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Main Course:

  • BackSquat
    • 5 x 3 at 85%
      • -rest 5- minutes-
      • Tabata Tuesday
        • Mashup of….
        • KB Swings*, 70/55
        • Double Unders
          • Any rounding of back on pick up or put down changes these to Bottom to Bottom Squats
      • Run 1 mile


Recover thyself.


Food for Thought:


  1. 120515

    Looks like a lot of fun. My WOD for today (like yesterday) continues to be “Lift moving boxes from one apt to another for time.”

    Sure its all functional stuff, but I miss me some back-squats and KBs… *sigh*

    • 120515

      Just make sure your picking upt those boxes like they are deadlifts …

      • 120515

        flat back, drive with the hips… feels like B2B wallballs! Yikes!

  2. 120515

    a beginner’s guide to paleo via legos with some great links


    • 120515

      love it! it’s a great explanation of “paleo” in practical, easy to understand terms.

  3. 120515

    Squat – 245 5×3 – still going light on my ankle

    Tabata Mashup – 125 reps green KB

    * 1500 m row substitute for 1 mi run

  4. 120515

    squat: 165 5×3. concentrated on going down slow and deep.

    Mashup: 164, with purple bell.

    1 mile – welcome back, mid-atlantic humidity!

  5. 120515

    “Do you want to know who you are? Don’t ask. Act! Action will delineate and define you.” ~Thomas Jefferson

    Squats: 225#s

    My form and confidence are improving on this movement. Awesome feeling!

    Sweet potato Mashup: 361 RXD

    Make all your money on the DUs and stay consistent with the swings.

    Dessert: falling off my foam roller onto the ground…..like a boss! πŸ™‚

    • 120515

      What were your avg. sets like? 361 is friggin nasty

      • 120515

        Thanks man.

        I counted each rep in a row and didnt add them at the end but it was something like this:

        Swings: 15,13, 9-11 the rest of the sets
        DUs: 30+ most rounds. I only hit 4 times and restarted right away with another DU.

        The whole workout comes down to how good you are with your DUs while under the stress of the swings. DUs are your money maker πŸ˜‰

        • 120515

          its always about the DUs….you’ve got’em or you don’t

  6. 120515

    Very proud of myself for getting out of bed in the driving rain, especially with Mike saying I had his permission to skip …

    Back squats: 5 x 3 x 134# Felt better when I had the bar lower on my shoulders – thanks for the suggestion BJ!

    WOD: 245 Tried the blue KB and the pain was not excruciating – yay! Did a mix of single and double unders. Why oh why does the rope always get caught on my right toe? Clearly my motion is assymetrical!

    1 mile – didn’t feel too bad except for the crushing boredom. Can we mount speakers around the building??

  7. 120515

    Back Squat: 135 5 X 3
    WOD: 148 (45# KB/DU) First WOD actually doing double unders…so, happy with this number πŸ™‚ woot woot
    1 mile

  8. 120515

    Squats: 185# 5 x 3 – Had a game changer this morning. All this time I’ve just been missing the mark on getting below parallel. I’ve been working off the depth of a wallball, and apparently thats just barely having me reach parallel. Getting lower is significantly tougher!

    WOD: 210 with purple kb – DU’s were all over the place this morning. It also amazes me how I manage to whip the back of my thighs – got some sweet whip lashes goin on now.

    1 mile fun run!

    • 120515

      I know what you mean! I used the wallball for the longest time as a litmus test for how deep I needed to be getting… Not this last CF total but the one before, I realized I wasn’t getting as deep as I needed to be. I gave up on the ball. Yes, you’re right… its tougher!

  9. 120515

    BS: 245# 5×3
    WOD: 181 with green KB.
    1 mile fun run

  10. 120515

    Squats: 183# 5×3

    WOD: 408 using purple KB and single unders

    I mile run πŸ™‚

  11. 120515

    Felt really off this morning. BS: 185 (85% would’ve been #191 but I had issues) WoD: 95 w/ DU’s and the green bean. I should’ve rowed instead. Keeping heel from striking the ground was almost next to impossible. That run took forever.

