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I know what ‘program’ he’s using, so do YOU!
I wonder what Peter LaFleur is using these days?

Strength & Skill: Clean & Jerk

  • If you can, video yourself, or we’ll do it.
  • What can you learn about one motion triggering the other from the tapes of your movements?
  • Do you have an internal monologue as to how this lift should go?
  • Do you visualize a successful lift and all its components before every pull? If not, WHY not?


  • “20 minute C & J”
      • You have 20 minutes to get to your heaviest clean and jerk. What’s your PLAN?
      • Are you going to use that lovely ‘jerk test’ data from last week (“YES COACH!”)
      • Are ou goint to nail every warmup lift like it was your last attempt at the PanAm Games? (“YES COACH!”)
      • Are you going to make one, individual and specific change to every new lift based on what you learned from the last lift? (“YES COACH!”)
        • Post Load and CRITICAL BUT POSITIVE observatiosn to comments. Every self depreciating comment will be rewarded by a profound neck-stomping. Coach yourself to a win, do not coach yourself to early retirement.
      • break down the bar to either 95 or 65# then…
      • Tabata Push Press– max total reps scoring.


50 V-ups for time

  1. 120418

    C&J, worked up to 135# and stayed there for split/depth work, felt better but the second I jumped to 165#, split ‘shrunk’ will keep working on that

    Tabata PP: 65 reps at 95#

    V-Ups 50: 2:01, knees still bent so I don’t know what ‘letter’-ups that is exactly??!! 🙂

    • 120418

      I was wrong John: Chef said you can bend your knees as long as your back comes all the way off the ground.

  2. 120418

    First go at C&J : 85#, working on the split and form for this move
    Tabata PP: 78 reps at 65#
    V-ups 50: 0:54

    • 120418

      you are so fast! please tell me these were already part of your training regimen?

      • 120418

        Kendra, I think ‘pain’ is already a part of Mac’s training regimen. 😉

  3. 120418

    Jerk was all over the place the heavier I got – Next time we do these I just need to stay at a lower weight and get the mechanics more solid.
    123 x 2 – failed at 133#

    Tabata push press: 58 reps – my arms weren’t that tired, so either I was doing it correctly and using my legs, or I should have pushed for more reps?

    50 v ups in 2:13

    • 120418

      What Linda meant to say(in Chef required positive speak!):

      “I was really happy to challenge myself with a heavier weight. It pointed out where I need to concentrate to regain stability on the jerk. Almost got 133# Plus I really enjoy spanking Jack in these lifts”

      • 120418

        wow, Jack had I known Amy and Linda were both working out with the weight I was using I would have jumped up alittle too!
        You go girls!

  4. 120418

    “The purpose of training is to tighten up the slack, toughen the body, and polish the spirit.” ~Morihei Ueshiba

    C&J: 215# x2

    Completed the clean at 225#s but didn’t get under the bar enough on the jerk.

    PP: 89 reps

    1 mile fun run

    V-ups: 1:21

  5. 120418

    C&J: 205×2. Form uber alles!!! I am starting to understand the benefit of a full squat and split jerk. At this weight a good split is the difference between making the rep and not. Next time I will do as John did and stay at a lower weight to focus on maintaining a squat clean and full split jerk.

    Tabata Push Press: 60 rx

    V-Ups: 50 in 2:10

    • 120418

      I was still only doing Power Cleans, was going to practice full squat cleans but didn’t want to tire myself out for the Jerk aspect…didn’t get close to 1RM (C&J)

      • 120418

        I know, I know… When it says ‘Clean’ on the board it means full squat. Always.

  6. 120418

    Clean & Jerk: 114#
    Was keeping focused on form – I think I am at the point where I need to stop thinking so much after the first lift or two, it gets in my way. Was concentrating one move ahead (the jerk transfer actually) and flew under the bar to catch the clean really much lower than my normal. Was able to replicate it the next lift too!

    WOD: Tabata Push Presses: 70 @ 65#

    Run one mile: 600 yards running: 1200 rowing to protect complaining ankle

    V-ups: 20. The 5 days of gin & tonics on the beach (while saving me from malaria!) did not bode well for fighting thru a cramp. Next time though!

