility work once I got home.

  10. 130124

    Deadlift: Just getting back into the swing (lift) of things, so just mechanics today.

    WOD: 5 Rounds, RX’d

  11. 130124

    DL: 305×9
    WOD: 10+1 rxd
    Dessert: yup

  12. 130124

    Tomato Basil Crock-pot Chicken

    Throw chicken in a crock pot with some nice Paleo sauce from Fresh and Easy or Trader Joes with some veggies and call it a day. Prepped in 10 minutes of Monday night, put in crock pot Tuesday morning at 0500 in 5 minutes and should be delicious and waiting when I get home. Enjoy!

  13. 130124

    Deadlift: 335lbs X 5
    WOD: 12 rds + 3

    • 130125

      Way to go! Now that’s a one heck of a WOD score. It’s gotta be the pants!

  14. 130124

    Deadlifts: 275×5. Haven’t done DLs in a long time so I was happy with this.
    WOD: 3 rounds plus 16 (could be 4 plus 16 but I lost count)
    Did DUs as double, single, double, miss

  15. 130124

    Deadlift: 178 X 5 lost my grip did two more reps

    WOD: 7 rxd

    15 hip extensions

  16. 130124

    DL: 203 x3 <– light weight, should have a lot more in me, but haven't DLed in forever and felt my back starting to round. Wasn't feelin it today.

    WOD: 5 + 11 rx'd.

    As usual, DUs were my undoing. I got some rhythm, but got stuck plenty.

    Dessert: 30 HE, check (sets of 20, then 5,5)

    • 130124

      forgot to add, did the 24″ box.

      • 130124

        Me too.

  17. 130124

    DL: 325 x 3

    Metcon: 9 + 3

    Moving nonstop on the AMRAP, so wondered why the score was so mediocre. Then it occurred to me that there was also a ~30 m shuttle as part of each round.

  18. 130124

    Deads 365×8
    WOD: 6 rounds
    Desert: done

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