  12. 120515

    Squats: 5x3x240. Felt really good. Going to keep working off my max’s from the CrossFit total a few weeks ago, but feel like I’m going to crush those numbers when we re-test

    WOD: 363. Singles and green KB. DU’s still very much a work in progress. Glad we’re doing them in warm-up’s, but at best I’m getting lots of single-single-double-trip…Time to suck it up and just do them in a WOD even if I only get a few

    Run: No clock, but felt like I kept a pretty decent pace throughout.

  13. 120515

    I like back squats!

    163 x 5 x 3 — i always feel like the bar is going to fall off the back of my back, but with some corrections from BJ — hands closer, bar higher, it felt much stronger. I feel like I’m getting deep in my squat but apparently it’s just barely parallel. Need to keep letting the hips drop.

    WOD: 106 w/purple (44#) and DUs… I was stoked to do DUs in a workout as I have improved significantly, but they totally fell apart in this wod. by round 6 I was getting more swings than jumps. Lame.

    Was dreading a wet run, but since the rain let up it was really nice!

  14. 120515

    Squat: 250#
    Tabata: 242 rx
    1 mile run – no time but I imagine around 7:45

  15. 120515

    Hmm interesting leg day. My legs just didn’t have it today.

    Squat: 155, should have been at 165, thanks for the spot Mel!
    Tabata: 218 with purple kettle bell
    Mile run – blerg

    Leaving for vacation tonight! See ya’ll next week! I’ll be chillin on the beach while you guys sweat it out. Enjoy πŸ˜‰

  16. 120515

    Felt great to be at the box after an extended weekend of eating/drinking in Miami πŸ™‚

    Squats: 5 x 3 @ 184

    WOD: 268 Rx’d. Green KB swings felt stronger than ever, DUs were relatively smooth until I’d say rounds 6-8
    Aaaand then the run nearly killed me. As I sweat straight tequila from my pores I had a steady mantra of “you gluttonous pig, wtf did you do to yourself this weekend” Lol. Back on the wagon!

  17. 120515

    BS: 215x5x3. Yeah! Slower is better !!!! Thanks, Hronn!
    WOD 350 singles, green bell
    Rowed 2200 meters in 10 minutes

  18. 120515

    Back Squat at 205

    Tabata Mash-up using the Green Machine. Forgot my count so I’m going with 6 swings per round. Worked double unders I stead of going with singles. These have always been one of my goats. I hit a solid 2 per round with lots of singles thrown in but I’m not counting those. So, my total was 64.

    Mile fun run.

  19. 120515

    Back squat: 5×3 at 143. Felt reeeeally good about my form today
    Wod: 307 w/ the purple kb and singles

    Worked on overhead squats. Stayed at 73 to work on form, very happy with the improvement πŸ™‚

    Droppin knowledge: coconut oil is great. But did you know there are 80 ways to use it?! Amazing. http://healthimpactnews.com/2011/80-uses-for-coconut-oil/ some rather interesting uses included……

    • 120515

      Wow!! Coconut oil is like duct tape and bailing wire except edible.

      • 120516


  20. 120515

    200# 5X3s
    281 (or 2?) as Rxd
    1 mile run with 30 lb vest

  21. 120515

    BS: 235#
    WoD 187, green, DU’s

  22. 120515

    Back squats:120# x 3 for 5 sets

    Wod: 362, yellow, left arm since the right shoulder is still tweaked, single

    1 mile run

  23. 120515

    158# BS

    286 WOD RXd

    1 mile..eew

  24. 120515

    BS: 240# 5×3 felt ok but hammy still there
    WOD: 142, du were awful
    5k fun run…

  25. 120516

    BS: 5x3x240
    WoD: 208
    1 mile run.

    WoD is an estimate since I lost count. The mile was run quickly.

  26. 120516

    Squats: Worked up to 85% of my WM which is 89 lbs. I actually overshot this and did the first set at 98 and dropped back to 93 for the last 4 sets. Worked on focusing on one point and doing every.single.squat like it was my max weight.
    WOD: 67
    (I think)
    Counting has come to escape me lately.

    • 120516

      blue kb

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