Deadlift, Tabata Row, Tuesday 120821

We’ve got a lot of work to do this week, get in early, stay focused.

Main Course

  • Skills:
    • Pistols
    • Deadlift
      • 75% x 5
      • 85% x 3
      • 95% x max reps
  • Fortitude:
    • Tabata Row

      • used the programmed row on the erg monitor
      • record max reps to logbook and standards board


  • 3 rounds
    • Max Hold Planks for time into max rep V-Ups
    • record V-up totals for each round to comments


Food for Thought:

“In the final choice a soldier\'s pack is not so heavy a burden as a prisoner\'s chains.”
by Dwight D. Eisenhower

17 comments to Deadlift, Tabata Row, Tuesday 120821

  • Leah

    Pistols – I just played with these today. They seemed a little harder than the other day when I tried them, and I’m blaming Cindy.
    Deads – 243×4 – Mike said I rounded my back a little on that last one.
    Tabata Row – 718m
    V-ups – 10 total (4,3,3)

  • Mike F

    Pistols – finally something my wide feet can handle! 5/side
    DL: 285×2 – hands feeling it from last night’s Cindy
    Tabata Row: 855.
    Plank and V-Ups: :90 total plank plus 37 V-Ups

  • JD

    Pistols: I Need to work on this skillset

    Deads: it was all I could do to lift my 85% weight x 3 today. Feel like I’ve regressed in my DL. Need to work on that,

    Tabata Row: that wonderful wall of lower back spasms came in about round 5. 733 m — shy of my previous score.

    Planks and V-ups for dessert were an awesome treat. I love acknowledging things I need to work on.

  • Jeff G

    Pistols: Yeah, need a lot of work
    DL’s: 245×5, 275×3, 310×2
    Row: 810m – Last time was 828, but I think that included the coasting during the rest. If I read the screen right, including the coast was 950m
    Planks/V-ups: 90 sec, 20 vups, 60 sec, 10, 40 sec, 5

  • Rachel

    Pistols: Got them on my left leg but not my right.
    DL’s 185 X 2
    Row: 684m
    Dessert: planks and v ups: 41 v-ups.
    I was tired and stiff today, really hurt my DL :( more mobility

  • Mackenzie

    Pistols – working on these, but still fun

    DLs: suffered a lovely slide tackle on Saturday and my quad was tight. 233 x 3

    Row: 700m

    Dessert: 61 v ups

  • Yomi

    Pistols are a work in progress
    DL 425×3
    Row: 828 (w/o fly wheel lag)
    Dessert: Done

  • John

    ***wow, first time I can remember having a significant ‘Cindy’ hang-over…oh and unfortunately 3 hours sleep (late night emergency surgery)***

    Deads: 285#x5, 325#x3, 355#x4

    Tabata Row: 806m, happy with that on ‘low-fuel’ (25 meters off PR)

    Planks/V-Ups: 45 second holds with 10 V-Ups each time (3)

    Overall, glad I sucked it up and came in instead off bailing and sleeping in… :P

  • chi

    Pistols: 1st time playing with these. I think I’ll be getting a grn square soon enough.
    DL: 320 x 4 or 5? Stopped due to back starting to round. Hard to get my head in it today.
    Row: 784m
    Planks/ vups: 47

  • Kendra

    Pistols: as long as I’m gripping the rig, I can pretend I have a decent pistol :)

    Rick and I also worked my squat some, trying to keep my chest up.

    DL: 223×8 — back started to round so I had to stop. I plugged that into the spreadsheet and it gives me a theoretical 1RM of 278! Woo hoo… would love to get up to the 300 club!

    Tabata Row: 886m … but when I came home and talked to Mike I figured out it must have been the wrong # and included the coast. My avg time was 1:57 and 28s/m

    Planks: 2:35, :20, and :33
    V-ups: 28 total (I forget the splits now)

  • Matt

    Man this is only Tuesday and already it looks like I’m missing a great week at the home base. Anyway day 2 at CFR was ‘Frangie': 21/15/9 95# thrusters with 100 situps after the 21 and 100 squats after the 15. 10:29 and I’m fried. Are margaritas acceptable posthab when you’re on vacation?

  • Megan

    This was not a goat day :)
    Pistols: I have them on my left leg. I liked using the rubber band for the other leg.

    DL: 235 x 4

    Tabata Row: 698 without the coast (THATS A GREEN SQUARE :) )

    Dessert: Vups – 45

  • Cyrus

    Pistols: Coming along.
    DL: 375×1
    WoD: 813m
    Dessert: 25

  • Jason H.

    Pistols will be added for practice work.
    DL: 355X2
    Cyrus, Matt and I did some weighted pull ups with a weight belt and kettlebells after.

  • Pat

    Pistols: Worked up go getting 1 each side.
    DL: 325×1
    Wod: 760M
    Dessert: 24

  • Brianna

    Pistols- just worked on them while holding on to rig. One of my legs is stronger than the other I found.
    Dead lift: 158×2. getting there. only need to get to 225. -_-
    WOD: 640.
    Vups- 15

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