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Chef’s life is food and fitness and he is among the happiest food science and functional fitness nerds around. Knowing full well being an ‘expert’ means ‘knowing more and more about less and less’ he considers himself unduly blessed with the good fortune to be a lead instructor for the Crossroads Adaptive Athletic Alliance as well as Board Chairman of this nationally recognized 501(c)3 non-profit organization benefiting severely wounded veterans and civilian adaptive athletes. David is also a master chef and has taught Advanced Sports Nutrition to coaches and facilities owners on three continents over the last two decades.

After starting CrossFit in 2005 as his training of personal and professional choice, he ran headlong into all things CrossFit as quickly as his feet could carry him only to discover the one thing more fun than doing CrossFit is coaching CrossFit. Chef maintains a simple motto, “We want you to know not just HOW to do what you need to do, but WHY you need to do it, you need to empowered by knowledge.”

As far as training? “If it’s heavy? Pick it up and move it as fast as you can, as long as you can. Then eat well, rest well, live well, laugh loud, then do it all again: heavier, farther and faster. Simple, isn’t it?”

Suggestion Box: If you hear the phrase ‘Cheat Night’ within a ten meter radius of Chef, be sure to keep your hands away from his mouth.

Certifications / Qualifications:

  • CrossFit Level 1
  • CrossFit Kettlebell Instructor
  • CrossFit Gymnastics
  • CrossFit Mobility
  • CrossFit Nutrition
  • Blauer Tactical Systems Personal Defense Readiness Coach
  • Sports Nutrition Specialist


Avid athlete from the land of our favorite Fittest Woman on Earth, Hrönn played team soccer and European handball and has been an active athlete most of her life.

Hrönn was introduced to crossfit in 2006 and found that the exciting
tension of competition and the incredible sense of accomplishment one gets
after completing a workout that pushed your limits is a experience that
she had never felt before.
Hrönn stresses that nothing can come before proper form, that from form
comes confidence and from confidence comes strength . “You can not learn
it unless it’s light, but it will never make sense to your body until it’s
too heavy to do it wrong.”
Hrönn is a mother of three by blood but you can hear athletes of all ages
call her Mom, that says a lot about her personality.

Certifications / Qualifications:

  • CrossFit Level 1
  • CrossFit Kettlebell Instructor
  • Blauer Tactical Systems Personal Defense Readiness Coach


Courtney joined Rubicon immediately after returning from Afghanistan and moving to the area at the beginning of 2015 and became part of our business team shortly thereafter.

While her professional background lies in business management and analytics, it was gymnastics and weightlifting that brought her to CrossFit. It is through those elements that she has come to understand and define herself as an athlete. Courtney is CrossFit Gymnastics and USAW Level 1 Sports Performance Coach certified and a competitive 48k weightlifter.

Certifications / Qualifications:

  • CrossFit Gymnastics
  • USAW Level 1 Sports Performance Coach


Kendra understands the power of CrossFit to transform lives, because she’s experienced it firsthand.  Growing up, Kendra was active in athletics (gymnastics through high school, ultimate frisbee in college and into her twenties).  But by the time she hit her late 30s, she had let the demands of work and motherhood erode her commitment to fitness and health.   She was frustrated and unhappy with how she looked and felt and decided it was time to take drastic action: Kendra signed up for CrossFit.   

Her first WOD was terrifying and exhausting. But also exhilarating. She loved the intensity, the endorphin rush, and the bonding experience that came from shared suffering.   She committed to CrossFit and saw major changes in her fitness, health, and overall happiness.  

As someone who had to start from square one, Kendra understand the anxiety many feel when they start this journey.  As a coach, she believes in teaching people how to move safely and effectively.  The most rewarding aspect of coaching is helping people achieve results they never thought possible for themselves.

Certifications / Qualifications:

  • CrossFit Level 1
  • Crossfit Gymnastics


Who names these workouts anyway? And how could something as innocuously named as “Fran” be so life changing?

Several years ago, a co-worker challenged Mike to try a Crossfit workout called Fran. How bad could it be? It was only 95lbs of 21-15-9 thrusters and pull-ups. 19 minutes later, Mike knew it was the worst and best workout he’d ever had. And thus began Mike’s love affair with CrossFit.

For two years, he spent his lunch hour completing the daily WOD posted on CrossFit’s main site. In 2009, he earned his Level 1 certification and his desire to coach grew. At his company’s fitness center, he began coaching anyone who would listen and started a Saturday morning workout in his neighborhood. Eventually, he found his way to Rubicon and is now happily instructing with and receiving coaching from the best in the business.

Sometime he thinks Chef keeps him around just to say to potential new members, “If that skinny middle-aged guy can complete the workouts, you can too.” He looks forward to getting faster and stronger, as well as helping the Rubicon family do the same. He is convinced that anyone can pursue the shape of their life at any age – including you!

Certifications / Qualifications:

  • CrossFit Level 1
  • Crossfit KettleBell