Deadlift, Tabata Row, Tuesday 120821

We’ve got a lot of work to do this week, get in early, stay focused.

Main Course

  • Skills:
    • Pistols
    • Deadlift
      • 75% x 5
      • 85% x 3
      • 95% x max reps
  • Fortitude:
    • Tabata Row

      • used the programmed row on the erg monitor
      • record max reps to logbook and standards board


  • 3 rounds
    • Max Hold Planks for time into max rep V-Ups
    • record V-up totals for each round to comments


Food for Thought:

“Every day people engaged in the clever defiance of their own intuition become, in midthought, victims of violence and accidents. So when we wonder why we are victims so often, the answer is clear: It is because we are so good at it.”
by Gavin De Becker

17 comments to Deadlift, Tabata Row, Tuesday 120821

  • Leah

    Pistols – I just played with these today. They seemed a little harder than the other day when I tried them, and I’m blaming Cindy.
    Deads – 243×4 – Mike said I rounded my back a little on that last one.
    Tabata Row – 718m
    V-ups – 10 total (4,3,3)

  • Mike F

    Pistols – finally something my wide feet can handle! 5/side
    DL: 285×2 – hands feeling it from last night’s Cindy
    Tabata Row: 855.
    Plank and V-Ups: :90 total plank plus 37 V-Ups

  • JD

    Pistols: I Need to work on this skillset

    Deads: it was all I could do to lift my 85% weight x 3 today. Feel like I’ve regressed in my DL. Need to work on that,

    Tabata Row: that wonderful wall of lower back spasms came in about round 5. 733 m — shy of my previous score.

    Planks and V-ups for dessert were an awesome treat. I love acknowledging things I need to work on.

  • Jeff G

    Pistols: Yeah, need a lot of work
    DL’s: 245×5, 275×3, 310×2
    Row: 810m – Last time was 828, but I think that included the coasting during the rest. If I read the screen right, including the coast was 950m
    Planks/V-ups: 90 sec, 20 vups, 60 sec, 10, 40 sec, 5

  • Rachel

    Pistols: Got them on my left leg but not my right.
    DL’s 185 X 2
    Row: 684m
    Dessert: planks and v ups: 41 v-ups.
    I was tired and stiff today, really hurt my DL :( more mobility

  • Mackenzie

    Pistols – working on these, but still fun

    DLs: suffered a lovely slide tackle on Saturday and my quad was tight. 233 x 3

    Row: 700m

    Dessert: 61 v ups

  • Yomi

    Pistols are a work in progress
    DL 425×3
    Row: 828 (w/o fly wheel lag)
    Dessert: Done

  • John

    ***wow, first time I can remember having a significant ‘Cindy’ hang-over…oh and unfortunately 3 hours sleep (late night emergency surgery)***

    Deads: 285#x5, 325#x3, 355#x4

    Tabata Row: 806m, happy with that on ‘low-fuel’ (25 meters off PR)

    Planks/V-Ups: 45 second holds with 10 V-Ups each time (3)

    Overall, glad I sucked it up and came in instead off bailing and sleeping in… :P

  • chi

    Pistols: 1st time playing with these. I think I’ll be getting a grn square soon enough.
    DL: 320 x 4 or 5? Stopped due to back starting to round. Hard to get my head in it today.
    Row: 784m
    Planks/ vups: 47

  • Kendra

    Pistols: as long as I’m gripping the rig, I can pretend I have a decent pistol :)

    Rick and I also worked my squat some, trying to keep my chest up.

    DL: 223×8 — back started to round so I had to stop. I plugged that into the spreadsheet and it gives me a theoretical 1RM of 278! Woo hoo… would love to get up to the 300 club!

    Tabata Row: 886m … but when I came home and talked to Mike I figured out it must have been the wrong # and included the coast. My avg time was 1:57 and 28s/m

    Planks: 2:35, :20, and :33
    V-ups: 28 total (I forget the splits now)

  • Matt

    Man this is only Tuesday and already it looks like I’m missing a great week at the home base. Anyway day 2 at CFR was ‘Frangie': 21/15/9 95# thrusters with 100 situps after the 21 and 100 squats after the 15. 10:29 and I’m fried. Are margaritas acceptable posthab when you’re on vacation?

  • Megan

    This was not a goat day :)
    Pistols: I have them on my left leg. I liked using the rubber band for the other leg.

    DL: 235 x 4

    Tabata Row: 698 without the coast (THATS A GREEN SQUARE :) )

    Dessert: Vups – 45

  • Cyrus

    Pistols: Coming along.
    DL: 375×1
    WoD: 813m
    Dessert: 25

  • Jason H.

    Pistols will be added for practice work.
    DL: 355X2
    Cyrus, Matt and I did some weighted pull ups with a weight belt and kettlebells after.

  • Pat

    Pistols: Worked up go getting 1 each side.
    DL: 325×1
    Wod: 760M
    Dessert: 24

  • Brianna

    Pistols- just worked on them while holding on to rig. One of my legs is stronger than the other I found.
    Dead lift: 158×2. getting there. only need to get to 225. -_-
    WOD: 640.
    Vups- 15

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