Nick Row


Main Course:

Skills & Strength:

    • Clean
      • Intensity:  1 EMOM for 10 minutes (80% of max)
      • Load: Segmented Pull into Segmented Power Clean into Front Squat
      • Mechanics: segmented pull into segmented power clean


  • 3 Rounds

    • 500 Meter Row
    • 15 x 20m Shuttles
    • rest 2 minutes
    • Record time of third rowing split to comments


Food for Thought:

“Don’t deny yourself food. You can have what you want, when you want, as much as you want… just not today. If you plan your recklessness, your plan is no longer reckless.” ~ El Jefe



  1. 130116

    I am blessed and cursed enough to know and understand how horrible rowing can be. I have struggled with technique for a long time now, but with the help of our coaches I have slowly been coming around. I found a cple paragraghs from an article that are good and simplistic points for rowing…

    Correct Rowing Technique
    Correct rowing technique requires you to use your legs to initiate your movement backwards, followed by a pull with the arms as your legs begin to straighten. You should always try to maintain a “sitting tall” position and avoid rounding your back. Make sure you look directly forward while rowing. At the end of your stroke, reach forward with your arms and then slide forward until your legs are bent and your shins are perpendicular to the floor. Start the next stroke from this position, which is called the catch.

    Tips for Correct Rowing technique
    When rowing, you should always try to keep your forearms level with the floor and your wrists straight–this will stop your arms becoming overly tired. Make sure you always drive off with your legs first before pulling with your arms. Your legs are far more powerful than your arms and should be doing the majority of the work when you row, Try to push through your heels to maximize the use of your leg muscles. Start with a slow and steady stroke rate and only increase your speed as you become more proficient.

    Read more:

  2. 130116

    Clean: 165# 1 EMOM x 10
    WOD: Last row was at 148.8. Today I rowed with the damper on 5 rather than my usual 10. Easier to pull but not a better time. I completely lost track of my total WOD time.

  3. 130116

    Cleans: played with 113# & 118# 2 EMOM x 10 felt good

    WOD: Last row was 1:51.1, damper setting 10

  4. 130116

    Cleans: 163 @1 EMOM
    WOD: Last row was 2:10 – wasn’t feeling it this morning.

  5. 130116

    Recipe for today: Blueberry Breakfast Pork Carnitas. It’s not Blueberry Pancakes but it sounds like a delicous post Saturday WOD meal.

  6. 130116

    “How are you feeling? Dissipated”

    Clean-o-matic: 109 x 2 x 10
    WoD: 1:51

  7. 130116

    Cleans: 200# – PR. Felt pretty good
    WOD: DNF – had to leave for work. Only did first round, row was 1:45.6

  8. 130116

    Cleanz (Intensity): 155
    WoD: Last pull @ 1:56

  9. 130116

    Tip’o’day: Brussel Sprouts

    Those who know me well know I love these little guys. Typically prepare them with a fat and seasoning. Fun fact: buying the stalk of sprouts rather than the bag of sprouts is much cheaper, renders more sprouts and looks cool.

    Looking to try this one for next week:
    Blueberry Brussel Sprouts

    May substitute the butter for coconut oil.

  10. 130116

    Rest day today for me. hope everyone is having fun.

  11. 130116

    Cleans- 110# Need to get comfortable with correct form.
    WOD- 1:45

  12. 130116

    Whew tough today. Worked up to 165 on cleans.

    WOD : 1:40 on my last row (1:34 and 1:38 on first two.) although was looking for a bucket.

    Many thanks to Josh for some awesome coaching and pointers on my rowing. Made a HUGE difference on that last row.

    • 130116

      oops 155 on cleans – bad math (mechanics)

    • 130116

      Nice row times. Added coaching could get even lower numbers? Yikes!

  13. 130116

    My hamstrings hate me today…just sayin.

    Clean: Up to 83 but went back to 73 to work on mechanics. Still trying to get that explosive hip drive more engaged.

    WOD: 2:30 on my last row. I’m looking forward to my cardio endurance getting better – hopefully soon.

    Free Shipping at Steve’s Original Paleo through the 20th with coupon code paleomgjan
    I’m a sucker for free shipping and coupons so am finally trying some of the stuff out.

    • 130116

      Correction on the coupon code: paleoomgjan

      I left out an ‘o’ – sorry about that.

  14. 130116

    Made a big batch of lamb bone broth this weekend. Its actually quite good, I have not ever made it before this batch. Here’s a couple of links about making bone broth. You know, its really not that gross! I also feel much better about using my own stock in soups and sauces instead of the store bought kind.

  15. 130116

    Still kind of a newb at cleans so practiced form and mechanics today @ 72#. WOD 2:21. Bridgiffany thinks we could’ve rowed faster if “Beauty and a Beat” by the Biebs and Nikki Minaj had been playing. Just sayin’.

  16. 130116

    Cleans: 135#
    WOD: Last Row @ 1:51

  17. 130116

    Cleans: 103 — form felt good, would have liked to have gone higher

    Rows: last was 2:02; none of these felt great.

  18. 130116

    Cleans – 185lbs
    Row – last one was 1:38

  19. 130116

    Barbell Club Tonight.

    Seg snatch pull to below knee hang snatch: 155#s

    Hit a bunch but still need to focus on not going early.

    Snatch grip deadlifts: 6 reps at 286#s
    HBBS: 185#s 5×3
    WOD: 40m Overhead walk with 2 pood KB then 10 swings x 4 rnds

  20. 130116

    Cleans: 52 (20+the bar)
    WOD: Last Row @ 2:28

    After my fish disaster yesterday, I found a new, guaranteed-to-be-paleo, salmon recipe that I will try next week. Looks delicious. I’ll let you know how it comes out.

  21. 130116

    A wise man once said, “you can’t fake endurance”.

    Today I learned that the tail end of a cold + jet lag recovery + lagging shoulder injury recovery = smack in the face clue that my endurance sucks and needs to be addressed. Goal found!

    Cleans – started with 1 x EMOM and ended up with power cleans at 155#
    Final row – 1:59.7

    Made ginger thyme pork shoulder tonight

  22. 130116

    Tip: if you dont already, start using a hook grip for those Olympic lifts. For months I ignored the wise coaches because “how could something that feels so awkward be a stronger grip?” But a few weeks ago, since they seem to be right about everything else, I vowed to suck it up and do it for every lift going forward. Result: they were right! The grip is stronger, my lifts got better and now it doesn’t feel awkward anymore. Huge improvements in barbell and otherwise. Trust the gorilla. If you don’t know what a hook grip is, as a coach and they will gladly explain!

  23. 130117

    Cleans => Load => 145
    WoD => 1:46 (did not pay attention to damper) Happy.

  24. 130117

    Cleans with just the bar as I’ve never done them.

    WOD – 1m54s on last 500m

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