Main Course:

Strength & Skill

  • Clean & Jerk:

    • Level 2  or 3 Clean & Jerk:
      • 15 Minutes to Work up to your your two rep max Clean & Jerk
    • If you are working on your Level 2 Clean & Jerk : 
      • 2 reps EMOM for 10 minutes Clean & Jerk
    • If you are working on your Level 1 Clean & Jerk:
      • 2 reps EMOM for 10 minutes Segmented Clean Pulls into Hang-Clean (full squat and pause) into Split Jerk and Pause.
    • If this movement is new to you? 2 reps EMOM Snatch grip high-pulls from the ground.
  • Immediately after C & J work:
    • Row 2k


  • 3 Rounds
  • 20 reps Plank Knee Ins
  • 20 reps V-ups


Food for Thought:

“Pray, but remember to row away from the rocks.”

  1. 120817

    Clean and Jerk: still working on Level 1 weight: 88#. Took one on the chin….

    WOD: No legs from the lifts and from soccer last night 8:40

    Dessert: yup

  2. 120817

    C&J – 68 lbs Two things I noticed today:
    1. I usually have a bad habit of not standing up all the way before squatting. When you start in the hang position if I do that I can’t get under the bar. I probably need to keep practicing this way as I had a lot of missed lifts at a not very heavy weight.
    2. I need to wear my NB when I do these in future – felt like i kept rolling forward on my toes too much

    WOD: 8:47.6 Nice to color another box green and start vacation on a high note

    Dessert: I did not pay enough attention to the instructions so I only did one round. Will do two more this PM

  3. 120817

    Good to be back at the 6:00 AM slot.
    C&J : used 155# and did two a minute. I can handle this weight pretty well. Will move up in weight next time.
    WOD : 7:54. Thanks Josh for pushing me the last 500 meters.

  4. 120817

    C&J: 145#. Couldn’t maintain 2/min pace (got more like 12 total), but this was as “clean” as my cleans have felt. Better job of not jerking off the floor/reverse curling. Had to readjust in the squat, but better job of getting my elbows high and bar onto the shoulders – is it possible I’m getting some shoulder mobility??

    WOD: 7:34.3. Tried to pace with Mike F. Wasn’t close, but still a good time.

    Dessert: Yes

    Have a great weekend

    • 120817

      You were right with me the whole time! I was keeping an eye on you. Maybe try a higher damper setting next time?

    • 120817

      thats a darn good Row time, be proud, sub 8 min is pulling hard!

  5. 120817

    C+J: 115#. Two a minute, missed four through the 10 minutes. Concentrated on glute flex and moving my arms around the bar.

    WOD: 8:02. DAMN.

    Dessert: No.

  6. 120817

    C&J: 245 (PR)

    Looked back and 235#s was my prior PR. 😀 Making small improvements in my form and seeing the results!! Love it!

    Rowed about 500m and started cramping in my elbows. Called it a day at that point. A lot of pulling this week for me and didn’t want to push it.

    • 120817

      C&J “Like a Boss!”

  7. 120817

    C&J: 83# – Stayed light and focused on the segmented pulls

    2k Row: 8:14 – I changed my damper setting at least 3 times during it, 8 seemed to work the best.

    Dessert: yes, just, ya know.. a bite or two

    Happy Friday!!!

  8. 120817

    Cleans: 205# (max is 225) – 2/min were prescribed but I wasn’t able to keep that pace. Today I worked on creating a more stable clean by focusing on a slow pull to mid thigh before accelerating into the rest of the lift. I’m really starting to feel the difference between a good lift and a “needs improvement” lift!

    WOD: 7:09.2 w/ damper at 10.

    Dessert: Check

    • 120817

      damn, I thought for sure you get sub 7 min today…

    • 120817

      This is “his thing” but truly Michael is a force to be reckoned with. Keep up the good work!

  9. 120817

    C&J: Sometimes the cleans were great and sometimes the jerks were great, not always together though. Still got new PR @155, so I am happy. Level 2 is within reach so I’m definitely motivated for next time. Thanks to Josh for helping with my technique that made my last lift my easiest.

    WOD: Haven’t been on the erg in a while and it showed. 8:24.

  10. 120817

    C&J: started warm up got to 115# and right shoulder said “maybe you shouldn’t try this today?” I agreed and worked on Segemented Pulls/Cleans: 185# (threw in a couple Cleans to keep me honest 🙂 )

    2K row: 7:30, there was a time when sub-7 was on my radar but… (2K history: 7:30, 7:29, 7:21, 7:16, 7:11, 7:22 and then today’s 7:30…ugh)

    Core: did for time 6:04 “that 3 rounds was ‘the Devil’s Handiwork’…that sucked, especially after 50 GHDs/Wed., 40 T2B/Thurs.”

  11. 120817

    Worked up to 133# for clean & jerks. Need to fine tune my dip for the jerk

    2k: 7:57.9

  12. 120817

    C&J: 135 the whole time. Kept it at a lower weight to train the weakest link right now which is the jerk.

    2K: 7:41

    Dessert: Yes but not too smoothly.

  13. 120817

    Gotta love WODs that highlight the impact of poor sleeping last few days, and where to apply some self-myofascial relief via hard balls! Yes, that’s what I said! man my upper back was sore and tight!

    Couldn’t get under the bar at 185#. PR is 215, but today was still over BW so I’m happy.

    Completed the row in a 8:33. I’ve been close to 8 before.

    Next time both movements are mine.

  14. 120817

    2k Row: 8:17 (good race, Jason)
    Dessert: 3 rounds

    And my first tire flip 🙂

    • 120817

      Damper setting: 10

  15. 120817

    C and J worked at 105#
    Row 8:38
    Dessert: check

    Went kayaking for a couple hours this afternoon to work out my shoulders 🙂
    Happy Friday

  16. 120817

    C&J: 155
    2K: 7:54
    Dessert: 1 rd. Ab issue not going away, time to see the Dr.

  17. 120818

    Only cleans, hands recovering, 165#
    2K: 7:40
    Dessert: yup

  18. 120819

    Segmented C&J at 115#
    2000M – 7:22

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