  7. 120418

    Clean and Jerk: 133#.

    Tabata Push Press: 65 rxd

    V-Ups 50 in 2:15

    • 120418

      Thanks Again Amy! My whole body is feeling so much better after the deep tissue massage I got after the WOD this morning! Highly recommend 🙂

      • 120418

        No problem, hope it helps! I did a sports massage when I first hurt my back. After it was over it was amazing. During I wanted to cry/punch the massage therapist 🙂

  8. 120418

    Rest day for me, but will be joining the 6am fire-breathers tomorrow 🙂

    • 120418

      woot woot!

    • 120418

      Fire breathers @ 6:00, Solar Flares @ 7:00, and besides we need more female love in the class.

      • 120418

        Speakin the truth brother…

  9. 120418

    Clean and Jerk: 135X3. New mantra: I will catch my cleans and snatches in a squat…I will catch my cleans and snatches in a squat…I will catch my cleans and snatches in a squat.

    Tabata: 40 at 95#

    mile run

    Dessert: 28. These were much better than last time. 28 unbroken, and hands actually touched my toes – not ankles. Next work to straighten my legs more.

  10. 120418

    Clean and Jerk: 113# X 2, solid on my jerk, makes sense I love jerks. working on feeling comfortable in a full squat.

    Tabata: 72 @ 65# (decided to grab the extra two lbs by using the big boy bar)

    Fun 1 mile run at 7:50am Woot Woot

    Dessert: 50 v-ups in 2:58

  11. 120418

    CJ: stayed at 145 to work on getting low and being stable. Caught cleans in squat. Right wrist and ankle tight today. I’m falling apart one joint at a time.
    WoD: 35 I have a really hard time with these. There seems to be a disconnect between my upper and lower half of my body. It feels like I’m just doing shoulder presses. Nobody home on the hip drive?
    Dessert: 31 Cramped trying to keep the legs straight.

  12. 120418

    C&J: managed to get full cleans into a squat at 135 today. Then had to switch to POWWA Cleans and was able to rep out 194×2 PR. That’s 15 # over BW. Having a BW C&J was a goal for this year.

    Tabata PP exposed a wrist weakness for my 46 reps. That I’m going to work on.

  13. 120418

    C&J: 93 lbs. Took me awhile to get in the rhythm on these and I do need to get more confidence in the splits – always afraid if my legs to far apart I will wipe out!

    Tabata PP – shoulders very sore from Monday and was worried about stability at 65#. Shoulder finally feeling better so no time to be dumb. Got 57 reps at 55#

    V-Ups: 2:39

  14. 120418

    My favorite lift, I wish I could’ve been there.

  15. 120418

    C+j = 123# x 2 – and realized afterwards that was a weight I struggled with to clean 2 weeks ago – yeah : )
    PP 63# for 65 reps – rough but complete. Body is feeling pretty good for Wednesday 🙂

  16. 120418

    Got to workout with the 5pmers today — always a fun crowd.

    C&J — 123# x2 (x2 x2). I stayed at this weight for several rounds. The clean is definitely my limiting factor — need to SQUAT CLEAN it (yes, I know that is repetitive). Not all of my split jerks were pretty but had a few that were outstanding! (she bragged). Felt really good – I love split jerks. Need to continue to improve my footwork for a more solid split (and clean).

    PP – 57 @ 63#

    V-Ups: 2:23, glad to hear bent knees are legit. My first 15 are beautiful, then it gets u-g-l-y.

    Lastly — very psyched on the personal PR front — I can do 5 unassisted ring dips and 3 consecutive kipping pull-ups!

  17. 120418

    C&J : got up to 185# (a PR). Now for some “positive criticism”. That’s a lot of weight for a guy with almost no depth to my jerk. My cleans felt good. My shoulder shrugs are getting there. I get good depth on my cleans. My jerks need to get lots deeper.
    Tabata WOD: somewhere in the 40 to 45 range.
    V ups : did’em

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